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Turn a different corner 07/?

Turn a different corner 07/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty,  Kevin/Chad
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04, part 05 and part 06  

*** I blame Kevin/Sarah in 3.21 for the idea for a slight job-change. :D ***



There’s a sharp knock on the door.
“Scotty! Can you get that? I’m ready in a sec, but not just yet.” Kevin calls out from the bathroom and Scotty opens the door, backing away in shock when he sees a familiar face before him.

“Oh… oh, my God. You’re Chad Barry!” He stammers.
“I know.” Chad replies cheerful, amused by the stunned look of the young man.
“You’re the actor…”
“Oh, thanks, but I don’t think that porn requires that much acting….” Chad winks.

Scotty feels a bit foolish in the eyes of this man, who is right now one of the most influential in the porn-business. Though he's retired from making movies himself, only occasionally returning ‘if there’s a good script’, the man has his own company by now and is making a lot of money.

“And you are….?” Chad now asks and he holds out his hand.
“Scotty Wandell.” Scotty replies, still breathless of the encounter, and they shake hands.
“Are you and Kevin….?” Chad wonders.
“No… No, we’re not... I’m a nobody…” Scotty’s reply makes Chad frown.

“Chad!” Kevin seems genuinely pleased to see him. And Scotty watches the firm hug between the men, before Chad places a little kiss on Kevin’s lips. It’s more tender than passionate and Kevin doesn’t seem too interested in Chad when he turns to Scotty.
“I’m out tonight. Remember. Don’t open the door, don’t answer the phone… the usual.” he smiles.

Scotty nods. He watches as Kevin adjusts the sleeves on his shirt. He looks hot in that black shirt and those jeans. The first four buttons on the shirt are still open, showing part of his chest and Scotty suddenly feels a strong desire to touch Kevin. But before Scotty can do or say something, Chad turns to him.

“Don’t wait up for him.”
“I won’t.” Scotty promises, his smile half-hearted. As the door falls closed behind Kevin, Scotty feels nauseous, he doesn’t want Kevin to leave. He wants Kevin to be with him, at the same time he knows how silly he is… He’s a nobody to Kevin.


Kevin moans as Chad’s hand opens the buttons of his jeans. He is so hard underneath Chad’s fingers. Hungrily he sucks in Chad’s tongue. God, this guy is good, but for the first time in all these years something is missing. It just feels wrong.
“Chad! Stop!” Kevin grabs Chad’s wrist and pushes him away.

“What?” Chad replies shocked. Kevin has never before turned down sex between them.
“It’s wrong.” Kevin hears himself say. Chad looks down on the panting Kevin, the tight jeans hardly trying to conceal that Kevin is as aroused as he can get.

“No.” Chad says, still heavily breathing himself, “What is wrong is that.” He points at Kevin’s erection. “It needs to be taken care of.” Kevin laughs. Somehow this reaction is so Chad.
“It will go away…” He says resignedly.

“You’re serious, aren’t you? You’re not just saying to… I don’t know… turn me on even more than I already am?” Chad now asks, but Kevin shakes his head.
“Is this about this Scotty?”
“No... What makes you say that?”

“Let me see. You’ve been talking about him all night… You’ve checked your phone 6 times to see if there’s not a call from him…” He replies seriously and then jokingly: “You didn’t talk about me.” And he pouts, though his eyes laugh and Kevin shakes his head. He loves Chad to bits, but more as a very good friend,  than as a lover.

And not just because Chad does not exactly master the art of being faithful, or that he cannot make up his mind whether he prefers men or women, or that he used to be a porn actor, but because Chad’s main concern in life is Chad himself. He is what Kevin needs right now, someone to have fun with, but not someone that Kevin would want to be seriously involved with.

Chad gets up, pours some wine for both of them and he hands a glass to Kevin before falling on the couch next to Kevin.
“So, spit it out. What’s going on?”
“Nothing.” Kevin shakes his head.

“Come on, tell uncle Chad all about it…” Chad teases and Kevin makes a face.
“Eeew.” He replies heart-felt. “I mean, seriously? Uncle Chad? That would make our relationship rather incestuous, wouldn’t it …?” Chad shrugs at Kevin’s words and Kevin continues: “I’m fine, honestly, …”

“Kev… don’t lie to me. 15 years, Kev. That is how long we have known each other. We were always friends, occasionally lovers, sometimes fighters, but always painfully honest. You were always the one worried about me, making sure that no one would hurt me, keeping an eye on my contracts to make sure no would screw me over.

You sat with me when years ago I had to take all these AIDS-test, because one of the guys turned out to be HIV-positive. You’ve always been there for me. Now let me be here for you…. I know you… Something has been bugging you all night. It’s not about me. You would have told me straight to my face if it was.

It’s has something to with this Scotty. You’re trying to enjoy yourself, but it’s not working. Don’t hold back. If you are in trouble, hurting, insecure, whatever, I want to know…” Chad’s blue eyes hold so much sincerity that Kevin chokes up. Chad is right. And Kevin knows that if he has ONE friend on this planet, it’s Chad. And maybe it would be good to talk about what is on his mind.

“It is about Scotty…. I don’t know…” Kevin’s shoulders sag. “I don’t know what to do. Scotty….” And Kevin searches for his words, Chad remains quiet, patiently waiting for Kevin to go on. “Scotty is a witness in an important case that we are working on. It’s difficult for him. The man who committed fraud was his ex-boyfriend.

This guy lied to Scotty, degraded him, brought him to the brink of bankruptcy, beat him up, raped him and had him raped by two of his friends…. And left Scotty devastated, hurt and confused…. And stalked by the man’s friends to the edge of sanity. That is how he ended up at my place. I wanted to give him some room to regroup himself.

And today I found out that same guy finally cracked a while ago and that he confessed to his fraud. So far, I believed, he was still only a suspect and that we didn’t have enough evidence. But we did and we heaped in on him and he told us everything. I read the confession today and it left me angry and vindictive.

The guy is a maniac. He proudly talked about the crime he committed with four others. It was all his idea. He was in charge, … but the way he talked… Liked he single-handedly ran the entire organized crime in America. East and West-coast. He was so proud of what he had accomplished.

He… He also confessed about Scotty. He was proud that he had managed to push his friends into raping Scotty, because, to him, it proved, he was born to be a leader. Crazy. And Scotty was just an insignificant pawn in his master-plan. He was so conceited. He even boasted about other ways he manipulated Scotty.

I now know things about Scotty, that Scotty doesn’t even know himself about his relationship with M… that guy…” Kevin quickly corrects himself. Chad plays with his glass, thinking of what to say to Kevin. Of course he’s heard of stories like this before, nothing new, but somehow Chad cannot add this story up to the intelligent looking man he met today.

“Seems to me Scotty has been had real good. The way he said that he was a nobody was really…. defeated... submissive almost. I felt weirded out by it.”
“You have no idea how weird it really is.” Kevin now says, looking lost.
“Care to tell me what it is exactly that you know?” Chad asks, but Kevin shakes his head.

“I don’t want Scotty to know.”
“I won’t tell him.”
“I know… but it will come out and he’ll get hurt.”

“Then don’t tell him.”
“He’ll hear it at the trial and he’ll be crushed.”
“Then do tell him.”

“Can’t. I’m a lawyer, I’m not supposed to tell him the truth. It’s unprofessional, if I would speak to Scotty about this case.”
“I see…. Now what?”
“Don’t know.” Kevin replies and Chad remains quiet for almost a minute.

“Kev, do you have feelings for Scotty?” He eventually asks. Kevin seems startled by the sudden question.
“No.. I don’t…” but his denial does not sound very convincing.
“Hello-ho, this is Chad you’re talking to.” Chad smiles.

“Chad, I cannot be in love with him. It would be unprofessional. We would not be equals in this relationship. I’m older than him. I may not be working on his case specifically, but I am a lawyer, he is a witness. It´s wrong. The differences between us in age, social and financial background is too big. I’d never know if he really loved me for me or just be grateful …” Kevin sighs.

“But let’s be honest here. The real reason you don’t want to sleep with me is because you really like Scotty…. I mean, if he would the one here, with his hand half in your pants….?”
“I’d fuck him straight through the couch.” Kevin replies with a sigh, annoyed that he has to admit to that.

“Yeah, of course.” Chad laughs at first, but then he sighs. “Isn’t it a bitch, when you know with your heart ,what you want to forget about with your head, but you can’t because of thing between your legs?” Kevin gives him a stunned look.
“Wow! Who knew you were such a philosopher…”

Chad bursts into laughter and it’s infectious, because a grin start to spread on Kevin’s face as well. Once the laughter has past, Chad puts an arm around Kevin.
“The question remains: Now what? You cannot go on like this. You need to get the truth to him before the case goes to court. Or you´ll see him get hurt again. And he might get mad at you, if he finds out you knew all along.”

“Yes, I agree. But how? How can I do that without compromising myself and my work?”
“Don’t worry. It will be alright. I promise… Just have to think this over… Give me a few minutes…” Chad leans back on the couch. With a sad sigh Kevin lets his head rest on Chad’s chest and inadvertently Chad gives Kevin just what he needs the most right now... A hug.

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