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Turn a different corner 27/?

Turn a different corner 27/?

By: Marea67
About: Tommy/Julia, Scotty, Jordan, Sarah/Noah, Kevin/Scotty/Jordan, Tommy
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24, part 25 and part 26



Tommy cannot remember having seen Julia this cheerful in months. She hums away to the music playing in the kitchen, as she prepares the table for dinner. Tommy’s stomach turns. He has to tell her... but not now... not now that she looks so happy and pretty. It’s almost as if there’s an extra glow to her.

“Dinner is ready.” She calls and Tommy joins her at the table and he watches how she divides the food over two plates and Tommy gathers all his courage. He has to do this. He opens his mouth to speak, but Julia beats him to it.
“Not a word....” She warns. “.. until after I’ve given you this.”

She places a small box before him and he immediately sees it’s a pregnancy test. He swallows hard. She knows? Is she angry with him? He opens the box and takes out the test and stares at the results. Impossible. It is impossible. His mind tells him it is impossible, but the results are right there before him. Julia is pregnant.

“Well? Say something?” She looks worried.
“I’m .... I’m speechless.” Tommy says, which is close to the truth.
“I know, so was I this afternoon. Oh, Tommy, we’re going to have a child. We are going to be parents!” And Tommy’s smile is more over Julia’s happiness, then for the way he is feeling.


Scotty is about to reach for the beans when he hears someone say:
“Scotty? Scotty Wandell?” From the other side of the aisle a man comes closer.
“Jordan? Oh, my God. Jordan!” Scotty hugs Jordan with an unknown sincerity. “Where have you been? I’ve missed you so much.”

“Really?” Jordan asks. “Mark told me in no uncertain terms that you never wanted to see me again. He was quite rude about it, so the message really sunk in.” Jordan’s voice is slightly accusatory.
“Mark again.” Scotty fumes. “Listen Jordan, Mark was a huge mistake, I know that now, whatever he told you, he was probably lying.”

“So I guess Mark and you are through?” Jordan asks.
“He’s in prison for fraud.... I put him there.”
“Oh! That is awful.... How are you coping?”
“Pretty good actually. He’s history. I’m married to someone else..”

“Married? That is quick... Last year around this time you were still with Mark.”
“Kev and I... you know,... it just felt right.”
“Kev?” Jordan asks curiously.
“Kevin Walker, my h.. husband. Boy, it still sounds strange to say that out loud.” Scotty laughs shyly.

“Not married long, huh?”
“23 days.... Not that I’m counting.” Scotty laughs.
“Wow! That  long?” And now Jordan grins as well. Scotty cannot help but have a little look at what is in Jordan’s shopping cart and it doesn’t look like much.

Jordan sees it and shrugs.
“Lost my job after two years of working.” He sighs. “I’m this close to getting evicted and my car broke down again, so I have to travel by bus. I don’t want too much to carry.”
“Is that all you have?” Jordan nods and Scotty tells him: “Put it my cart. I’ll pay.”

“Yeah, sure. That’s what friends are for, isn’t it? Come on, let me help you. I mean, I still remember you sharing your cans of beans with me in the basement of your mom’s house.”
“Yeah, if mom didn’t either eat them herself or brought it back to the store to get her booze.”

The silence between them is caused by the awkwardness that the memory of Jordan’s mother brings to them.
“Why don’t you join us for dinner tonight? Kevin and I would love that.” Scotty suggests.
“If a guy can put such a huge smile on your face, I’d like to meet him.” Jordan smiles.


Sarah puts down her coffee cup and licks her lips dry.
“Now what?” she asks.
“I really don’t know, Sarah.” Noah replies. “I mean, out of the blue Trish announces she wants a divorce and the kids and the house and the car. I’m still in shock.”

“Give her the house and car, but not the kids. From what you’ve told me, they will be an excellent tool for her, to swindle you out of more money. Get yourself a shark of a lawyer and rip her to shreds.” She growls to make her point come across.
“I love it when you get bloodthirsty.” Noah laughs.

And Sarah is happy to see a smile appear on Noah’s face. Poor man had been still in shock when he spoke to her on the phone. Of course, she had to meet him immediately.
“Thanks for taking the time to listen and for your support. I feel better already.”

“You’re welcome.” Sarah smiles, noticing how her fingers and Noah’s have entangled at the middle of the table. As if Noah sees it now too, he smiles shyly at her.
“It was always special, wasn’t it? What we had?”
“What we still  have.” Corrects Sarah. They stare at each other a little too long.

“I... uh,.. I have to go.” Sarah clears her throat.
“Yeah, sure.” Noah shrugs, pretending not to care that the little intimacy is broken. He helps her with her coat, his fingers caressing her shoulder. He opens the door for her. She can feel his hand on her back. It shouldn’t feel so good.

He escorts her to her car, she opens door, ready to get in, but then she turns around and his arms are around her and her lips are on his. She throws herself into the kiss. It’s hard and brutal, but her body responds to him with feelings she cannot remember having in years.

“Sarah....” Noah moans. She can feel him trapping her between her car and his body. He is so hard.... for her. She can clearly feel it and inside her something just shifts, she want him and she no longer wants to wait.
“There’s a motel...” She starts waving over her shoulder.

“I know...” Noah’s lips kiss her face. “Are you sure...?”
“I want you so badly.”
“I want you too.”


Scotty puts the salad on the table, watching with joy how Jordan eats with so much pleasure the food that Scotty prepared.
“This is absolutely delicious.” Jordan says, licking his fingers clean.
“Yes, isn’t it?” Kevin replies equally amused by the good meal Jordan has.

“So, what was it like at the family-home?” Scotty asks Kevin, sitting down at the table.
“The usual. Dad was in Ojai, mom made dinner, she was angry that I wouldn’t stay. Joe was complaining that Sarah had to work late, which I don’t understand, because I thought she would leave right after her meeting with me this afternoon. Guess, something came up.

Apparently Kitty is engaged to be married, but didn’t bother to tell the family, because she doesn’t want us there. Mom is furious. She had to read it in a magazine. Tommy looked constipated as usual. I really don’t get him lately. He hardly said a word. And Justin ... it’s really bad.”

Jordan listens to what Kevin says. Scotty told him a few things on the way to the loft and in the short period they were together, prior to Kevin’s coming home.
“Scotty told me about your brother. How is dealing with losing his girl-friend?” he asks and he sees the quick look between Kevin and Scotty.
Kevin isn’t sure if he’s happy with Scotty talking too much about his family to someone he doesn’t know, at the same time Scotty seems to trust Jordan unconditionally, so maybe Kevin should have a little faith in Scotty’s choice here. Jordan seems nice enough and Scotty seems happy that he’s back in Scotty’s life.

“I don’t know exactly what Scotty told you?”
“That he’s your youngest brother and that his girlfriend died in a fire on New Year’s Eve. I have the right brother, right?” Jordan looks at Scotty, a little insecure. Scotty nods and Kevin smiles.

“Yes, you do.... Losing the one you love is difficult enough, but Justin has an extra problem.... He’s an alcoholic and he used to use drugs. He’s also a war-veteran. He went to Iraq right after he had shaken his drugs-addiction. He was on the medical team. And he saw a lot of misery around him. He started to drink, he became an alcoholic.

Not long after he came back from Iraq, he joined the AA, where he met Fawn. She had lost herself after her brother got killed in Iraq. The two of them had something in common. They both lost a certain innocence there, be it in different ways. She was depressed after Christmas and Justin promised he’d be home on time.

But the clock at mom’s home was slow, and Justin... was too late. I think, he blames himself. Apparently his nightmares have returned full force and he hardly sleeps. The lack of sleep is making him sick.” Kevin sees the look on Scotty’s face and realizes that Scotty knows exactly what he means, having been there.

“He is scared to take sleeping pills or anything else, afraid he will become addicted again. But without them, he can’t sleep. He cannot seem to heal. It’s tough for him.” Kevin says and Jordan nods in understanding. Jordan puts his hand on Kevin’s hand.
“I’m really sorry for your brother. It must be hell for everyone around him, but above all for himself.”

Kevin is surprised by the sincere concern that Jordan displays and he hesitantly accepts the small gesture. He doesn’t see how behind him a little smile starts to curl around Scotty’s lips. He is glad to see Kevin is accepting of Jordan. And something tells Scotty that they have taken their first steps to expanding their circle of friends.


“I’m sorry, Mr Walker. You have taken the test again and it still shows the same results. You’re sterile.” The doctor’s voice is calm and gentle. Tommy shakes his head.
“The results must be wrong.... My wife .... she’s pregnant.” Tommy insists. “How can she be pregnant, if I’m sterile?”

Ah, so that is why Mr Walker is so insistent, the doctor suddenly realizes. The answer is pretty obvious to him, but he can understand that Mr Walker would not want to think of that option.
“I’m sorry. All I can tell you is the results of these tests. You’re sterile.”

Tommy shakes his head. He understands what the doctor is saying, but he’s unwilling to accept. He refuses to accuse Julia of anything.
“Are you saying my wife cheated on me?”
“I’m not saying anything. Except that these tests show you’re sterile. That is all I know.”

He sees the effect on Tommy, he sees Tommy shatter. Tommy takes a deep breath and gets up to walk towards the door.
“Mr Walker? Are you alright?” The doctor’s concerned question puts a sarcastic smile on Tommy’s face.
“Me? I’m just perfect.” He replies and he leaves the doctor’s office.


Tags: character - julia, character - kevin, character - sarah, character - scotty, character - tommy, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - turn a different corner

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