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Turn a different corner 17/?

Turn a different corner 17/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty & others
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14 part 15 and part 16


“I don’t want to be too negative here, but isn’t there a huge difference in…. everything… between Kevin and Scotty?” Tommy starts carefully.
“I agree, he’s considerably younger than Kevin.” Kitty chimes in.
“You make him sound like a cradle-robber.” Sarah disagrees.

“Well, I would never say that, I mean, there’s an age-difference between Julia and me too… Just saying… Scotty is not what I expected. I thought he’d be more like Hank… Those were the types Kevin would usually fall for.” Tommy defuses the fight before it starts.
“I think he’s perfect for Kevin. He is so sweet.” Julia’s words make everyone look at her.

“You can’t build a relationship on ‘sweet’, Julia.” Kitty replies snippy and Jonathan frowns.
“I don’t know. ‘Sweet’ can go a long way, if you know how to use it. Sometimes you accomplish more with honey than with vinegar. I think, that we not should judge Scotty on first view.

He’s intelligent, your brother seems to like that aspect of Scotty’s personality. I think that Kevin is past that stage in your life, where you think beauty is everything. He’s very proud of Scotty. It shows in the way he introduces Scotty, the way he talks about him and the way he looks at him. They are both trying to make this work.”

Jonathan’s words irritate Kitty, how dare he presume that he knows Kevin better than she does? He only met Kevin today!
“Kevin has a knack for picking out the wrong guys.” She replies.
“And would it be inconceivable that he learns from his mistakes?” Jonathan asks.

When he sees that Kitty is not convinced, he continues:
“Come on, are you still dating the same sort of guys, as you did when you were fourteen?”
“Not unless, you’re analphabetic prick with a vocabulary of less than a 1000 words, with the most used one being “Hah?”, but on the upside the guy had a huge… oops, too much info.”

Sarah’s quick remark makes everyone laugh including Jonathan.
“Well, we have one thing in common… Oh, there’s too much info-thing again…” Jonathan now grins. And Kitty’s not-so-shocked “Jonathan!” goes lost in the laughter and no one notices that on the other side of the bush, Kevin stands, holding his glass with so much strength that his knuckles have turned white.


The next day, William is surprised to hear a knock on the door at his Ojai-office.
“Come in!” He says and then he sees Scotty walk in, with a calm face, a straight back and a friendly smile on his face.
“I’ll make this short and not so sweet...” Scotty starts immediately.

“… I have here the cheque you gave me… I thought it over and it’s nice, but not enough.” Scotty says matter-of-factly. “I want more. This is what I want.” And he gives a piece of paper to William that holds an amount that has William gasping.
“You’re joking.”

“Oh, no, I’m not. I’ve made some basic calculations. I’d have to quit my job, move my belongings to another house, IF I can find one that suits me, I need another car, I need to bridge the time between my old job and a new one… That is not cheap. You want me gone? Pay for it!”

“You little….”
“Oh, please, Mr Walker, whatever you plan to call me, I’m sure I heard it before…. So, don’t play the insulted drama-queen with me. I’m far better at that job than you will ever be.”

“Do you really believe I will pay you that much money?”
“Yes. You are the one who wants me gone.”
“I’ll tell Kevin all about you. That you accepted the cheque and came here to try and get even more….”

“And I’ll go to Kevin and cry until my eyes are red and tell him how his homophobic dad, who can’t stand it to have a queer for a son, tried to buy me out … I’ll even show him the cheque I took to prove it, because I know that Kevin wouldn’t believe me. After all I’m just a lonely little hooker compared to his invincible dad.

And who do you think Kevin will believe? You? The one who has made his life miserable for the last 17 years? Or sweet little me, who went through soooo much and still managed to give him my love and tenderness? And… my dear William,… think of the complications if anyone else would see this cheque.

Kevin would never talk to you again. Though Kitty and Tommy are hesitant, they are not against me, Sarah likes me as does Justin and I’m not stupid. Nora loves me already. They want Kevin to be happy and how do you think they will feel if they find out that you undermined Kevin’s happiness…?”

William watches with disgust as a victorious smile spreads on Scotty’s face.
“Well, you certainly show your true colors now, don’t you?” William sarcastically says.
“No, not really. You just have this prejudice notion that all queers like pink. You would never even bother to try and see my other colors.”

When Scotty sees that William doesn’t get the meaning behind his words, he shrugs:
“If you pay, you won’t have to see my face again.” Scotty replies gently and William thinks it through for a few seconds, then he writes another cheque, not noticing the surprised gasp from Scotty.

“Here! Now get out!”
“Thank you. It was nice doing business with you, William Walker…” Scotty gets up and walks to the door, where he stops. He turns around to face William and William sees a softer touch to his face this time.

“Have you thought of what you will be doing to Kevin? How deeply you will hurt him? Whether you like me or not, he loves me. This is going to leave him degutted. It took him quite a bit to accept me as his lover…. If I were to walk away now, there’s no turning back… Are you sure that is what you want?” Scotty tries.

“Get out!” William yells and those are the last words William believes he will say to Scotty, because five days later Kevin tells his family that Scotty has quit his job and left for New York. Everyone is devastated for Kevin and for three months Kevin is this quiet little mouse, to a point that everyone is worried about him.

The change in Kevin is noticeable. He works long days and he hardly shows his face. Nora, Justin and Sarah try to cheer him up as much as they can and also Tommy and Julia end up giving it their best effort, but slowly and surely Kevin shrugs them all off.

Eventually even William tries to pay more attention to his son, but not even that seems to register with Kevin . He steps away from his family and they let him, in the belief it’s only temporary and that he will snap out of this phase he's in and return to being the same good, old, dependable Kevin.



“Mom!!! Mom!!! Are you in?” Nora quickly leaves the kitchen to see what Kevin is yelling about. “Mom. I’ve decided! I’ve taken 3 weeks off from work. I’m going on a long break. I need to get away….” Kevin’s voice is soft now, he seems very sad.
“Where are you going?”

“A friend of mine has a second home on Curacao, I can stay there for a few weeks. I need a change of scenery, some room to breathe.”
“Kevin, you’re not going to do anything stupid? Are you?”
“Anything stupid?”

“I know you’re still hurting over Scotty, but …”
“This is not about Scotty.” Kevin says curtly. “This is about me….And while I’m away I will have some repairs done to my loft…. That‘s why I need your key to my house. I need to give a key to Mrs Berrymen, so she can let them in...”

Nora is surprised by Kevin’s request.
“But I could…”
“Yes, I’m sure you could, but I don’t want you to. This guy will do it in his spare-time and Mrs Berrymen lives next door. Far easier.”

“Kevin, … I’m glad that you….” Nora starts, but Kevin cuts her off.
“Sorry, but this means I won't be here for Christmas and New Year's evening either, but I would be bad company anyway. Now I have to leave. Bye.” And with a last kiss on her cheek he leaves the house of Nora and William, leaving Nora feeling confused.

William exits his study.
“Was that Kevin?”
“Yes. He’s leaving for three weeks to go to Curacao, … to get over Scotty.” And William mumbles a ‘good’, happy that he got rid of Scotty Wandell.

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