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Turn a different corner 23/?

Turn a different corner 23/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty, Dawn/Justin
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14, part 15, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19, part 20, part 21 and part 22



And she dances. And she dances. The music Fawn hears in her head seems to get louder and louder. She doesn’t remember when, but somewhere tonight she fell on the couch and she’s so comfortable there, holding the almost empty bottle close to her. And she closes her eyes, unable to hold them open...

“Fawny.” A welcome voice says and then she sees him. He’s right there in front of her.
“Adam! You’re here!” She calls out. Oh, he looks so handsome in his uniform.
“Where else would I be? It’s New Year’s Eve. I want to be with my sister.” He says and he opens his arms to her and she jumps into them.

“Want to dance?” he asks.
“I cannot leave, I’m hardly dressed to go out.” She says.
“You look pretty to me.” And Fawn looks down and sees that her old jeans, faded t-shirt and house-socks have gone.

She’s dressed in a long, white dress, and when she looks up into the mirror she sees her hair doesn’t stick in all directions, like earlier tonight, but it’s been combed into large curls and that she looks like a princess.
“Dance with me.” Adam whispers. She cries against his chest. She missed him so much.

Then the music begins and they dance, they twirl around the room which seems to be getting bigger and bigger, the music louder and louder. There is a crowd, everyone is cheering. She cannot see their faces, but she doesn’t have to. The only face she wants to see is that of her brother. And they dance. They dance.

Lost in her fantastic, alcohol induced dream Fawn smiles on the couch. One arm slides off her body, hits the table, knocks over a candle and the burning candle ends up on the floor. Fawn doesn’t notice. She dances with Adam and the whole world is fine and colourful and she feels all warm and fuzzy inside. She doesn’t want this dream to end.

The old carpet is glued to the floor. It happened long before Dawn and Justin moved in. And while the floor doesn’t catch fire immediately, the smouldering cheap carpet, in combination with the old glue, is lethal. The fume they spread is highly toxic. But Fawn doesn’t care. She is dancing with her brother. And she dances. And she dances.


Kevin and Scotty walk along the waterline. The night-temperature is comfortable and from the houses in the distance, they can hear the partying, but it’s only softly interfering with the crashing of the waves on the beach. They both enjoy the relative silence after the noise at Steven’s house.

“Chad and Steven make a lovely couple.” Scotty eventually says.
“Mhmm? Oh, yes, they do.... but don’t go for the matching ‘his & his’ towels yet. Chad is not at all ready to settle down.”
“I somehow don’t think Steven is expecting him to.” Scotty laughs.

“No. I don’t think so either. I think Steven is smarter than that. He just enjoys the sex and the fun Chad brings and he’ll see where it ends.” Kevin now smiles as well. “Would you?”
“What? Have sex with Chad? No thanks, he’s nice, but not my type...” Scotty jokes.

“No, ... settle down.”
“Don’t know. Maybe. If the right guy would ask.”
“Think of the benefits of filing for domestic partnership. Legally you would be in a stronger position.

You’d be insured. Medical, dental, vision, dependant life, accidental death and dismemberment...”
“Death and dismemberment? Yippee!” Scotty laughs.
“No serious.”

“You’re doing that practical thing again.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“Kevin, for us domestic partnership is it. You know, our only legal option. Our version of marriage. For now at least. And at the risk of sounding like a 12-year old girl, I want my wedding to be special.

‘Practical’ isn’t enough of a reason. So if and when I choose to take that step I want to stand up in front of everyone I know and say: This is the man I choose to be with. ‘till I’m old, bald and incontinent.... It sounded far more romantic in my head.” Scotty replies slightly annoyed because Kevin brings up the subject.

“It is romantic. But the ‘practical’ reality is: There wouldn’t be anybody to stand up in front for. No one in either your family or my family would care about how we feel. They just don’t want us to have a ceremony, because it would be inconvenient for them to be confronted with us.”

“Yes. But then you’re not proposing.” Scotty interjects. Kevin doesn’t reply and Scotty gets a fluttering feeling in his stomach. “Of course,... if the right guy would ask... I might just ... accept?” He tries. “Regardless of whether or not I could have my ‘dream-wedding’?” Kevin doesn’t say anything to that and Scotty feels disappointed. Scotty shakes his head in the dark. What was he thinking of?

He feels Kevin’s hand slip into his own, which surprises Scotty, because Kevin doesn’t like public displays of affection, on the other hand, how ‘public’ is it on an almost empty beach?

They walk along quietly, both in their own thoughts, until Kevin stops so abruptly that Scotty is forced to turn around and look at Kevin. Kevin takes Scotty’s other hand as well and brings them to his lips. The gesture is so tender that it takes Scotty completely by surprise.

“Scotty Wandell, I love you.” Kevin says, more serious then Scotty has ever heard him before and he doesn’t know what to reply. “I am completely, completely, in love with you. I even love the things about you that I hate.... Because you make me feel like I don’t have to be anyone other than who I am.

And, that, to me, feels like family. I want us to be a family. I don’t want to wait any longer. I want to make this official... Scotty, will you please me marry me?” The shock on Scotty’s face is so obvious that Kevin suddenly worries that maybe he’s asking too much. “I know, it’s fast. Maybe too soon even, but ... I know how I feel and ... I’m sure of this.

And if you are too... and I am ‘the right guy’ for you... then what are we waiting for? For our families to accept us? Knowing that they won’t any time soon? Until we gathered enough friends to make it look a half-way decent party? Because let’s face it, our social life is something close to nothing.

Isn’t it above all about how we feel? What we want? All I know is, that I want us to be together. That I want to make that commitment to you. And if that is what you want as well, then.... Isn’t that the most important thing?” Kevin speaks with such a passion that Scotty chokes up. He knows Kevin is right.

“I don’t know what to say.” He stammers.
“A ‘yes’ would be nice.” Kevin suggests, his eyes big with the fear of rejection.
“Are you sure this is what you want, Kevin? Are you sure you want me?” his voice trembles with a fear that equals Kevin’s and Kevin nods, before continuing:

“Wait. Before you say anything... Before you say yes or no or maybe.... I know, some relationships need drama in order to survive. I don’t want that kind of a relationship, okay? I don’t want to get hurt again and I don’t want to see you get hurt either. I just want to be able to love you and enjoy what we have together.

If you decide that you’re not that interested in me… or that you’re not ready yet… or you’d rather be with someone else… I know what I want, I’m not sure if you want the same. So, please be honest with me. ..... That is all I ask of you.  If I’m not the one, then … tell me the truth, please. I’d rather get hurt by the truth, than by the lies.”

Kevin’s voice is so filled with worry, that Scotty is eager to take it away.
“After all you have done for me I hardly dared to even dream of this, but I won’t lie. Mark made feel so cheap and it took me some time to get over that feeling that I couldn’t trust my own judgment, my own instinct.

I felt so stupid for letting him getting away with so much…. You said that night that I, like you, have the tendency to throw myself into a relationship heart, mind, body and soul and … I love you, Kevin…. I want this life with you. ... So if I say yes, if I take that jump, will you catch me?”

“Then... yes.”


Two strong arms catch Justin in the middle of his run.
“No!!! Let me go!!! My girl-friend is in there...!!!” Justin screams at the two police-officers who stopped him from getting nearer to the building. “Sorry, it’s too dangerous.”

“Fawn!!!!” Justin yells. “Fawn!!! Where are you?” His eyes search for her in the crowd watching the fire, but he can’t find her. He can’t find her anywhere and his panic only increases when he sees a fire fighter exit the building, holding a body in his arms. Justin doesn’t want to recognize the long dark hair, the faded t-shirt, but he does.

He whimpers and the grip of the police-officers becomes less tight.
“Your girl-friend?” One of them asks, her voice soft.
“Yes.” Justin says. “Oh, my god.... I promised I’d be home early.... The clock at my mom’s was slow... I am later than I planned to be... I am too late... I promised her I’d be here in time... I‘m too late...” He cries.

The officer lets go of Justin, but stays with Justin as Justin approaches Fawn’s body on the stretcher. The para-medics step aside and Justin sees one of them cover Fawn’s face with the sheet and he knows... He knows... He moans Fawn’s name one more time and then everything fades to black.

Tags: character - justin, character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), series - turn a different corner

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