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Turn a different corner 12/?

Turn a different corner 12/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: We're going somewhere!!! 
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here are part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06, part 07, part 08, part 09, part 10 and part 11



Then it happens, quite by mistake. On a Saturday late afternoon.

There is a party to announce the new partner, but Scotty turns down the invitation, because he has to work at a wedding. But before he leaves, Scotty tells Kevin to call him as soon as he knows who the new partner will be… And sure enough, around four-thirty Scotty’s phone rings.

“Scotty! Scotty! …” It’s the first thing, Scotty hears as he picks up. “I made it!! I made partner!!! Oh, my God, I can’t believe it!” Kevin is ecstatic and Scotty laughs with him, now he hears Kevin being so happy. “I couldn’t have done it without you.” Kevin says loyally and Scotty is appreciative of those words.

“If it hadn’t been for all that work you put into that last file, I wouldn’t have won it so easily. I made quite a good impression with that one and you're the one who made it easy for me.” Scotty blushes at the compliment. “This calls for a celebration!” Kevin cheers. “I want to do something decadent. When will you get home?”
“Earlier than expected, by the look of things.” Scotty replies dryly.

“Something bad happen?”
“Tell you when I get home. Can’t talk much now. Chef is giving me the evil eye. See you in an hour?.... And Kevin? Congratulations on making partner.” Scotty pushes the ‘off’ button, not waiting for Kevin’s reply.


The door to the loft flings open and Scotty comes in, all smiles.
“You want decadence. Well, I come with decadence.” Scotty beams as he show a case filled with lobster and bottles of champagne.
“Oh wow, What happened? Did you rob the Long Beach Aquarium?“

Kevin approaches the box with caution. As he’s checking the labels on the bottles he doesn’t get the first part of Scotty’s explanation, but picks it up:
“...With all of them having such close ties with the sea, the navy, and such, they decide to have the “Blue Oceans”-theme.

Really lovely, with nets on the wall that have artificial fish, crabs, sea-horses and such. The lighting flickers in such a blue-ish way that you would think you’re under water. Bad lighting for pictures, but, hey, if you like that your family look like zombies and you can afford it….. So the family is all delighted with all the crustaceans and other sea-food.. Except, 85% of the family of the groom is for allergic to sea-food…!”

“No way!”
“Way! … So this started an argument between the fathers of the bride and the groom, who turn out to be long time business competitors… and the father of the groom accuses the father of the bride of ruining his son's wedding on purpose. So, a lot of ruffled feathers there and while the rest of the family-members are trying to smooth things over, half of the just married couple get caught cheating on the other.”

“Oh, please, not the ‘groom has sex with bridesmaid’-thing. That is so passee.” Kevin rolls his eyes.
“Nope, this couple was more fashionable. It was the bride who got caught with the bridesmaid.” Scotty says with a huge grin, that makes Kevin laughs out loud only to cover his mouth in mock-embarrassment.

“That was so not funny.”
“No. It wasn’t.” Scotty now giggles. “By now the wedding-reception is a total disaster and guests are leaving by the numbers and there is all this food and alcohol left.

My boss is furious, to say the least. He decides that he will send this client the bill, as this would not have been necessary, had there been some communication. My boss feels the restaurant is not responsible for the troubles between the two families. He apologized to us all for having asked us to give up our Saturday-afternoon to work at this party.

And ended up distributing the remaining food. He felt it would be sad to see it get wasted. It is after all paid for. He gave me some too and when I told him that you had made partner, he gave me three bottles of champagne to celebrate!”
“Mmmhm, lobsters.” Kevin salivates.

“Oh, lobsters! That was another funny thing. We had to take the lobsters off the tables. There were a lot of children at the party who took one look at the crabs and lobsters and then it turns out the kids couldn’t bear to eat Sebastian.” Scotty grins. Kevin shakes his head in ignorance a questioning look on his face….

“The Little Mermaid’s best friend?... “ Still doesn’t ring a bell with Kevin and Scotty gives up. “Anyhow, their drama, our dinner.”
“Great! Would Sebastian like a little melted butter at the side?” Kevin suggests.
“I don’t know, but I would.” Scotty replies with a laugh on his face.

“Marvelous, light some candles. I’ll be right back.” The moments the words have left his mouth, he notices a shift in Scotty’s behavior. He tenses up.
“Oh. Candles? I mean, it’s just "take out" if you think about it.” Scotty talks down what he brought home.

Kevin feels a bit foolish, because suddenly Scotty no longer seems to be so cheerful. He’s a bit more cautious. But, fortunately for Kevin Scotty decides to let it go.…
“Yeah sure, sure. No candles. Ah, we can still have the champagne though?” Kevin asks hopeful.

“Sure.” Scotty replies and Kevin goes to the kitchen to open the bottle. When he returns, he watches Scotty display everything on the table and he wonders what he was thinking. Candles? Oh, he knows, he was thinking of. Candle-light dinner, gazing into each other’s eyes, laughing, kissing, at first playfully and then slowly they become deeper.

He shivers. He shouldn’t think about Scotty like that. So he shakes the thoughts away. Concentrating on making a great night out of their mutual fortune.
“To the unfortunate couple who cannot enjoy their wedding-reception food….” Kevin raises his glass.

“… and to your promotion…” Scotty congratulates. As they toast the glasses come softly in touch with each other and the sound is so refined… Scotty sips the champagne…. It tastes better than he thought it would, so he takes another sip… He’s not used to drinking champagne.

But it helps to take his tension away. When Kevin had mentioned the candles earlier, he had frozen, fearing that Kevin wanted to turn it into something romantic. And Scotty thought he did not want it... But now, he’s disappointed that he didn’t just get up to get the candles.


About two hour later Kevin is very cheerful. The champagne turned out to be a huge success. Scotty has Kevin laughing until he has tears in his eyes, just by his perfect re-enactment of the spoilt girls at the wedding party of the afternoon. And he prays to God that Paige will never, ever, become like them.

Scotty’s eyes shine brightly and Kevin is mesmerized by them … so Kevin pours him his fourth glass. The champagne goes to Scotty’s head and Kevin is not entirely sober anymore either. They laugh about almost everything. Scotty slips off the couch to sit on the floor stealing some left over lobster from the plate and Kevin slides beside him.

“You really like the lobster, don’tcha?” Kevin asks. Scotty grins.
“Yeah. Hardly ever eat it though. Too expensive. But I love it.” Kevin picks some up with his fork and feeds it to Scotty.
“How did you get to be so cute?” Scotty suddenly wonders dreamily.

And while Scotty takes the bite, his eyes come in contact with Kevin’s.
“I was born this way… What’s your excuse?” Kevin replies, watching Scotty swallow his food, unaware that by that time Scotty’s already lost in Kevin’s eyes. Scotty’s lips part, his breathing becomes more shallow, he closes his eyes…

…Kevin bends forward a bit, and then, almost by accident, Kevin’s lips are on Scotty’s. His lips are hardly touching Scotty’s. Kevin’s fingertips touch Scotty’s face and a shiver runs through Scotty. The kiss is actually more tender then Scotty is used to, infinitely more tender.

Kevin holds Scotty’s face as if it’s the most fragile thing he has ever held in his hands. His lips caressing Scotty’s, not daring to get more forceful, afraid to break something. And Scotty’s stomach flutters, because he never felt so precious before in his life. He never knew a kiss could leave you this breathless.

But as sudden as it started, it also stops. When Scotty opens his eyes, he looks into Kevin’s eyes and sees the shock and embarrassment.
"I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to…. I didn’t presume…. I mean… I thought….” He stammers and Scotty is not entirely sure if he’s happy or disappointed that Kevin didn’t mean to kiss him.

“It’s alright.” He says, his voice a little rough. “We had too much to drink… I’m not angry.” He says, feeling suddenly terribly sober.

“I think we better clean up.” Kevin suggests, also very sober all of a sudden. Scotty gets up to help Kevin put everything in the kitchen, so the living-room is clean again.
“Why don’t we do the dishes tomorrow? It will be Sunday anyway. And I’m tired.”
“Yes, me too.” Scotty replies.


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