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Turn a different corner 13/?

Turn a different corner 13/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10, part 11 and part 12



In the hall, that leads to Kevin’s bedroom and the guest-room, Kevin turns to Scotty.
“Scotty, I’m really sorry that I kissed you. I hope I didn’t mess things up between us?”
“No, you haven’t.”
“I guess, that I had too much to drink and I was feeling lonely….” Kevin says apologetic.

“I have to say, it was nice to be wanted, even if it was just a few seconds.” Scotty admits, with a smile and he wants to put his hands reassuringly on Kevin’s shoulders, but when his eyes meet Kevin’s his plans change. His hands slide from the shoulder up to behind Kevin’s neck and he pulls Kevin closer, kissing him softly on the lips.

For a moment Kevin freezes, but now that it is Scotty who starts the kiss, he replies to it by wrapping his arms around Scotty’s waist and pushing himself closer to that young, strong body. They are in each other’s arms, their kiss becoming deeper and more intimate than either of them could have planned and Kevin is slowly losing himself.

Scotty allows himself to let his hand go through Kevin’s hair, he’s been dying to feel those little curls around his fingers. There’s a little moan as Kevin’s lips move against his and it’s so arousing to Scotty that he presses Kevin closer to his own body. Yet, he’s surprised when he finds out that Kevin is as hard as he is.

He cannot believe that he is able to turn Kevin on like this. In his eyes Kevin is so much more sophisticated than he is. Kevin would not ‘lower’ himself to someone like Scotty. It’s confusing him a bit. Especially when Kevin carefully breaks the kiss between them and takes a little step back, his arousal now easily showing.

Kevin’s thumb slowly slides over Scotty’s lips as if he’s trying to wipe away the kiss, but he doesn’t. He just needs a pause to get his thoughts back together. He knows Scotty has had some pretty bad boyfriends in his past and Kevin knows that he has more to offer than all of them put together.

But, at the same time, Scotty lives in his house and  works for him and he doesn’t want Scotty to agree with something out of fear of losing his job, his temporary roof over his head or whatever else Scotty might hold dear at the moment. They are on dangerous ground, because they are not equals in this house.

“Scotty, I really want more than this….” The way he waves his hand towards his bedroom, makes it clear to Scotty want it is Kevin wants. “…. However, I want you to want it too. If you don’t, then it will be fine with me too…. I am not expecting anything …. I don’t want you to do anything, you don’t agree with in your heart.

I won’t kick you out. I won’t fire you. I won’t be mad. We both had too much to drink,… we got carried away…. But, I really like you and I don’t want you to feel forced to do this, out of fear of losing your job or something else…” He takes a deep breath. “I’m going to bed. And .. if you wish to join me, I’d love that, but it’s ultimately your choice…”

He turns away from Scotty, goes into his own bedroom and leaves the sliding door open far enough for Scotty to still see him as a silhouette in the dark… Scotty remains frozen in the hall for a moment. There’s no promise, no guarantee of anything meaningful. There is also no obligation either. There’s just an offer of not being alone tonight…. It is his choice.

Kevin throws his tie on the chair he knows is there in the dark. He starts to open the buttons on his shirt. He swallows his disappointment away. He had hoped that Scotty would join him, but there isn’t a sound in his bedroom, so obviously this is not  what Scotty wanted.

He closes his eyes tightly to block some frustrated tears from coming up, but then startles as he feels hands on his hips. The way his breath catches is audible in the dark and he can hear Scotty chuckle at his surprised reaction, feeling Scotty’s hand soothingly move up his back to his neck.

There’s a little pressure from him for Kevin to turn around. Kevin obeys without question, flinging one arm around Scotty’s neck and the other around Scotty’s waist, pressing closer up against him. Scotty’s hands remain on Kevin’s hips for a moment but then slide to the hollow of his back, further down to pull Kevin closer.

Both are relieved their arousals have not suffered too much from the temporary break. Kevin’s shirt ends on the floor with Scotty’s t-shirt on top of it. Scotty hungrily pushes Kevin back until they reach the bed. They topple on it, Kevin slightly moaning as Scotty’s weight crushes him a bit. But he is not objecting, it just feels too good.

Kevin’s hands caress Scotty’s naked back. His soft touch makes Scotty shiver, he now lets his own hands explore Kevin’s sides and chest.
“I want you.” Kevin whispers. Scotty stops his kisses and he sits up.
“Alright.” He says, but there’s something in his voice that makes Kevin sit up as well.

He turns on one of the lamps beside his bed, so he can see Scotty. Kevin notices a peculiar look on Scotty’s face and then Scotty shrugs casually, as if it’s unimportant.
“I… I assume you want to take me….” Kevin is not quite sure if it’s a question or an observation, but he has an idea where the sudden change in attitude comes from.

Kevin remembers the fading bruises his saw, he remembers what Scotty told him about Mark, about the abuse and the controlling. Scotty is “damaged goods”, he should stay away from someone with so much baggage, he has plenty of his own, but at the same time he likes Scotty too much to let go.

Scotty lies down on his stomach. The way he bows his head, makes him look very submissive and Kevin feels shocked by the sudden change in Scotty. To him Scotty brought back the color in his life, yet, Scotty now seems so faded himself, like he doesn’t exist.

It’s only now that Kevin starts to see how the 4 years of being told that he is worthless and being treated accordingly have left their scars on Scotty.
“Hey, Scotty. Take it easy. It’s alright.” He crawls over to Scotty, kissing the back of his neck. Scotty smiles, surprised by the little tenderness.

This encourages Kevin to go on. Scotty’s shoulders get peppered with little kisses and Kevin’s fingertips caress Scotty’s strong back. His mouth travels down following Scotty’s spine and he can hear how Scotty’s breathing has changed.

He gently pushes Scotty to turn over and then proceeds by kissing Scotty’s belly. From the corner of his eyes he sees a movement. Scotty lifts his hand as if he wants to touch Kevin, but then changes his mind and his hand just floats between the bed and Kevin, unsure whether to go back to the bed or towards Kevin.

Kevin looks up at Scotty and the look in Scotty eyes is a mixture of arousal and confusion, but above all amazement about Kevin’s actions.
“I want you to enjoy this.” Kevin says and he unbuckles Scotty’s jeans, softly caressing the hardness underneath the fabric.

When he undoes the buttons, a small piece of pale skin shows itself and Kevin presses his lips to it, making Scotty buck up with a moan. Kevin takes the opportunity to pull the jeans down and Scotty looks on with big eyes as Kevin takes down the last pieces of clothing so that Scotty is naked underneath him.

When Kevin looks up he sees Scotty looking down on him, his eyes big with expectation, but also fear. For one moment there is an unanswered question between them. Scotty wondering if Kevin will do it? Kevin wondering if Scotty would want him to?
“Do you want me to…?” Kevin asks, his warm breath on Scotty’s skin.

Scotty’s mouth is too dry for an answer, but he nods, disbelief on his face that Kevin might actually want do this to him. But then Scotty can see Kevin’s lips part, closing around him, taking the first taste. Scotty’s breath hitches, he closes his eyes. There’s a little stuttered sound as Kevin’s mouth starts to explore him more boldly.

If it is at all possible, Kevin can feel Scotty get even harder, his hips slowly starting to roll with the gentle sucking. The sound Scotty makes is something between an astonished sigh and a longing moan, but it signals to Kevin that Kevin’s actions are not unwanted. So Kevin takes Scotty in even further.

Above him he can hear the soft thud as Scotty’s head hits the headboard of the bed, followed by an annoyed little whimper and Kevin’s amused laughter fans over Scotty’s naked skin. Scotty’s fingers slide into Kevin’s hair and not too forcefully he pushes Kevin’s head down.

“Please,…” he whispers and then there’s nothing but Kevin’s lips, his tongue and the soft touch of his fingertips and Scotty starts to move in earnest to the sensations that Kevin so easily brings up in him. Feelings he could not remember ever having before, flood through him and soon he begs for more. So much more.

By the time he feels Kevin’s lubed up finger penetrate him, he is so relaxed that it happens without pain, he has faith in Kevin’s tenderness. He dares to hope that Kevin will not hurt him and Kevin delivers without a problem. He can feel Kevin’s fingers stimulate him. There is not a movement he can make that doesn’t make him aware that Kevin is there.

If he tries to avoid Kevin’s fingers, he slides deeper into Kevin’s mouth. Trying to get away from those experienced lips, only enhances other stimulations. He cries out Kevin’s name, begs for release and finally he knows that he has to push Kevin away, but the hand in Kevin’s hair is ignored by Kevin.

“Kevin, I can’t…. I can’t….” Scotty stutters as he fights to control himself just a little longer, so Kevin can pull away, but Kevin’s only answer is take Scotty even deeper in and Scotty gives in to this overwhelming orgasm that rushes through him, he’s shoving himself deeper into Kevin’s throat, unable to consider being more careful with Kevin.

Out of breath he falls back on the bed, chest heaving with the way he tries to capture his breath again. He keeps his eyes closed. This feeling is so strong and it feels so good. He wants to hold on to it just a little longer, but he knows what will come next.

Kevin will want his own release. And this means that Kevin will take him. Scotty is not sure if he's ready. He knows, that just be a few thrusts will probably do, Kevin will just use Scotty to find his own moment of delight. And of course, Kevin has earned that right after what he just did, but for a moment it reminds Scotty of the impersonal way that Mark had had sex with him.

However, when the usual moment of feeling his legs being spread and then being penetrated with or without his consent doesn’t come, Scotty carefully opens his eyes. Just in time to see Kevin come out of the bedroom, drinking some water.
“Back amongst us?” Kevin teases with a grin and Scotty cannot help but blush.

He sees that Kevin is no longer aroused. Kevin follows his looks.
“Oh, I took of myself in the bathroom.” He casually waves over his shoulder.
“I could have…” Scotty starts, not sure if he really could have.
“Yes, I’m sure you would have, if I would have asked. But it’s alright. There’s no hurry.”

There’s a moment of indecision between them and Kevin clears his throat.
“If you want you can stay here tonight… Or you can go back to your own room. Whatever you prefer. It is all your choice. If… If after what just happened, you prefer to … I don’t know.. have some space?... I’ll understand. No hard feelings…Or… you can… stay?”

His last “stay” is almost a request and Scotty makes a decision.
“I want to stay.” Scotty says and he sees the nervous smile on Kevin’s face as he nods, that he’s alright with it. Kevin slips under the covers.
“Whatever you want…. Do you want that?” Kevin asks insecure.

“Yes. I want to be with you.” Scotty replies and Kevin watches as he carefully puts his head on the pillow. Kevin puts his head on the other. They look at each other, making sure at first that they don’t touch. And then, suddenly, there’s a shy smile, almost simultaneously.

“Come here.” Kevin whispers and Scotty crawls closer to him. They kiss, a kiss that seems to last forever. Kevin’s leg covers Scotty’s legs, and with Scotty’s lips close to his own, only centimeters away, ready to be kissed again, he smiles and after a content sigh, he surrenders to sleep.


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