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Turn a different corner 35/?

Turn a different corner 35/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Nora
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25, part 26, part 27, part 28, part 29, part 30, part 31, part 32, part 33 and part 34


Nora feels more comfortable now that Scotty is dressed and she’s had a cup of coffee and some delicious cookies Scotty made.
“What is going on?” She finally asks.
“I called Kevin, but he’s in a meeting and...”

“You can speak for yourself, can’t you?” Nora’s voice is not condescending or angry, quite to the contrary, she encourages Scotty to explain in his own words. The last thing he wants is to create trouble in the Walker-family and he’s afraid he will do just that, as some of “Walker-etiquettes” are still unclear to him.

“I thought the two of you broke up....” Nora starts.
“No. I only went to New York to start my classes to become a chef-cook. I am continueing my studies here in Pasadena since early this year.”
“Alright. Good for you... Are you any good?” She asks, curious.

“Top of my class.” Scotty grins, feeling a bit more confident.
“So, why all this? Why the secrecy? Why did Kevin pretend that you two are split up? Didn’t we receive with you open arms? We love Kevin and we want him to be happy and if you’re the one that makes him happy....”

“Not quite everyone was happy with me.” Scotty says softly and he finally hands her the piece of paper he’s been holding. Nora stares at it, as if she fears it will explode. When that doesn’t happen she takes it and reads it.
“A cheque?” She asks, immediately recognizing William’s handwriting.

“I wasn’t good enough, he said. He wanted me to get lost.... So, I took it and went to Kevin with it.... Who came up with the idea that I should take the money and go for my dream. We remained a couple, but put some distance between ourselves.”
“You conned William out of all this money? You got guts!”

“It was all Kevin’s idea.” Scotty says modestly. And Nora starts to see what happened. To Kevin, all shy about introducing the new man in his life, this must have been a slap in the face. At first anyway. Then came the vengeance-part. And he managed to hurt William where it would hurt the most. In his wallet.

She feels satisfaction in the knowledge that at least she didn’t raise a fool. Kevin must have realized that at this point arguing with William would be pointless. She can imagine that he is done negotiating. She looks at Scotty, sitting opposite of her. He is so handsome, a bit shy, but honest and Kevin loves him endlessly.

She sees the small golden ring on Scotty’s finger, the same as Kevin has and now she also starts to see why Kevin had looked so worried when she had noticed it.
“You’re married?”
“We have agreed to a domestic partnership.” Scotty corrects her. “Closest thing we can get to a marriage.”

She smiles, because it is as if she can hear Kevin in Scotty’s words.
“One of the perks of being with a lawyer, you get to be picky about certain words.” Scotty shrugs with a grin.
“Try being the mother of a 8-year old lawyer-to-be who feels the necessity to correct me on all my verbal errors from the day he started to read and write.” Nora laughs.

“Nora, I’m glad you know the truth about Kevin and me... I really had the idea that you were willing to accept my being in Kevin’s life.... It was a real shock when your husband came with that cheque. I thought, at first, that you agreed with his decision and that your kindness at our first meeting was just .. fake.”

“Oh, honey. I am glad that you are in Kevin’s life. Kevin is a very strong and proud man, but I know he had his share of bad relationships and painful break ups. Half of them happening without us even knowing it, I fear. During the silent war with his dad, he often got hurt and used by men using his innocence, his inexperience and his eagerness to be loved.

I know, that I don’t know half of what happened to him in his life, or of what is going on in his head, but I’ve heard him cry at night, I heard him mumble words whenever he climbed up the stairs completely drunk. Kevin is someone with so much love to give, but who has had his love flung back in his face too many times, as if his love was worthless.

But something tells me that the same has happened to you too.” She sees the concern on Scotty’s face. “Don’t worry, he never told me anything private about you. But there’s something about you that tells me that you’ve been hurt pretty bad, but also that you’re willing to give yourself, your heart, your love another try.

And I cannot begin to thank you for awakening that same feeling in Kevin as well. I was really worried he would become this bitter, grumpy man, who would not dare to open himself up to love again. I’m so glad to see, that my worst fears haven’t come true. Thanks to you.”

“I think you give me too much credit. And it’s the other way around. It is Kevin’s tenderness that made me dare to believe in love again. I think he loved me, before I loved him.”
“True, but not by much.” Startled Scotty looks at the door.

Nora and he had been so busy talking that neither of them had noticed Kevin coming home.
“I got your frantic phone-call.” He says with a smile, kissing his husband casually on the lips while passing by to hug his mother.

The little gesture makes Nora melt. It is so sweet, so natural. It is something she had not expected to see him do in a long time to come. It makes her love Scotty even more, though she does get what Scotty meant. Obviously Scotty and Kevin had met at exactly the right moment to make it work.

“So what happened?” Kevin laughs. “I heard some weird story, about clean up, naked bodies, keys. It made no sense to me.” Nora rolls her eyes and starts explaining, Scotty interrupts her story where he feels his side needs to be heard and by the end of the explanation, Kevin laughs with tears in his eyes.

“Kev, it was not funny.” Scotty tries to stay serious.
“Oh, Scotty, what had you expected me to do? You never cease to amaze me. You seduce me, bribe my father, sleep with my brother and show yourself naked to my mother... Too much fun. My family must be so impressed. I know I am.”

He wipes away his tears and even Scotty and Nora can laugh now.
“That will be a story to tell the grand-children.”
“Are you crazy? We need a Bat-signal for a things that good.” Kevin still grins, but then his smile fades slowly.

“Mom, will you please not tell dad? Not now, anyway.” He softly asks.
“Kevin, you cannot expect your mother to lie to your dad.” Scotty frowns.
“Not ‘lie’, just ‘not tell’. If dad asks you straight up if I got married in secret with the man he tried to bribe out of my life, then by all means, mom, tell him the truth....

But as long as he doesn’t know, why should you inform him? ... It’s not like he’s particularly interested in my life. As long as his friends don’t realize that William’s son is having sex with another man, which would be so unappreciated, William won’t care, what I do and who I do it with. I want to tell him the truth myself, in my own time.”

“Fine. I won’t tell anybody... Who knows?”
“So far? Only Sarah and Justin.”
“So that is the reason why Justin was so guarded whenever I asked him things about you. He was worried he might let it slip that Scotty was living here.”

“I’m sure Justin will love that your know.”
“How is he, by the way? Haven’t spoken to him in three days.”
“Busy. He’s been sending applications around, to see if he can enter med school. I guess, the nights of sitting here, with me doing my work and Scotty studying, rubbed off on him.”

“Kevin, I can only hope that he will be admitted somewhere.” Nora sighs.
“With his past of drugs and alcohol, that would be surprising.” Scotty replies. “but we have warned him for that, he is prepared for rejection.”
“I’m glad he trusts you two enough to talk to you.”

“Yes, so are we.” Kevin replies gently and there is a silence between them. Not awkward, but more a resigned silence. Nora is happy that now at least she knows what is going on with Kevin and Justin and Sarah and that gives her a certain peace. She’s angry with William, but she will deal with William in her own way.

And she will respect Kevin’s wish to keep it quiet for now. Kevin is happy with Scotty. William’s action seems to have only make them stronger. That is what is important. Why would she want to stir up trouble and cause a lot pain and anguish. Kevin is right. If William finds out, he’ll be so mad and there will definitely be a fight. There is no reason to go look for it.

Besides, it wouldn’t make a difference. She just has to recognize that, William will never accept Scotty as Kevin’s partner, he will never accept anyone as Kevin’s partner, because homosexuality in his family is something he refuses to deal with. Kevin knows he cannot keep his secret forever. All Nora can do is simply be there for him and Scotty when it all erupts.

Besides she can do with a little peace and quiet in her life and for once it seems she will actually get that. Justin is positive about his future again, Kevin is married to a wonderful man, Tommy and Julia are happily expecting their first child, Kitty is about to get married, Sarah is happily married to Joe and their kids are great. What could possibly go wrong?

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - turn a different corner

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