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Turn a different corner 36/?

Turn a different corner 36/?

By: Marea67
About: Kitty,Nora/Saul, Kevin/Scotty 
Rate: G. and some NC-17 in the end
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27, part 28, part 29, part 30, part 31, part 32, part 33, part 34 and part 35


“It’s just wedding jitters.” Kitty tells herself, but she cannot convince herself of that. She stares at herself in the mirror. Nearly 40. She’s running out of time. Time to get married, build a family and all those things that are so important in your life and that for some reason you’re not supposed to be without.

If she’s honest, she would have to admit to herself that she likes Jonathan a lot. He’s handsome, smart, not work-shy, has a good income and he’s gentle and caring with her. So, he’s a perfect match, no? But she cannot shake that feeling that there should be something more.

Their relationship grew from friendship to something more and it feels comfortable, but... alright, at the risk of sounding like a 12-year old
girl she cannot help but wonder: where are all the lightning bolts, the violins, the butterflies, the passionate ripping of clothes, the hot sex or the ‘can’t live without you’s?

She cannot deny that the sex is good and she should know, she’s had worse, but there is something missing. She remembers Sarah and Joe when they just got together, Sarah was aglow. When Tommy and Julia are together, you can almost touch their love. Heck, even Kevin looked so handsomely in love when he introduced his boyfriend last year.

But she stares as herself in the mirror and she’s not glowing. She is about to get married, but doesn’t appear like a blushing bride. In fact, the more the big day approaches, the more she feels trapped and suffocated. She cannot escape the idea that she´s ´settling for second best´.

Her thoughts get disturbed when the phone rings. She doesn’t pick up.
“Kitty, I’m sorry, honey. I won’t be home early. Negotiations are not running smoothly here. I will take them to a restaurant. Maybe some food and wine will make them more mellow. Love you.”

She listens to the message again... That is another thing. Why is she so relieved when he is not home? She should be upset that she’s alone and she’s not. She has a lot of work to do and the preparations for the new show are coming together nicely. She loves her work and Jonathan’s constant nagging that she should quit, upsets her.

She knows where Jonathan is coming from. Two working parents who were almost never home, raised by nannies, no brothers or sisters,... Jonathan dreams of a large family to come home to. But Kitty has seen it all. The competition, the arguing, the fighting, the slamming doors, the jealousy. She’s not interested in any of that again....

... And there you have it. That is basically the problem. She has a different opinion of what her life should be about than Jonathan. She wants her job. Jonathan wants her to play house. But deep in her heart Kitty is convinced that she will not be a good mother... She turns away from the mirror and she tells herself once again that it’s just wedding jitters.


Saul looks at Nora, recognizing it is strange to see her at the Ojai offices. Though Nora had put a lot of her energy in the company, when it started, she stepped away from it when the kids came, especially after Kevin was born. So, to see her sitting there, on that chair, was weird.

“I came here with a reason, Saul.” She says, after the obligatory chit-chat about the weather, the kids and yesterday’s match on tv.
“I thought so.” Saul nods.
“I found out that William wrote a cheque to get rid of Scotty, Kevin’s last boyfriend.”

“How did you find out?”
“Doesn’t matter... I want to know if it happened more often. I want to know if William is somehow responsible for the string of bad luck that Kevin had with his boyfriends, who were always quick to dump him and make him feel worthless.”

“I know you’re loyal to William where work is concerned, I promise you that I will not discuss the matter with William. I just need to know.” Saul sees the worried look on her face and sighs.

“Yes. William has paid some of Kevin’s boyfriends to get lost.... And, honestly, I don’t condone the act, but if they are that eager to take the money and run, then they are not worthy of Kevin.”
“I agree to that. Too bad, it also left Kevin with a feeling of being unable to hold on to a relationship.”

“I’m sorry. I cannot see any reason to hurt him by telling him the truth.”
“No? Because undermining his confidence by making him believe, that he is not a good enough partner, would be better?....” Saul bows his head and Nora knows he hadn’t thought of that. “I’m sorry... It’s not your fault, it’s William’s.”

“Nora? ... I know that you really liked this... Scotty? That you had hoped he would be the one to make Kevin happy... But you have to understand... Scotty took the money. Worse even, he demanded a higher amount than William initially meant to give. Scotty was not the one for Kevin either...”

“And what if I would tell your that Scotty demanded a higher amount on Kevin’s instructions?” Nora answers and the stunned look on Saul’s face makes her feel better about the William’s actions. Yes, Saul was right. The other guys may not have been right for Kevin, but Scotty was an exception to the rule apparently.

“How do you know?” Saul asks, although he figures he knows the answer.
“You won’t tell William?”
“Of course not.”
“Kevin and Scotty told me.”

“Kevin and....? Wait, Scotty is still in Kevin’s life?”
“That is not why William wrote the cheque.”
“So, what is William going to do? Sue Kevin and Scotty for breach of contract?”

Saul starts to grin. No. William would never want to lose face like this.
“William doesn’t know yet? About Scotty?”
“No. Kevin fears another cold war in the clan if he does. Especially since he and Scotty are registered partners now.”

“They are?” Saul's grin becomes even bigger, this keeps getting better and better.
“Kevin proposed to Scotty on New Year’s Eve on a beach in Curacao.” Nora nods. “Which is why it must remain a secret for just a little longer.”
“Nora, to know this, makes working for William easier again.” Saul starts to laugh.


Scotty hums in satisfaction while Kevin’s hand moves up between Scotty’s thighs. His fingers casually caressing the area around Scotty’s erection, but not touching him any more than that. He rolls his hips closer to Kevin’s fingers, but Kevin moves away his hand, only to bring it back when Scotty stops looking for him.

With a tortured moan, Scotty allows Kevin to deepen their kiss. At the same time Kevin moves up against him. He can feel how hard Kevin is and when Scotty spreads his legs and Kevin’s fingers move deeper between them, Scotty understands that Kevin is targeting a different way to satisfy himself.

“Yes?” He asks Scotty and Scotty nods, his blue eyes are opened wide with a mixture of fear and arousal in them. Asking permission is a mere formality. Kevin knows that Scotty will not refuse him. But he also knows that Scotty still has issues with being taken like this. Scotty shivers as Kevin prepares him and Kevin shushes him gently.

“It’s only me.” He says softly.
“I know.” Scotty replies with a sweet smile. “I love you. I just ... I get frightened... I try not to... I know you won’t hurt me, but still..”
“You know the deal. If it feels wrong...?”

“It won’t. You always make it right. Now, please, make love to me.” He tenses with the first penetration and he holds his pillow too tightly. Kevin caresses him until he relaxes again. Eventually Kevin can move. His thrusts become stronger and more frequent. Underneath him Scotty clearly enjoys the movements as he moves his body closer to Kevin’s.

“Kevin... Go slowly.... It’s too much... Too fast...” Scotty moans, wanting to enjoy this somewhat longer. Kevin tries to control himself, but it is no use, it all feels too good.
“Scotty!” He cries out. He loses his battle, thrusting deeper into Scotty.
“Kevin... please, not so fast. I want to..... want to...”

Whatever it is that Scotty wanted becomes irrelevant, because something just explodes inside of him, and as his body tightens around Kevin’s, he takes Kevin with him. For a long moment they just seek their breaths, but eventually Kevin rolls off Scotty to give him some extra room to breathe.

He wraps his arm around Scotty’s waist.
“Have I hurt you?” he asks quietly. “I tried not to, but it got frantic in the end.”
“I noticed.” Scotty smiles. “I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me. I told you, with you it’s always right.” Kevin pulls Scotty into an even tighter embrace.

“I’m glad you feel that way. I’m always scared that I’ll do something wrong.”
“You won’t, because you love me and I love you. It makes all the difference.”
“Yeah, I guess.” He kisses Scotty’s lips. “Now, let’s get some sleep..”
“Good idea.”

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