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Turn a different corner 26/?

Turn a different corner 26/?

By: Marea67
Kevin/Scotty/Sarah, Julia, Tommy, Nora/Kitty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21, part 22, part 23, part 24 and part 25



If Scotty hadn’t accidentally walked from the bedroom into the living-room, his hands full with a tray, he would have missed the knock on the door. He freezes for a second.
“Kev, someone at the door.”
“Probably mrs Berryman.” Kevin says, looking up from his paper. “I’ll get it.”

He slips out of bed, quickly puts on his t-shirt over his shorts and swings open the door, expecting an apologetic Mrs Berryman, but instead his sister swoops in.
“Alright! Spill! No more lies! No more secrecy! Who is this “he” mrs Berryman claims is “the one” for you? And more importantly why haven’t you told me that you have another boyfriend?”

“I don’t have another boyfriend.” Kevin says, surprised by the full frontal attack.
“Is Mrs Berryman losing her mind?”
“No, I wouldn’t dare to suggest that either. I don’t have a boyfriend. I have a husband. We got married 3 weeks ago.” Kevin calmly states.

The surprise is complete. Sarah stares at him, mouth open with shock, she bites her lip in confusion, then she frowns because his words register with her. She shakes her head not sure if she gets it, opens her mouth as if to say something, but she changes her mind by pressing her lips together again and then:

“I’m married.”
“Who with? Why didn’t we know? When and how did this happen? Please, tell me this wasn’t some spur of the moment thing. Some quick step that you’ll regret forever.”

“Hi, Sarah, nice to meet you again.” A familiar voice says cheerfully and Sarah turns around on her heels, not sure she’s ready to deal with yet another shock.
“Why don’t we have coffee? We just finished our breakfast in bed, but I can always handle another cup of coffee.”

Scotty smiles friendly and Sarah follows him numbly to the kitchen where she sits down. Coffee will do. At not even 10 in the morning, anything stronger would be an over-reaction. She watches as Scotty pours her some coffee, while Kevin sits down opposite of her at the kitchen-table. He is strangely calm. He waits for her to take the first sip.

“Alright,” She says, putting her cup down. “What is this all about? I thought you and Scotty broke up.”
“No. I only told everyone that he quit his job with me and that he went to New York. Which is exactly what happened. He went to New York to become a chef-cook.”

“But you were heart-broken and all?”
“Wouldn’t you be if the man of your dreams, moves to the other coast? ... Even if it’s just for a few months?” Kevin asks and Sarah is tempted to answer that she wouldn’t mind if Joe would simply go to Alaska for 50 years. But that is not Kevin’s problem.

“Why didn’t you tell us the truth? Why get married behind our backs?”
“I found out at dad’s party that none of you supported Scotty and me. That really hurt, so I decided, I couldn’t be bothered to keep you informed on him and me.”
“We didn’t support you? Kevin, we were thrilled with Scotty.” Sarah seems confused.

“I overheard you guys talking about how he was younger than me and very different from me...” Kevin reminds her.
“Yes. True. I have to admit I had expected something along the lines of Hank.  So Scotty was a bit of a surprise. But not in a negative way. At least not for me.”

She now turns to Scotty.
“Scotty, I’m sorry if the idea was given to you that we didn’t want you. I know that I only want Kevin’s happiness and I firmly believed then, as I do now, that you were the one to bring him that. The whole family was glad with Kevin’s choice.”

“Not the whole family.” Scotty contradicts gently. And Sarah sees how Kevin put a piece of paper in front of her. It is a copy of a cheque, clearly written in her dad’s handwriting, made out to Scotty Wandell... and for a substantial amount of money. She looks up at them, a silent plea in her eyes to not confirm her worst fears.

“Your father gave me that cheque to make sure I’d get out of Kevin’s life.” Scotty starts
“I gave it my own interpretation. Scotty cashed the money and went away to fulfil his dream. Now, we’re back together. Scotty works hard as an apprentice sous-chef and on New Year's Eve I asked him to become my husband and he said yes. And now we're married.”

Kevin’s last words are slightly incoherent, but Sarah is starting to see what had happened.
“You conned daddy out of this much money?” She asks,disbelief on her face.
“Yes.” Kevin answers.

“Wow! ... You’ve got balls! ... If dad finds out....” She starts to grin.
“He will... Probably... In time... But not right now, right?” Kevin emphasizes.
“Who knows about this? In the family, I mean?”
“You’re the only one.” Scotty replies.

“Wow!... Is there a bigger word than that?” She wonders. Scotty shakes his head. She lets the information sink in and then she turns to Scotty. “Welcome to the family, Scotty. You have not received the warmest welcome. But I want you to know that, as far as I’m concerned, you’re more than welcome.”

“I’m glad you feel that way. I certainly felt strange about that day. Especially since everyone had been so friendly to me. I felt really cheated. ” Scotty says. Sarah starts to understand the sadness that Kevin must have felt these last few months. He deserves someone as sweet as Scotty, how could he ever think that she would deny him that happiness?
“Will you help us keep our secret a little longer?” Kevin asks.

“Sure. It’s us against dad again, like when you were in school and you didn’t want dad to know you were sleeping with Danny McCullough... I’ll keep your secret. I'll cover for you.” She hugs them both and suddenly she starts to laugh and she dances through the kitchen. “Kevin is married... And I’m the only one who knows....” She chants over and over again.


Julia opens the front-door to her neighbours’ house. Two cats immediately run forward and circle around her legs, nearly making her trip over them.
“Easy, Tiger, calm down a bit, you two.” She laughs as the two of them holler for their food, not in the least bit interested in the fact that their owners are away on holidays.

Julia opens the can of cat-food. The smell of the sardines is overwhelming and she feels her stomach turn. This is the third time this week, that she reacts so strongly to food. She tries to quickly put the food on the cats’ trays, before she gets sick, but it’s too late. She makes a run for the bathroom and empties her stomach.

She wants to quickly clean it up, but barely halfway an new wave of nausea hits her and again she throws up. It isn’t until she‘s sure her stomach is empty that she sinks to the floor of the bathroom. A nasty feeling creeps up on her and she starts counting, she thinks again. She must be mistaken....

She leaves the cats with enough food on their tray to survive another day and flees to her own house, where she immediately checks her calendar. And sure enough, she’s late. Excitedly she runs to her own bathroom to get the pregnancy-test. She makes a silent prayer for it to be true.

Impatiently she waits for the sign. She doesn’t dare to peek, but eventually her curiosity is bigger than her fear of a let-down and she stares at the test... First with disbelief and then slowly with a large smile on her face.
“Oh God! I’m pregnant!” she says out loud, tears of happiness on her face.


Tonight he’ll tell her. He’s sure of this. He has made up his mind. Tonight he, Tommy Walker, will tell his wife the truth and all he can hope and pray for, is that she will continue to love him. He cannot imagine himself a life without his beautiful lady by his side.


If Nora wouldn’t have accidentally picked up the magazine while waiting in line, ...if she wouldn’t have accidentally browsed through it with no real interest, she wouldn’t have know it. But now, tshe has seen it,  the picture of Kitty holding out her hand. A large ring on her finger. The title of the pictures says: ENGAGED!!!

Nora turns hot and cold. She stares at the picture of her daughter, a large smile on her face. She looks happy. The article says that she was proposed to and that she had accepted. And that she couldn’t wait to get married to Jonathan, because she’s so much in love with him and she knows he’s the man for her.

The magazine crumples in her hand as she holds back her tears. Kitty is engaged? Engaged! And no one told her? Does anyone else know? Nora pays for the magazine and once in her car she starts calling the family. First Kevin, who seems as surprised as she is and tells her, it’s probably just gossip.

Sarah echoes her brother’s words. Tommy replies curtly that if Kitty would get married, he’d be the last to know. But if Kitty hasn’t told Kevin, then it’s probably not true. Nora wouldn’t dare to call Justin about this, so eventually she calls William and asks him if he’s heard anything, but he too denies being informed about the pending marriage.

Nora starts to feel better. Taking a deep breath she finally grabs the bull by the horns and calls Kitty.
“Yes, mom, the magazine is right. Jonathan and I are engaged to be married.”
“When is the wedding?”

“Early March.” Kitty answers hesitantly.
“Is there a special dress-code? I’d like to make sure that I wear the right dress.”
“Mom, it would be pointless to fly all the way over here, just for a few hours. Jonathan and I will not be making a big fuss about it.”

Nora’s hold on the phone tightens. Her lips pressed together for a second to hold back a nasty remark on her lips.
“I see.” She then replies, ice-cold.
“Mom....” Kitty tries, but Nora has broken the connection.

Tags: character - julia, character - kevin, character - kitty, character - sarah, character - scotty, character - tommy, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - turn a different corner

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