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fanfic: Mango peach salsa

Mango peach salsa…
By Marea67
Characters: Scotty
Rating: G
Disclaimer: Not mine. This story is, but the characters are not.
Summary: Scotty is ‘just the witness’ and he witnesses.
Scotty wasn’t sure how to react. And usually he was rather flexible with awkward situations. As a cater-waiter he had seen his fair share of drunken grooms fighting at weddings, the ‘partner-changes’ at parties, birthdays going awfully wrong and catfights. But he had to admit, this was entertaining to say the least. He felt sorry for Kevin, who looked completely mortified, but it was like having front-row tickets to a very well organized play. An Nora played her part with finesse.
He liked Nora from the moment he met her, and although his introduction into the Walker family was more Sarah’s work than Kevin’s, he appreciated the effort Kevin now made. Kevin’s first embarrassed explanation, on why Sarah asked Scotty, gave Scotty the feeling of not being wanted, for a few seconds only, but he saw the nervousness in Kevin and suddenly he wondered if perhaps Kevin was feeling as ill at ease as he did.
So he carefully teased Kevin a bit. Then watched how Kevin slowly became more forthcoming, less reserved, more playful until a smile curled around the lovely mouth he would love to kiss. Scotty  was impressed by how big the house was and Kevin gave him the grand tour. They talked casually about decoration, pictures, Kevin’s memories and his father.
In the kitchen, where Kevin and he had taken something to drink, they had run into Sarah and Kitty. Although he was not part of the conversation, he was after all “just a witness”, he deducted the reason why they were so nervous about Holly being there. He quickly understood that she was the reason for the ‘unfaithfulness’ of the ‘unknowable king’. Interesting.
And now, he sat there, watched Nora reveal, that she had known about Holly and to see her do it in such a calm, collected, reasonable and matter-of-factly way, was better than any tv-soap. It was in strong contrast to Holly’s horrified and hasty exit. He was sure glad that he wasn’t in Holly’s shoes. For one moment he considered how humiliated she must be, but the moment passed when Nora looked around, almost victoriously. Then, he was not sure if he still liked Nora.
“Would someone please pass the mango peach salsa to Scotty …?” But, when everyone tried to look anywhere but at Nora, Scotty caught the look on her face. The deep sadness, the profound pain, a hurt that will not be wiped out by exposing Holly as her husband’s mistress in front of everybody and suddenly he admired her strength. She saw him look at her and smiled, her head held high and all Scotty could do, was give a quick nod.
It was an interesting day. He saw his wish, to get to know this ‘Mr Walker’ a bit better, fulfilled. He watched the dynamics of the Walker clan, as the witness he was supposed to be. But he also saw the uncertainty in Kevin, the loneliness, and he could not help but want to get to know Kevin even better, but Kevin put up the wall again. And this time, he was even more guarded.
After the revelation it was amazing how many ‘suddenly’ remembered some important matter at home, that it was time to pick up the children or had another meeting somewhere and fled the party. And Scotty knew that the rules demanded the same from him. So Kevin walked with him to his car, where he waited, knowing Scotty had to leave…
Kevin was embarrassed, nervous and shy. Wetting his lips he started:
“I…. I would understand if you never…. If you never…” Kevin voice trailed off. He apparently did not want to contemplate the thought that Scotty did not want to see him again. Scotty smiled in reply. He liked this lawyer so much. So smart in the office, but in private so shy.
“I would like to see you again and by that, I don’t mean in your office, but perhaps … oh… a date or something?” Scotty nervously suggested. “Without your family?” he emphasized.
Kevin nodded with a quick smile and swallowed before asking:
“Can.. Can I call you? Later this week?”
“I’d like that.”
They both just stood there. Not daring to look at each other, nervously grinning, like two teenagers on their first date. Neither of them wanted to leave, but they knew they could not stay either. Eventually Scotty had made the first move, bending over to Kevin to kiss him, just a kiss on the cheek, but Kevin had backed off, immediately apologizing.
Scotty said that everything was alright and got in his car, hurriedly, disappointed and slightly embarrassed, but then, he looked up at Kevin and he saw his desire. For one moment he considered getting out of the car again and kiss Kevin thoroughly, but then he changed his mind and turned the key in the ignition.
In time… in time…
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