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welcome to my fantasies
Turn a different corner 08/? 
12th-Jun-2009 08:02 pm
kevin/scotty AU
Turn a different corner 08/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: PG-13 at most
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05, part 06 and part 07



Scotty thinks for one moment that this must be as peaceful as his life can get. He had swallowed away his disappointment, over Kevin’s leaving, with a glass of wine, taken a long hot shower, watched tv until he got bored with switching channels, then he had put on some music and now he’s stretched out on the couch.

He just moved to page 10 of the book that he is reading, grabs a handful of peanuts, only to drop them back in the bowl. He’s not that hungry anymore. He sighs. It’s too hot in the loft. And he hesitates for a moment, but then he undoes his bathrobe, lets it slip to the floor and remains naked on the couch.

It feels weird to be naked. He had grown so used to Mark always making some unkind remark about his body, to a point that he preferred to cover himself up… He had grown ashamed of his own body…. He plays with the page of the book, his mind wandering to Mark prevents him from reading on.

Only now, is he starting to understand the enormous negative impact Mark has had on his life. Afraid to look in the mirror, ashamed of his own body, practically money-less and somehow still caught with a tremendous feeling of guilt towards Mark, because he is the one who told about Mark’s fraud .

It’s too illogic for words, even to Scotty himself, but he doesn’t seem to be able to switch it off. He shakes his head, driving away thoughts of Mark and he takes a sip of wine. He puts his glass back on the table, when he hears a familiar noise. The lock of the door! Scotty freezes. Impossible! Kevin wouldn’t come home tonight!

Kevin enters his loft and is immediately halted by the sight before him. Scotty is naked on his couch, lying on his stomach, but looking up at him with big blue eyes, shock clearly written over his face. Kevin’s jaw drops. For a moment the two men just stare at each other. Neither expecting to see the other.

Kevin’s eyes drift from Scotty’s terrified face, over the broad shoulders, the strong back down to his … blink, blink, …. Long legs!
“Oh, my God!” He slams the door closed and turns his back on Scotty, by leaning against the door.

Completely embarrassed Scotty grabs his bathrobe and quickly puts it on.
“I’m so sorry.” He stammers… “I… I thought you weren’t coming home tonight.”
“I… I changed my mind…” Kevin gasps, silently wording another ‘oh my God’ as he realizes that Scotty’s firm ass-cheeks will now be permanently etched in his memory.

“I’m …. I’m dressed.” Scotty says meekly and Kevin turns around.
“Thank you.” Kevin says a bit disappointed. Scotty looks at him for a second, but then he looks away and Kevin slowly starts to smile. “This was not exactly what I had expected to see. I’m sorry…. I should have… I don’t know.. Knocked?”

Scotty laughs nervously.
“Wouldn’t that be weird? Knocking at the door of your own home? I should not have taken the liberty….”
“Yes, you should… You had no reason to think I’d be back so soon.”

“Forgive me my asking, but is everything alright? You seemed so determined to have a good time and to not come home tonight?”
“I’m fine. Chad is great. Really a great guy.”
“You’re new boy-friend?”

“No. Not really. I can understand if all you look at is the porn-star Chad Barry, but I’ve known him for a long time. I met him in the last year of high-school, I was just out and Chad’s bi-sexuality made him so interesting to so many in class. Girls wanted to date him and ‘help him make a permanent choice’. Being athletic, the men respected him regardless of what choice he would make.

Add to that, that he made no secret of it that he played in porn-movies, .. and he was such a ‘bad guy’,… they all had an opinion about him, they only knew the image he wanted to show them, but no one really bothered to get to know him… ”
“But you did?”

“By mistake, I’m afraid. I found him in the locker-room one day and he was very upset. He … had done a shoot for a porn-movie and then the news hit that one the guys he had sex with turned out to be HIV-positive. The director had not been too keen on the use of condoms… said it didn’t look real… And Chad was terrified. And stupid. He had been warned.”

Scotty looks at Kevin, serious interest on his face.
“I felt sorry for him and offered to go with him to the hospital to give him some support. He was very grateful and we have been friends ever since.”
“But not lovers?”

“Occasionally.” Kevin confesses. “But mostly we’re just friends. He called me two months ago, found out that Hank and I had remained broken up and he promised me that, once he would be back in LA, we should have mad passionate sex ‘just to ease the tension’. And I was looking forward to that, but something happened today that distracted me…”

“What?” Scotty asks concerned.
“There is a development in the “Mangopean” case. Mark has confessed to the fraud and I got to see the tapes and read the transcripts of the confession….”
“O.” Scotty seems to be taken aback with Kevin’s words. He bites his lip.

“He was very proud of himself and about how he could manipulate everyone…”
“Did…? Did Mark say anything about me?” Scotty asks, playing with the belt of his bathrobe.
“Yes, he did.”
“Did he confess to… hurting me?” Scotty’s voice is but a whisper.

“Yes. He did that too.” Kevin admits and Scotty starts to tremble, feeling there’s more to come. “He also … talked… about things between the two of you… I don’t know how to tell you… It’s all in the file.”
“Tell me. I can take it.” Scotty says breathlessly, the pain in his eyes contradicting his words.

Kevin shakes his head and walks over to his desk, where he takes the Mangopean file from his briefcase.
“I can’t. I’m a lawyer. I can’t share this information. Not just like that. It would be unethical and unprofessional.”

Scotty sees how Kevin puts the file on the table before him.
“Scotty, there is a full confession in there, … from Mark, … I am not allowed to speak about it…” He lets the words hang between them and slowly the meaning of Kevin’s words seep through.

“I see.” Scotty replies hoarsely.
“I’m off to bed.” Kevin says and in passing Scotty, he squeezes Scotty’s shoulder, as if to give support. Then he leaves the room and he leaves Scotty.

In front of Scotty is now a file that he shouldn’t actually be looking at. Scotty waits about 5 minutes after the sliding door to Kevin’s room closes. He stares at the file. It calls to him to open it up, but he’s too scared of what he might read. He’s had to re-adjust his view of Mark so many times these last few weeks and he’s not sure he can handle another slap to his face.

But at the same time he realizes there’s something in there that Kevin thinks he should read. Something Kevin fears will upset him. He takes the file and puts it on his lap. Whatever is there it is going to hurt. He just knows it will. He plays with the cover… and eventually opens the file.


13th-Jun-2009 04:46 am (UTC)
can't wait for the next chapter D=
13th-Jun-2009 07:50 am (UTC)
Oh no, how can you stop here? You have made me so curious now, well I guess I have to wait for tonight to find out:).
This story is so great and I love the daily updates, but unfortunately I´m going to go on vacation tomorrow without any internet access for a week. But hey, reading seven chapters in a row after my return will be very nice too.
Thank you so much for writing and sharing this wonderful story,
it makes me fall in love with Kevin and scotty all over again,
have a nice, warm and relaxed weekend,
13th-Jun-2009 01:52 pm (UTC)
Oh! You are so cruel but I like it
14th-Jun-2009 11:32 pm (UTC)
That would be scary...to be reading something about the person that you had once loved and then broken up with so violently. It would be painful too... I can't wait to read the next chappie. =)
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