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Turn a different corner 05/?

Turn a different corner 05/?

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything about B&S
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 1, part 2, part 3 and part 4



Kevin orders at his favorite Chinese restaurant, making sure it is ready when he picks itup. His time is limited. He first drives over to his favorite launderette to have all Scotty’s clothes cleaned. Not only does he order to have everything cleaned, but also repaired, where that is required.

Once he is back in the car, he dares to remember how awkward it had been to tell Scotty that it had to be done, because,… well… his clothes smelled of the stuffy hotel. Kevin had tried to be diplomatic, but still Scotty had been embarrassed. But all Kevin hopes for, is that a literal ‘fresh’ start will help him get his life back on track.


Kevin is right about the shower, Scotty thinks, feeling the warm water splash all over his back. The powerful stream of water makes him feel cleaner than the little dripping shower at the motel. He wishes he could stay here forever, but that is not possible and so he turns off the hot water and dries himself off.

With his hand he clears the mirror in the bathroom and immediately regrets his action. The face staring back at him is not a happy one. He can see why Kevin would be concerned. He has dark lines under his eyes, from the lack of sleep. He is just too skinny. And the weight-loss has created harsh lines in his face. His entire attitude displays his defeated feelings.

He turns away, not wanting to look at himself anymore and he goes to the guest-room, where he is reminded of what Kevin had told him earlier about his clothes. There on the bed are some clothes that Scotty could borrow for a day or two. A t-shirt and a pair of sweat-pants that belong to Kevin’s younger brother, who is, just like Scotty, taller than Kevin.

He should be grateful for the generosity that Kevin is showing him and he knows that Kevin is right. His own clothes had smelled like that dirty motel. These clothes on his bed smell of lavender fabric-softener. Fresh. He is so wrapped up in his own thoughts that he startles when there’s a knock on the door and without waiting for an answer Kevin walks in.

Scotty stands in the room bare-chested and Kevin, at first, is slightly embarrassed, but then he notices the fading black and blue places on Scotty’s torso and arms. Scotty lowers his shirt against his chest as if it can cover what Kevin already saw.
“Your ex?” Kevin asks.

“Yes.” His voice is but a whisper and he bites his lip, scared for what Kevin will say.
Kevin doesn’t plan to judge. He figures that the last thing Scotty needs right now is to be reminded of Mark…
“Dinner is ready.” He says cheerfully and Scotty realizes that he is very hungry.


The dinner is an unexpected treat for Kevin. He is used to being alone, if he’s not with his family and the sudden company of Scotty is a pleasure. Scotty is interested in what he has to tell and Kevin keeps the conversation ‘neutral’ by discussing safe topics like work, files, clients, weather and sports.

After two glasses of wine Scotty becomes more talkative too. Thus Kevin finds out that Scotty is a drifter. He left home at his 17th and went from place to place, job to job, boyfriend to boyfriend and that Scotty had a relationship with Mark for the last 4 years.

Although his soft voice was confident at the start, by the time he discusses Mark, there is an added stress that makes Kevin not ask too many questions and delicately change the subject to Scotty’s work as a cater-waiter. Immediately Scotty’s entire attitude changes again and he, once again, becomes cheerful in his speaking.

“I cannot believe I ate that much.” Scotty says astounded, looking at all the empty boxes on the table.
“Told you that restaurant was the best.” Kevin grins. Scotty can only nod as he takes another sip of wine, suddenly a serious frown on his face.

“Kevin? I just… I wondered… I appreciate what you have done for me tonight, but… I can’t pay you back in cash… and I wondered… did you assume…? Did you think...?” Scotty stammers shyly, not daring to ask a question that might make Kevin angry or might make Scotty come across as being ungrateful.

“You wondered, if I was going to push you into having sex with me?” Kevin asks, slightly amused about Scotty’s blush. “Don’t worry. I’m a lawyer. If those were the terms on which I wanted to take you into my house, I would have told you sooner. I cannot take you away and burn your bridges and then push you into something you don’t want.

I stand by what I said in the car. I read your file. I believe you are capable of getting back on your feet. Take charge of your life again. I just believe that you need a little stability. So, I just want to give you some room to breathe.”

“And that is all?” Scotty still does not believe it completely.
“I have to pay the mortgage whether you’re here or not. I just have some rules that must be obeyed.” Seeing the inquisitive look on Scotty’s face, he informs: “Keep the loft clean. No smoking. No drugs. Don’t create trouble with the neighbors… The usual thing.”

“I understand and I agree.” Scotty replies breathlessly. “Are you sure you want this?”
“Yes, I am.” Kevin nods. “This will give you a chance to become financially stronger. It might take some pressure from you. No one can enter this building without permission. If you don’t tell anyone where you are, they won’t be able to find you.

Come to think of it. I would prefer it, if you wouldn’t invite just anybody in here. I mean, I understand that you have friends you need to see, but just don’t take them here. Let this be your ‘safety zone’. You can also meet your friends outside these premises.”
“Mark is the one who had the friends… Not me.” Scotty says softly.

Kevin doesn’t reply to that. He just gets up and starts to clear the empty boxes and he gathers plates and cutlery. Scotty helps him immediately, following Kevin into the large kitchen. From the corner of his eye, Kevin can see how Scotty’s fingers caress the counter and touch the table.

“Do you like it?” he asks.
“Yes. I like kitchens. It was my dream to be a chef-cook… I even had saved quite some money for chef-school, but…. Mark got in some financial trouble and needed money quickly and desperately and I…” Scotty shrugs, not wanting to explain further, but with the sadness so clearly on his face , Kevin does not really need sub-titles.

“I see… I’m sorry. Maybe now you can try to focus on your dream again.”
“Maybe.” Scotty admits indecisively and he tries to hide a yawn, but Kevin sees it.
“It must the shower, the food, the wine. I’m not used to it any more. ..This relaxed.”

“You’d better get some sleep then. Tomorrow is another day and you’ll feel better after a good night’s rest…. Come, I’ll give you an extra blanket.” He follows Scotty to the guest-room. “Here you go… I’ll see you tomorrow then…. Good night.”
“Good night.” Scotty replies, but the door is closed and he’s alone.

Slowly he undresses, trying to process what has happened tonight. Only a few hours ago he was desperately trying to sort out what he had and what he didn’t have. Thinking there might even be something he could sell to bridge the gap in his income and he had felt incredibly lonely and lost, not knowing where to begin to pick up the scattered pieces of his life.

He had hated the motel, the incessant ringing phone had nearly driven him insane, the noises in the other rooms had only emphasized his hopeless situation. It made him sick to always have to check everything he touched for bugs, who were looking for some dusty, dirty, moist place….

And now he was in the guest-room of a lawyer he hardly knows. The room is clean. He feels clean. The painful hunger is gone. The wine makes him just light-headed enough to enjoy the moment and just relax. And the bed he’s sitting on tempts him to lie down, rest his head and get some sleep.

He checks the sheets for insects, but then he grins at this automatic reaction. It will take a while to get rid of that one. He lies down and turns off the light. The bed is soft, the sheets smell fresh and Scotty feels some excitement bubble up. For the first time in weeks he looks forward to the next day. And then sleep tells him which of his dreams could come true.

Here is part 6
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