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Turn a different corner 16/?

Turn a different corner 16/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty and Nora,William, Sarah, Kitty, Jonathan, Tommy, Julia, Justin also drop by.
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13, part 14 and part 15



“Alright then.” Nora says. “Justin, you will be in charge of the decorations. Tommy, the florist is your responsibility. I’ve ordered everything I want. All you have to do is pick everything up on your way back from the office. Sarah, I expect the prettiest banners from Paige and Cooper and some nice cases of wine. Kevin, you would take care of the cake, right?”

“Yes.” Kevin replies.
“Good, then I expect everything to run smoothly on your dad’s birthday. I do hope that Kitty will call him Saturday.”
“If she’s smart she won’t come over, but stay in New York just a tad bit longer.”

“Tommy! That is not funny. Justin, don’t laugh…” but her warning only cause Tommy and Justin to laugh harder. She frowns at first, but then she starts to smile as well. She can’t stay mad at them. That is when Kevin seizes the moment. He clears his throat.
“Mom? Would…? Would it be alright if I brought someone?” he asks shyly.

It’s immediately quiet. Kevin notices the looks being exchanged between Tommy, Sarah, Justin and Nora. And he feels even more uncomfortable. Nora stares at her son, standing there, leaning against the table, fidgeting with his cell-phone and car-keys. He looks so terribly nervous.

“Oh, honey…!” She exclaims. “Are we finally going to have the honor of meeting the elusive Scotty?”
“He’s not that elusive, mom. He’s been in my loft for quite some time now.” Kevin corrects her, his voice slightly irritated, because he’s scared to death.

“Yeah, that loft we have been banned from visiting ever since.” Tommy reminds Kevin.
"Yes, and you were so used to dropping by, right, since I've moved in there I've seen at my loft ... oh, let's exaggerate ... twice?"
"Your are exaggerating. Once. To help you carry your things inside... Sorry.", You're right. I could have shown my face more often."

“You talk about him a lot, but when did the relationship change from ‘just friends’ to ‘something more’?”
“A couple of weeks ago, Justin. And I didn’t realize that you wanted a detailed account of my sex-life.”

“Believe me, Kevin, we’re not particularly interested in the sex… but it would have been nice, if we had known the situation had changed.” Sarah says, but her gentle smile takes the sting out of the words. “I’m happy for you.” She continues.
“Yeah, bro, me too.” Justin replies, giving Kevin his most radiant smile.

“And of course, he’s welcome here.” Nora claps her hands in excitement. She cannot believe Kevin is actually taking someone home again. Last time was 3 years ago, when he introduced Hank. She’s really curious about this young man, Scotty.
“What about dad?” Kevin asks.

“Don’t worry, honey. I’ll take care of him. I will ask him to be nice and behave himself. I’m sure he wouldn’t want to create another silent war with you.” Kevin cringes at the memory of the many years that he and William had not spoken to each other, unless it was about in their professional lives, usually something judicial Kevin was working on.

“So, I can safely leave this in your hands?” Kevin asks.
“Yes, honey, don’t worry.” Nora replies. She beams with joy. “All you have to do is get the cake and bring your boyfriend… I’ll talk to your dad and make sure that he will be polite to Scotty. I’m so glad you finally decided to let us meet him.”


“What? Are you sure? You’re not having some case of ‘wishful thinking’ on your hands?”
“No, Kevin is really going to introduce Scotty to dad.” Sarah replies to Joe’s questions.
“Wow. He must be pretty serious about his feelings then?”
“I think so. It is so cute. I can’t wait to see him.”


“What’s he like?” Julia asks.
“Don’t know. I never met him, but he works for Kevin. I think he must be around Kevin’s age, probably very confident of himself, maybe also some judicial background. Kevin hasn’t told me much about him. He usually talks to Sarah.” Tommy replies.


“Jonathan, it’s psychologically right. Kevin will introduce his little boyfriend and, of course, that will be so disastrous, it always is. Dad will look at Kevin and than me and he will realize what a great choice, little old me made. Please, say yes. Say you’ll come to the party.” Kitty pouts against the telephone and Jonathan can only laugh and accept the offer.


“William, don’t get mad.” Nora starts, later that evening. William looks at her with love and tenderness. God, he loves this woman.
“About what? Did you damage the car?”
“No… it’s about your birthday party next Saturday…”

“I said ‘no stripper, female … or male’.” William jokes.
“Oh! … Too bad… Well, I’ll better cancel Pablo then.” Nora winks.
“Offer my apologies to Kevin, will you? Would probably be more up his alley.” William grumbles at bit. And Nora takes a deep breath.

“It’s actually Kevin I want to talk to you about….” She starts, William raises an eyebrow and she quickly continues. “He asked my permission to take someone to the party. He wants to introduce his new boy-friend, Scotty, to us.” Immediately the temperature in the room drops so significantly, she can almost feel the draft.

“New boy-friend?” William repeats slowly.
“Come on, William.” She pleas. “It’s been so long since he brought someone to meet his parents…. Kevin is 33 years old and has so far never been able to keep a boyfriend, … and I’m not saying it’s your fault, but your rude manners certainly haven't helped.”

“If he wants to bring home some wuss who cannot handle if people are ‘unkind’ to him, then this is not the family to introduce him into. We are just not ‘nice’.”
“Please, William, give the boy at least a chance. Kevin is so happy with him. His face lights up when he talks about him. I want Kevin to feel he can do this.”

“I’m not stopping him, but I’m not going to bend over backwards either.” William decides and Nora frowns. Why is this always so difficult for William?
“Listen, you have welcomed Julia and Joe into your house, you accepted them with open arms. You have been great with the many girl-friends Justin brought home.

You were able to be charming to every of those arrogant Republicans Kitty brought home… Please, give Kevin and Scotty at least a gentler reception than the stoic iceberg that Kevin’s friends usually run into.” She turns it into a little joke. And William smiles.
“Alright. I’ll try. But that is all I’m promising.” William warns.

“Fair enough. Now I’m going to call Kevin and tell him it’s alright.”
“Nora? … You didn’t really order a male stripper, did you?” William asks now. Nora grabs the telephone and pretends to dial.
“Ola.... Pablo, por favor?...” She asks with a huge grin and a wink.


Scotty adjusts his sleeves and looks at Kevin with fear in his eyes.
“Are you sure?” He asks. “Are you sure you want to introduce me to your parents? What if I’m not what they expected? What if they don’t like me?”
“They’ll love you…. I do.” Kevin smiles and he kisses Scotty’s lips gently.

“I don’t know, Kev, I have a bad feeling about this.” The fear in Scotty’s voice is noticeable, Kevin follows him out of the car and takes Scotty in his arms.
“I promise you, it will be fine. Mom said that Dad would be on his best behavior. Kitty will bring her new boy-friend too.

I can guarantee you, that Dad will pay more attention to the new man in the life of his precious little girl, than to the new one man in his gay son’s life. Sorry. It’s a fact. You will never be as important to him as Julia, Joe or now Jonathan.”
“Do you think I should change my name to Jotty?” Scotty asks, suddenly grinning.

“Don’t you dare! I love the letter ‘S’ and I love you just the way you are, Ssscotty.”
Kevin laughs, rubbing his nose lovingly against Scotty’s, unaware that from the window above William watches them. His fingers tighten their grip on the glass he holds. His lips are a straight line.

He watches Kevin laugh with Scotty and he’s aware again of how much he loathes this ‘gay stuff’. He had Scotty checked out and nothing in the file he had gotten, made him feel that this young man would be an asset to his family. He is determined that he will put an end to this relationship, one way or another.


Three hours later, just before dinner starts, Scotty finally finds a little place away from the Walkers, the other people at the party and the increasing noise. He’s been holding this empty glass in his hand for the last hour, when he started to realize that any time anyone noticed he didn’t hold a glass, they’d give him another one.

He tries to relax his legs a bit. The garden is huge and lovely with all those many colorful flowers and he indulges on a little daydream about swimming with Kevin in that large, deep swimming-pool. Kevin had given him a tour of the house and Scotty had to admit, he wouldn’t mind coming here more often.

In all, this day hadn’t been bad. He had liked Nora from the moment they had met.
Mom, this is Scotty Wandell, my… the most important man in my life.” Kevin introduces Scotty with a huge grin on his face.
“Oh, my. You’re… tall! And handsome!” Nora beams with evident joy.

And Scotty had felt the immediate acceptance. He was glad he could impress her, by recognizing several flowers and plants. He had brought her red velvet cupcakes, her favorites, and they had been a huge success. She had loved them and asked him to make her some more for her birthday.

Sarah hadn’t been a problem either. She had practically undressed Scotty with her eyes, before she had turned to Kevin.
“Wow. Excellent choice! … Scotty, sweetie, if you ever get tired of him… call me.” She winks at both Kevin and Scotty.

“Sarah, he’s gay.” Kevin reminds her needlessly.
“I know… but he’s still cute.” She replies and laughs as she sees the blush appear on Scotty’s face.”Kev, make sure you keep him away from us Walkers, or he’ll hear so many nasty things that he will lose that lovely blush.”

Tommy had been polite, not overly friendly, but not hostile either. His wife Julia had been more pleasant in greeting Scotty.
“So finally Kevin provides Joe and me with re-enforcements… We non-Walkers have to stick together, you know.” she laughs relaxed and Scotty can see why Kevin likes her.

Scotty had been worried about meeting Kitty. Her tongue is always sharp on the radio, but after she had looked him up and down she had merely asked him if he was a Republican or Democrat. Scotty had honestly replied he a Democrat. She rolled her eyes.
“Not another one….” Then she smiles broadly. “Well, welcome to the family anyway.”

His meeting with Justin was quick and non-decisive. It had been a slap on his shoulder.
“Hey, you’re Kevin’s new dude, right?” Scotty nods. “Justin, his kid-brother.” Justin shakes Scotty’s hand. “Welcome to the Walker-clan. Good luck, buddy. You’ll need against dad... My girlfriend Fawn is over there… Why don't I introduce you two to each other?. ”

Though Kevin had tried to avoid it as long as possible, or so Scotty felt, it was inevitable that they would be face to face with William.
William looks at him, disdain in his eyes. His lips tight. No smile.
“So, you’re ...Scotty? Kevin’s latest conquest?”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mr Walker.” Scotty sticks out his hand. And with some insolence William waits JUST a little too long before accepting Scotty’s hand. But if he thinks that Scotty is insulted, he’s wrong. Scotty gives him his brightest smile and it makes William feel uneasy.

Somehow Scotty has the idea that he behaves differently from what William had expected. He realizes that William wants to create trouble and the best way to avoid that is by staying frightfully calm and keep smiling. William asks him about his job and soon enough Scotty gets to hear that Jonathan’s job is better and gets paid better.

William also reminds Kevin of how athletic and wealthy Hank had been and Scotty sees the irritations grow in Kevin. The problem is that William talks to Kevin and Scotty, but it all feels so incredibly fake, but there’s just no way that anyone can hold William’s words against him. He IS nice. He doesn't say a wrong word about Scotty.

“Scotty? I’d like to talk you for a moment,… My study.” Scotty is startled by William’s short, not too friendly order, but he obliges nonetheless, by following William inside. As the door closes behind him, Scotty wonders what William could want from him, but he’s not afraid. Once the door of the studies is closed, William no longer feels the need to try and be civil. The moment Scotty is seated, William starts to talk.

“I’m going to keep this short and not so sweet… I want you gone. As soon as possible.”
“What?!” Scotty is baffled.
“I’ve had you checked and you don’t belong in this family. You’re a loser, a whore, you’re penniless and you just don’t belong in Kevin’s life.”

“Mr. Walker, I won’t deny I’ve been in a bad place, but with Kevin’s help,….”
“Yes, I’m sure you repaid him his favors with enough sex to keep him satisfied….” William says and Scotty watches him in horror, because Scotty sees in William’s eyes no intention to be cruel, just the mere belief that he is right in his assessment about Scotty.

And that makes Scotty, according to William, not good enough for Kevin.
“I can understand that if you were leaving that would be a considerable loss for you, so I’m willing to give you a cheque, so that once you’re gone, you can live easily for a few months….. I think this will do.”

He hands Scotty a cheque and Scotty sees it’s for more money than he has ever owned in his life.…
“You can’t be serious? ... Are you offering me money to get out of Kevin’s life?” Scotty stares at the cheque with disbelief.

“Yes. Cash it and don’t let me see you here again. You’re not welcome here, not now, not ever. You’ll only make things more difficult for yourself and for Kevin. So just get out… If you ever cared out Kevin to begin with. … Just leave.” And with those words he leaves Scotty alone in the study, holding the cheque in his hands…

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