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fanfic: 2 a.m.

2 a.m.
By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: G
Summary: it’s 2 am when Scotty comes home.
Disclaimer: These two are not mine.
Spoilers: This must have been taken place somewhere between 2.13 and 2.16
There are 2 reasons Scotty doesn’t slam the door, one is that is 2 o’clock in the morning, and the second is that Kevin is in a deep sleep and will probably not appreciate being woken up by an angry Scotty. He sighs, as he slips out of his clothes. He’s too tired and too agitated to sleep. In the bedroom he turns on one of the lights and Scotty cannot help but smile as he sees Kevin sleeping, on his side, like an angel.
When Kevin sleeps the more cynical lines in his face fade away and Scotty is always surprised by how much younger and more vulnerable he looks. He took a shower before going to bed. Scotty can tell because his hair is all curly. The little curls that he always manages to comb away, but that always show up after he washed his hair.
Above the sheet, all he can see is Kevin’s strong arm and a bit of his chest. Scotty used to dislike hairy chests, but Kevin’s is a complete turn-on. Now, he loves to put his head on Kevin shoulder and caress the hairs with his fingers. Of course he can also see Kevin’s strong back. Sitting on the bed, his hand follows Kevin’s spine all the way down. Then he pushes his pillow close to Kevin’s.
Scotty wants to shower too but feels too tired. A huge wedding-party had kept everybody busy in the kitchen. His feet hurt from standing most of the evening and part of the night.  He can’t wait to get some sleep. He slips under the cover. He carefully lets his arm slide under Kevin’s pillow, trying not wake Kevin. He lets his head rest on his own pillow. There is a little moan from Kevin, but he doesn’t wake up.
Scotty kisses Kevin’s neck, the smell of the sweet shampoo is still noticeable. He wraps his other arm around Kevin and his chest comes in touch with Kevin’s back. Kevin wakes up, startled and Scotty can feel Kevin’s muscles tense and then relax.
“Scotty.” He mumbles.
“Sorry, love.” Scotty whispers.
"...’s Alright. How was your night?
“Ricardo was in charge.”
“Ah, your favorite chef.”
“Oh, yes, love him,… if only he would be so kind to stick his head in one of our meat-grinders.”
“Ouch, sounds painful.”
“I will gladly give him his aspirins…. Afterwards!”
Scotty can feel Kevin’s laughter, even though he doesn’t hear it. Kevin is so relaxed in his arms and Scotty’s initial anger fades away. He will have jerks like Ricardo in his life forever, but as long as he can come home to this man, to Kevin, everything is alright, he’ll survive. He kisses Kevin’s shoulder, letting his free hand caress Kevin’s arm as he presses himself even closer to Kevin.
“Scotty…” Kevin’s voice is a bit pleading. “It’s 2.30 at night, I have to get up at 7. And I don’t have time to shower tomorrow morning… I’m really not in the mood.”
“Sshh, it’s alright, I am not really in the mood either. Just being a bit… suggestive.” Scotty replies.
“That thing poking in my back is not a suggestion, it’s a threat!” is Kevin’s immediate reaction. It’s Scotty’s turn to laugh. His anger now really gone. Kevin’s hand covers his.
“I love you.” Scotty’s whispers, his mouth close to Kevin’s ear. Kevin turns in his arms, so they are face to face. With his hand at the back of Scotty’s head he pushes Scotty’s mouth closer to his. Scotty closes his eyes. Their kiss is long and languid. Scotty relaxes, his muscles losing their tension, Kevin’s body is warm against his, Kevin’s hand gently massages Scotty’s back and slowly, but surely Scotty loses his battle against sleep.
Kevin knows Scotty’s asleep, because his breathing is calm and even. He holds Scotty close to him, glad to know Scotty is back home and that he is safe. He feels like he is waiting for something bad to happen that will destroy his happiness, for he has never before been allowed this degree of peace in his love-life and somehow, he fears, that whatever deity, that has pulled this miracle of for him, will notice his or her mistake and he’ll have to pay a high price for this momentary bliss.
But he knows that he shouldn’t worry about it. Not now. He pushes a lock of hair away from Scotty’s forehead, his thumb caressing Scotty’s cheek and Scotty smiles in his sleep. Kevin kisses Scotty’s lips quickly and whispers:
“Sleep, my love. I love you too.” Then he closes his eyes to get some sleep of his own.
The end.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty
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