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welcome to my fantasies
Turn a different corner 14/? 
18th-Jun-2009 07:56 pm
kevin/scotty AU
Turn a different corner 14/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11, part 12 and part 13



In the first two weeks of their relationship, life is the weirdest. In a way everything changes every time the door of the loft closes behind them. With incredible patience Kevin is allowed to discover Scotty’s body. Scotty often freezes under his touch, not because he’s repulsed by Kevin, but because of the bad memories.

So Kevin takes all his actions calm and slow. They kiss, they touch, they caress, they explore, but mostly it’s Kevin who pleasures Scotty with either his mouth or his hands. Kevin told Scotty that he wouldn’t mind taking it a step further. Every time he plays with Scotty hard cock he can’t wait to feel him inside of him, but Scotty politely declines.

He doesn’t want to do anything to Kevin that he isn’t willing to do in return. But the two times Kevin and Scotty try, memories of the rape flooded back to Scotty with such intensity, that Scotty panicked to a point that Kevin didn’t think it was smart to push the issue. He told Scotty that he could wait until Scotty is confident enough.

So Kevin lets Scotty do anything he wants with him and he lets Scotty draw the line, trying to give Scotty as much power between the sheets as Mark had denied him. And it’s not even as hard as he had feared, for Scotty is a very tender and gentle lover, sometime even overly cautious and every step they take is painstakingly careful.

At the same time, in the life outside their loft, nothing changes. Scotty works for Kevin and he remains very professional, as does Kevin. Nothing in their attitude betrays that the relationship has evolved to the next level. Quite to the contrary, they try their hardest to not show anything at all.

They are both grateful that it’s a busy time at the office, so that the fact that they are avoiding each other a bit goes by unnoticed. Kevin’s meetings are interminable and Scotty buries himself in his own work. And though a more observant person might notice that Kevin works less hours these days, in general no one even saw it.

They have lunch at the same coffee-shop as they did before and their dinners together at the restaurant are as comfortable as ever. Scotty doesn’t discuss his new relationship with Kevin with other waiters when he has to work the odd job and Kevin sits at his parents’ table and keeps his little secret to himself, while he listens to his brothers and sister.


“Wow. I’ve never seen Kevin leave is such a hurry.” Tommy says.
“No… I hope this Scotty is alright. One phone-call from him and all there’s left of Kevin is the dust on his chair… Never seen anything like it.” Nora ponders.
“I have…. Phone-calls from Hank…. Though he replies quicker to Scotty.” Justin replies dryly.

“Yes, but there’s nothing going on between him and Scotty.” Nora replies. At that moment Sarah enters. Nora knows that Kevin always tells Sarah everything, so she is the person who should be interrogated. “Sarah, what is going on between Kevin and Scotty. Is Kevin in love?”

“Of course he is. ” Sarah grins. “From the moment he met Scotty. He just doesn’t know it yet. Although I do wonder if Kevin has figured it out by now, because he was so dreamy at dinner. He didn’t even bother to fight about Kitty’s latest broadcast…”
“Well, maybe there was nothing to argue about. Kitty was right.” Tommy replies.

“Just for that remark, Tommy Walker, you’re drying the dishes!” Nora barks cheerfully and she stuffs a corner of the dishcloth in Tommy’s mouth. Tommy makes a face at Sarah and Justin who are laughing, but then grins too.
“I saw that look you gave Sarah and Justin!” Nora warns playfully.

“You couldn’t! You had your back turned!”
“Those eyes in my back are still there….” She laughs, then, more serious. “Why wasn’t Julia here tonight, honey?” Tommy looks nervously at Justin and Sarah, then he shrugs, nothing can be held a secret in this family anyway.

“It’s that time of the month and … Julia is very disappointed.”
“Aww, sorry to hear that Tommy.” Sarah sighs. Justin makes a confirming sound, that he agrees with Sarah. They know of course that Tommy and Julia decided three months ago that they want to get pregnant, but so far, nothing had happened and now it looks like it will not happen this month either.

“What’s wrong with that girl anyway?” A voice at the door says, William walks in.
“William, just because she isn’t pregnant yet, doesn’t mean there is something wrong with her.” Nora frowns.
“Yes, dad. It took me nearly a year.” Sarah says.

“And remember how long it took before I got pregnant with Sarah?” Nora reminds William.
“Whoa! I don't know, if I want to know all this.” Justin laughs. “I got to go, I have a date, mom.”
“A date? With who?” Nora wants to know. “Do I know her?”

“Yes. Fawn. No. Bye.” And Justin kisses his mother’s cheek and escapes from the kitchen with such speed that it takes a few seconds for the others to realize he's gone.
“I gotta go too, mom. I hope Joe put the kids to bed, so we have some time together.” Sarah smiles. Her smile feels fake to herself. She knows better.

Yes, she knows, the kids will be in bed and Joe will be asleep on the couch, in front of the tv, his beer either on the table or on the floor depending on if he fell asleep on his back or his belly… She sighs at the predictability…. She will come home and he will wake up and say that he’s tired and then he will go to bed and she’ll be alone again….

Tommy feels irritated by William’s words. He loves Julia with all his heart and he doesn’t like the way his father talks about Julia. He knows his father would have preferred it if he had gotten married with someone else, but Tommy had known from the day he saw Julia, that there would never be another girl in his heart.

“I have to go too. I still have work to do.” He says, knowing he will never raise his voice to William or criticize him. Sometimes he feels like such a loser. Sometimes he wishes that he would just have the guts to sever all the ties with his dad and leave LA altogether and move somewhere else.

Some place where all that matters is Julia and him. Where he feels respected at his job, rather than being ‘the boss’s kid’. Where no one looks down on Julia for being a substitute teacher with a variable income. Oh, he knows he’s dreaming. He would never have the nerve to turn his back on William. And he loves his mother too much to break her heart.


Scotty’s hips roll up, rhythmically, he sighs Kevin’s name as Kevin’s lips bring him closer and closer to the edge. His hand rests on Kevin’s head. Fingers playing with the soft curls. Two weeks into this relationship, or whatever it is they are having, and Scott has to admit that he has received more tenderness with Kevin than in his four years with Mark.

He begs, frantically pushing himself deeper into Kevin’s throat. One last thrust and then there’s nothing but the free-fall. By the time he opens his eyes again, Kevin just returns from the bathroom. He sits down on the bed to caress Scotty’s body through the sheets.

“Good?” He asks and Scotty can only nod, still in a daze. Kevin smiles at him and runs his fingers through Scotty’s hair.
“Want to watch some more tv?” he asks, but Scotty shakes his head. He is too satisfied to get up. “Get some sleep then. It’s been a long day.”

“Kev? What about you? You haven’t…”
“Don’t worry. I’m fine. I’ll just turn off the lights everywhere and check if everything is fine and go to bed as well.” Kevin replies. He is back in 5 minutes, but by then Scotty is asleep.

And Kevin sighs, knowing he’s left with taking care of himself .. again. He turns on the shower and leans against the wall, taking his cock into his hand. He closes his eyes and then the fantasy of being allowed to thrust himself deep into Scotty’s body quickly takes him to his release.

But as the warm water wipes away any evidence, he feels frustrated. He knows what happened to Scotty, he knows that he must be patient and he knows that he will never push Scotty too far, but he also sometimes feels that he is the one paying for the mistake, that the relationship between Mark and Scotty had been.

Mark got to do everything to Scotty, humiliate him to the core of his being, yet Scotty had remained trusting towards him, trying to explain away his attitude until he read the confession. However Kevin cannot even get Scotty to trust him, to trust that Kevin will not hurt him and that all Kevin wants to do is make love to Scotty, not abuse him…

He returns to the bedroom, still drying himself off and he sees Scotty lying there. In a deep sleep, at peace. Kevin sighs again, slipping under the cover. Immediately Scotty turns to him in his sleep. His arm snakes around Kevin and just when Kevin is about to turn off the lights, he sees the knowing, little smile around Scotty’s lips.

It is as if Scotty knows, in his sleep, that Kevin is in their bed and that he’s safe to crawl up to that warm, wet body. And Kevin knows that, for now, that is what he has to be satisfied with. Scotty trusts him enough to let him sleep with him, touch him, play with him. Scotty is trying… and all Kevin has to do is be patient. Very patient.


Sarah sighs. It was as she predicted. She came home. The kids were in bed. Joe was asleep. On his belly. Beer on the floor. Woke up. Ten minute talk about their days. Sorry, I’m tired. I’m off to bed. A kiss goodnight and that’s it. She switches off her tv. Is that really it? Forty-one years old, alone on the couch, every action predictable? Is this how she’s supposed to grow old?

She startles as her telephone sounds far too loud in the silent house. A message? This late? She checks and starts to smile. It’s from her former business-partner, from a time when she worked at a company that wasn’t family-related, when she wasn’t married. When she still knew how to have fun… Her thumb slides over the screen: Noah.


In Fawn’s bedroom Justin stares at the ceiling again. Another long night. Fawn lifts her head. She knows why he can’t sleep.
“Justin, you should get some sleep. You’ll be too exhausted to work tomorrow.” She tries.
“I can’t sleep.”

“Afraid of the nightmares?” She asks and Justin knows she has them too. Different ones.
“Yes.” Justin replies.
“Come here.” She now says. And he gets closer to her. In her arms he doesn’t have to explain. There is a reason why they met an AA meeting.

She lost her brother in Iraq. Every night she dreams he’s coming home, through that green front-door, safe and sound, but when she wakes up, she is reminded that he’d dead ... again. Justin, on the other hand, was in Iraq. Every night he’s returns there and he sees the bodies, he hears the wounded cry for help. The helicopter-blades swish trough the air. He can never come home as long as he's over there.

They have sex. Fast, furious, with just enough satisfaction for the both of them that Fawn can take Justin in her arms and hold him, knowing he’s so tired physically, that he will fall asleep. She will sleep too. The nightmares will come inevitably, they can’t be stopped. But if she’s tired enough she will go back to sleep after she woke  up screaming. If not… It will be another long night.


19th-Jun-2009 12:42 am (UTC)
This relationship b/w Kevin and Scotty reminds me of mine. My lover actually had to wait for quite a few months before I finally felt comfortable enough to take that next step with him. The beginning of our relationship was quite the struggle.

I love that your writing has been realistic enough, what with all the bad experiences that Scotty had gone through with Mark and I adore your portrayal of Kevin's frustrations - it makes me feel kinda guilty because it is a reminder of my lover's frustrations back then. =)
20th-Jun-2009 04:28 pm (UTC)
I am sorry to read that you have had bad experiences in your life. It must be SO hard to regain faith in people, once something awful has happened to you and I know it can sometimes express itself in ways one cannot imagine.

I've been blessed with a fairly stable life, but I know of others around me who were not so lucky.

I hope you have been able to find some happiness back in your life.
19th-Jun-2009 03:45 am (UTC) - Great story!
I kept reloading the page every two minutes in hopes of catching this update. Been reading since the beginning, sorry for not commenting on it before. I love it, it's a great story. I like the way it seems they're meant to be even when things are different. I also like the way you fit scenes and lines from the show into the story. But the best about this chapter was seeing a bit of Tommy's, Sarah's and Justin's lives too. Great job! I'll be here reloading the page tomorrow. :D
20th-Jun-2009 04:22 pm (UTC) - Re: Great story!
Thanks, I try to update every day around the same time, but there is this pesky thing called 'real life' that sometimes gets in the way of my planning. ;D

Glad you like it. I am trying to let more and more of the others characters seep in too. I have some things planned for William, Nora, Sarah, Tommy, Kitty and Justin, but the main thread will naturally be Kevin and his life, 'cause Kevin is my little sweet-heart and I love to send his life in all directions... NOBODY hurts and loves like Kevin. :)
19th-Jun-2009 12:03 pm (UTC)
What I can say? :-)
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