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Turn a different corner 06/?

Turn a different corner 06/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Sarah, Kitty/Tommy, Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 01, part 02, part 03, part 04 and part 05



Kevin would forever ask himself what possessed him to take a complete stranger into his home like that. After all, what does he know about Scotty? But Scotty turns out to be the perfect guest. And he comes with an even bigger surprise. The boy can cook. Heavenly! A week after Scotty moved into the guest-room, Kevin already jokes to his sister Sarah about him.

“We’re like an old married couple. We cook, we clean, we talk, we laugh, we bicker. We just don’t have sex.”
“Well, neither does an old married couple.” Sarah says grumpily, thinking of herself and Joe. “You seem happy though.”

“I am. We get along. We’re not in love, there’s no need to impress, woo or charm. I can be me. Grumpy, if I wish to be. Relaxed if I want to be relaxed. I don’t have to be anyone other than who I am. It’s liberating. Besides, it’s nice to have a friend. You know, no complications… Just pals.”

Sarah watches her brother. Does he know that his eyes light up when he mentions Scotty’s name? Does he realize that he is acting suspiciously “in love”? But then Sarah melts, when it dawns on her that he doesn’t know. He is completely unaware of the fact that he has fallen for this young man.

“You really, really, really like him, don’t you?” She smiles at Kevin. But Kevin freezes and a bit insulted he replies:
“Just because he’s gay and I am too, doesn’t mean that I’m taking advantage of his bad financial position. I haven’t touched him. He hasn’t done anything to get into my bed either…”

“Kevin, I didn’t mean to imply….”
“Yes, you did! He’s been in a bad relationship and isn’t looking for anyone. And after the horrible ending of my relationship with Hank, I’m not looking either. Jeez, what is wrong with just trying to be nice to someone else? Is that something only straight people are allowed to do?”

Sarah raises her hands in defense.
“Sorry. I’m sorry. Alright? I just love you and I want to see you happy….”
“I AM happy.” Kevin is still angry.
“…. With someone.” Sarah goes on.

“I don’t need someone to be happy. I’m managing very well on my own.”
“Perfect.” Sarah replies exasperated. But when Kevin leaves her house 10 minutes later, she starts to laugh. Oh, that boy is so in love and he doesn’t know it yet. For a moment, she hesitates in the hallway, but then she picks up her phone and she calls Kitty.



“Kit, I’m telling you. Kevin isn’t ‘helping’, he has a new boyfriend and doesn’t want dad to find out, that’s all… The boy may officially sleep in the guest-room, I’ll bet you anything I have, that he spends more time in Kevin’s bed.” Tommy says.
“Eeeuww. You have a warped mind.” Kitty replies.

“Hey, it’s not like I’m really interested in whatever Kevin is doing in the bedroom. I’d rather not think about that.... I love Kevin. He is what he is, but it still makes me squeamish to think that he wants to sleep with another man.”
“Don’t let mom hear you. She’ll send you to bed with no food.” Kitty playfully warns.

She knows that Tommy has issues with Kevin’s sex-life. Kevin’s being gay is still, after all these years, a sore spot. Nora, Justin and Sarah are completely alright with it. They love Kevin unconditionally and they will probably look forward to meeting Kevin’s new boy-friend, lover or whatever you want to call him.

William is, of course, is still dead-set against it. But he has become more polite towards Kevin’s boyfriends, because Nora nearly begged him to. She reminded him, that even if he didn’t condone what Kevin was doing, there was no reason to cross the lines of basic civilized behavior.

It helped of course that Hank, Kevin’s last conquest, had been  a wealthy gallery-owner and very much into sports like hiking, canoeing and hunting, all the things that William liked too. It made Hank a “man” in William’s eyes. And therewith, it made Hank everything Kevin, with his aversion for sport in general, wasn’t to William... A man.

She sighs. And Tommy and she were caught in the middle. Neither of them able to understand what could have possessed Kevin to make such a choice for himself. If he so desperately wanted to be gay, was it really necessary to flaunt it in front of everyone, knowing what reactions he would get from their friends and relatives?

She immediately changes her thoughts. Even at this distance she can hear her mother’s immediate reply that Kevin didn’t chose to be gay and that he should be allowed to be himself, blah blah… And irritating little noise disturbs her thoughts.
“Tommy? Gotta hang up. Mom’s on the other line.” She then says.



“Missster Walker? Missster Wandell issss here.”
“Send him through.” A few seconds later Scotty walks in, a large smile on his face.
“Mister Walker.” He teases. “I know it is, because that is what it says so on the door.”
“Urgh! Don’t remind me.” Kevin replies, laughing nonetheless.

“So? Are you ready?” Kevin looks puzzled at Scotty’s question. “Dinner? You wanted to go out tonight?” Kevin looks at his watch. Five-thirty!
“Oh, I completely forgot… I’m sorry, but I can’t. I’m swamped. I don’t know where to begin.”

Scotty looks around. The place looks even more chaotic than the last time he was here.
“I have documents that need to be copied, files to arrange, a case to prepare. My latest assistant didn’t like her job with me and quit and on top of it all, a colleague of mine got sick and I need to help with his cases.” Kevin laments.

“Is there anything I can do?”
“Yes, forgive me and not make me feel guilty for standing you up.”
“I’m serious, Kevin. After everything you’ve done for me.”
“No, there’s nothing…. Thank you for the thought though.”

Kevin looks tired and Scotty feels sorry for him.
“You know? Why don’t you let me help you? I can make copies, if you tell me what needs to be done. I haven’t got anything else planned for tonight anyway.”
“You’re sure?” Kevin asks and Scotty nods. “I’ll order pizza then.”

They work steadily until around 10 o’clock and when Kevin looks around, he has the feeling, he has actually done something today. A large space is cleared. Scotty went through the mail and put all letters, documents and conclusions in the respective files and Kevin has to admit that he likes how methodical Scotty is.

Walking over to Kevin’s car Scotty notices how Kevin keeps rubbing his eyes, as if he’s very tired.
“Do you want me to drive?” he asks.
“Would you?” Kevin hands him the keys.

They haven’t reached the second traffic-lights or Scotty hears Kevin snore softly, due to the angle of his head against the window. He looks at Kevin feeling a strange feeling of tenderness and deep care. It’s been nearly a month ago since he met Kevin and his entire life looks different.

He has grown used to the loft and he likes Kevin’s company. He met some of the neighbors, who invariable wonder if he and Kevin…? To which he repeatedly answer they’re not… . Kevin was right. After a few good nights where he could sleep his full quota of hours he started to feel less depressed. 

Kevin has given him the courage and the faith to believe in himself once more. He went with Scotty through all the paperwork that Scotty’s separation from Mark had brought him. Kevin sorted the paperwork, made phone-calls, wrote some legal letters and 4 days later the balance was made up.

Scotty had little to nothing left. Almost everything that Mark and Scotty had possessed belonged to Mark. He had paid with his credit-card and though the bills were therefore not Scotty’s responsibility, he didn’t own anything either.

Scotty was devastated with the news, especially considering all the time and effort he had put into this relationship. Not to mention his heart and soul. Kevin apologized profoundly for not being able to do more, but Scotty knew that it was his own fault. He had left all financial matters to Mark.

And if Scotty was honest, he was also recognizing that Mark had not wanted it any other way and he just agreed to everything Mark had said, because it was easier to agree with Mark than it was to fight him. Scotty shakes his head, chasing the thought of Mark away.

He works more often for the temp-agency, but the money it brings in is not sufficient to get a place of his own. So, now, he’s looking for a day-job as well, but that is a bit harder. Especially his lack of experience and his having worked for Mangopean are not in his advantage, but he is optimistic he’ll get a job soon enough.

Add to that, that he doesn’t want to leave Kevin’s loft either. He loves being there. It’s big and has lots of light. There is a roof-terrace, where Scotty planted some flowers and plants and he remembers when two weeks ago the first flowers he had planted began to bloom and Kevin had been amazed by how beautiful it all looked.

“How come that never happened with me? I would put plants out here and they would die! … I knew it. Even plants hate lawyers.” He had answered his own question. Scotty had laughed out loud at Kevin’s mocking tone. Kevin often makes fun of himself.
“You know, it DOES help if you give them water. Lots of it.” Scotty had teased.

“Really? Who would have thought it could be so simple.” Kevin had said astounded, before laughing out loud, his blue eyes shining with joy. Scotty loves the times when he and Kevin can sit there and enjoy their breakfast, lunch and lately even dinner together.

Scotty sighs. He adores the kitchen, where he likes to make elaborate meals for Kevin and himself. Kevin at least appreciates his cooking more than Mark ever did. The downside is that now he often has to go with Kevin to do work-outs, because Kevin doesn’t like to gain too much weight.

He feels comfortable with Kevin, there’s no pressure from his side to do things to impress. He figures it does make a difference that he and Kevin are not in love with each other. At least, now he feels that Kevin is encouraging him without having the ulterior motive of trying to get Scotty into his bed.

Speaking of beds, he loves the little room he sleeps in right now and he would be sad if he had to leave. Sometimes when he has to work late, he’s even allowed to borrow Kevin’s car, which he usually doesn’t, because it makes him feel uncomfortable, but the fact that Kevin allows him to do it, is just amazing to him. Mark wouldn't even trust him with a bike.

He parks the car and carefully wakes Kevin.
“I’m sorry. I’m so tired.” Kevin says apologetic when they go up to the loft.
“You work too much.”
“I know, but I might make partner this year. I want to make a good impression.”

“I see.” Scotty replies, knowing how important it is to Kevin. Kevin flings his briefcase on the couch and automatically starts by listening to his messages.
“Kev. Tommy. Need to reschedule appointment to Tuesday. Can’t make it.” Click. Beep.
“Hi, honey. Dad and me were wondering if you would be eating here next Saturday.” Click. Beep.

Scotty recognizes the voice of Nora, Kevin’s mother, by now. Then the loft gets filled with a warm, sexy voice.
“Hi, Kev, It’s me. Back in LA for a few days. Care to meet? Usual number.” Click. Beep. Scotty can see Kevin’s eyes widen, then a grin spreads across his face.

He immediately starts dialing and soon enough:
“Hi. It's Kev. Just got your message….. tomorrow too soon?... sounds fine to me… pick me up?... Deal!… Bye.” He’s still grinning like a maniac when Scotty carefully asks.
“That sounds like a date?”

“Oh, we’re just friends. Very good, close, personal friends.” Kevin replies. “I’m sorry, I’m off to bed. I’m too tired to stay up any longer.”
“’s Alright.” Scotty says, not entirely sure if it is. Kevin is going out on a date. Why does that bother him so much?

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