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Turn a different corner 15/?

Turn a different corner 15/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12, part 13 and part 14



Halfway the night Kevin wakes up. Scotty is in his arms. He knows Scotty is awake. His breathing is different when he’s asleep. It feels weird to Kevin that he can actually tell the difference. Kevin reaches out and tenderly caresses Scotty’s cheek. Scotty opens his eyes.

Kevin’s thumb slides over Scotty’s lips. They part to gently suck on the thumb and Kevin smiles.
“Kevin?” Scotty asks quietly as he takes Kevin’s hand and places a kiss on the inside of his wrist. “I think I’m ready to take it a step further.”

“What?!” Kevin knows that Scotty is trying to meet him in this, but he’s also afraid that he might push the subject. Had Scotty read his mind? Had he been talking in his sleep? But Scotty has been awake for a while now and he knows exactly what he wants.

“I’m serious, Kev. I’ve thought it through and I want more. I want to go all the way.. I want you inside of me. Making love to me…. You have made everything special for me, so far. I am rather sure, that with you, this will be different too.” Scotty looks at him with so much confidence that Kevin feels like he could fly.

His lips cover Scotty’s and their kiss is warm and tender, just lips sliding over each other, enjoying the taste of each other. Scotty spreads his legs to let Kevin lie between them. Kevin’s hands move up along Scotty’s sides and he pushes Scotty deeper into the mattress.

Scotty moans with desire and he holds on to Kevin tightly. Kevin untangles himself from their embrace. He places his hands on either side of Scotty’s head to be able to look at him.
“Scotty, promise me something.”

“If anything feels wrong, if anything hurts, if you get scared, if you want me to stop... then tell me, I won’t get mad, just, please, don’t do anything against your wishes. You should be able to enjoy this as much as I do.”

“I will. I promise.” Scotty nods sincerely. “Now, please, make love to me. I want to be with you.” Scotty wraps his arms around Kevin, pulling him into an embrace and Kevin kisses him deeply, before making the same movements he always makes. Scotty clearly relaxes under the familiar touch on his skin.

He squirms as Kevin leaves a trail of popping little kisses all over his chest, stomach, belly to move over to the inside of his thigh, carefully avoiding the growing erection. Scotty sighs with delight when Kevin’s lubed up finger enters him, not long thereafter followed by the second finger. This is what Kevin does all the time. This is what Scotty is used to.

As he tries to avoid the probing fingers, he lifts up his body closer to Kevin’s mouth. He opens his eyes when he can feel Kevin’s warm breath on him, just in time to see his swollen cock disappear between those parted lips. He falls back on the bed, letting out a little sound of pleasure, now that they move on familiar territory.

Kevin keeps stimulating him until Scotty begs for more. That is when Kevin removes his fingers to grab the condoms and the lube. He looks down on Scotty, who is clearly afraid. He bites his lip in anticipation of the pain that will come. Kevin knows it will be uncomfortable, but he has done everything to make it as smoothly as possible for Scotty.

“Are you sure?” he asks again.
“Yes… Do it. Please.”
“Okay.” Kevin takes hold of his hard cock and carefully he enters Scotty's body. Scotty whimpers under the pressure, but also out of fear.

“You’re so tight, …. Too tight… Relax sweetheart.” Kevin says and he gives Scotty time to adjust to him. Scotty’s breathing is superficial and Kevin feels Scotty is trying too hard. He gently rubs Scotty’s belly.
“Easy, baby. It will be alright. It’s only me.” He says softly.

Scotty closes his eyes and concentrates on the hand caressing his belly, while Kevin carefully pushes deeper until he can go no further. Again he stops to give Scotty room to breathe. Scotty opens his eyes. 

There are tears on his eye-lashes and it's clear that it hurts him, but he is determined to go through with this. So he smiles at Kevin to show that he’s ready. So Kevin gives only a little thrust. Scotty gasps at the movement nonetheless.

“No… I’m… I’m just scared…” Scotty whispers.
“No pain?” Kevin asks, Scotty shakes his head, his lie an obvious on. “Want me to move again?”
“Please.” So Kevin starts again. Little thrusts, in control, measured.

His mind on only one thought. Don’t hurt Scotty. Slowly the thrust become stronger and he can feel Scotty respond, anticipate his movement, pushing up to meet him. Scotty is responding! Kevin feels like he can fly. The movements become less controlled, more frantic, building up…

“Kevin! Stop! Please! Stop!” Scotty cries out. Kevin makes a disappointed, frustrated sound, but, true to his word, he stops and pulls away from Scotty.
“What is it? Did I hurt you? Was I too rough? Did you get scared?” Scotty looks up at Kevin’s concerned face.

“No.” replies Scotty and he sits up.
“What is wrong then?” Kevin is still breathing heavily.
“Nothing. I just wanted you to stop.”
“Why?” Kevin doesn’t understand what is going on.

“Because I asked you to?” Scotty’s voice is very little, his eyes slowly filling with tears. “That night at the motel.. when I got.. when Mark and his friends…”
“.. raped you..?”
“… raped me… I said I didn’t want it.. I said no… I begged them to stop… It made no difference…. And … you said you’d stop…. But …”

“This was just a test? You were testing me?” Kevin can hardly disguise his disappointment and frustration, but he understands where Scotty is coming from. He cannot get mad at Scotty. He must not get mad at Scotty.

He backs away from Scotty and takes a deep breath. “I get it. It’s alright. We’re in no hurry.” He then says, at this point it's more to remind himself  of this, than for Scotty’s sake.

“I’m sorry.” Scotty’s voice is rough. He can clearly see the hurt on Kevin’s face and he feels responsible, but Kevin takes him in his arms and holds him tight.
“It’s alright.” Kevin repeats, his hand caresses Scotty’s face. “ I love you. I can wait.”

Scotty’s jaw drops. He is astounded by Kevin’s words.
“Yeah, sure we can wait.” Kevin slips off the bed and throws away the condom. He needs to turn away from Scotty, so Scotty won’t see his disappointment at this turn of events. He is completely unaware that Scotty already knows.

“No, I mean, that you love me.” Scotty replies.
“Of course I do.” Kevin says, as if it should be obvious to Scotty and Scotty grins. As if the real significance suddenly sinks in with Kevin, he starts to blush, there is panic on his face and he stammers:

“I know.. I’m sorry… It’s too soon.. It’s too much, too fast... I know.” He apologizes. “I know, please, don’t … I know how I feel about you, but I will completely understand if you don’t feel the same… If you don’t want something too serious… If you’re not ready to reciprocate that love….

I mean, it’s easier for me.. I didn’t get hurt as deeply as you did. I have accepted that you cannot feel for me, what I feel for you. I just… I let it slip my lips… Just forget I said it, please.” Kevin looks lost and Scotty wonders how he, Scotty Wandell, is capable to undo Kevin like that.

“But.. do you love me?”
“Does it matter to you?”

“Then, I do love you.” Kevin now smiles, getting back on the bed and crawling closer to the still sitting Scotty.  He straddles Scotty’s legs, lets his hands casually rest on Scotty’s shoulders. “I love you, I love you, I love you and I don’t care who knows.” And he kisses Scotty’s lips.

Much to his surprise, Scotty replies more passionately to Kevin’s kiss then Kevin expected. His hands search Kevin’s naked body, gently touching him, immediately arousing him again. Much to Kevin’s surprise he takes a condom from the box, still lying on the bed.

“Want to take me, huh?” Kevin smiles, wanting to lie down to give Scotty access to his body, but Scotty stops him, rolling the condom down Kevin’s cock.
“No, I want you to finish what you started. No stops, no holding back this time.”
Kevin shakes his head, cupping Scotty’s face in his hands to look him straight in the eyes.

“Scotty, if you’re not ready, you don’t have to….”
“I know. Thank you. But I am ready.” Scotty kisses Kevin softly. “I just needed to know that you’d stop if I asked you to… I needed to know I could trust you to respect my body, my desires, … my refusal… But I trust you. I should have known…”

“Scotty….” But Kevin gets sweetly silenced by Scotty and Scotty lowers himself on the bed, taking Kevin with him, making Kevin cover his body. Kevin’s lips leave Scotty’s, under him Scotty invitingly shifts so Kevin can come inside him. And Kevin instantly notices the difference. It’s so much easier this time.

Scotty relaxes almost immediately, surrendering to the penetration without much sign of discomfort and then Kevin starts to move, slowly, to make Scotty feel the way he slides in and almost out. Scotty quietly encourages Kevin to go on and the feeling of trust that Scotty places on him, the way Scotty gives back all the love to Kevin takes Kevin’s breath away.

Dizzy with longing, desire and happiness he moves faster.
“Scotty.. I… I can’t fight it any more.. I need…I need….” He moans.
“Let go, please, let go of yourself.” Scotty begs and beyond that point neither of them is capable to have some coherent thought. There’s only pleasure and total surrender.


Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, fanfic - au (alternative universe), rate - nc-17, series - turn a different corner

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