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Turn a different corner 04/?

Turn a different corner 04/

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 1, part 2 and part 3



Scotty walks to the door when he hears the loud knocking.
“Who is it?”
“Kevin Walker.”
“Did you forget something?” Scotty asks as he quickly opens the door.

“Yes…. You…. Pack your bags. You’re not staying here... And I won’t take ‘no’ for an answer.” He warns.
“Mr. Walker… I appreciate your wanting to help me, but…. I can’t afford anything else. I’ve paid until the end of next week and after that I cannot even imagine what I will do.”

“Stop the Mr Walker-thing. My name is Kevin. And you’re coming with me. I have a spare-room where you can stay for some time while you try and get your life together. You need to get away from all this. Now start packing.”

Kevin’s forcefulness overtakes the confused Scotty and it takes him about 30 minutes to pack his bags. He doesn’t have many belongings. Kevin makes him separate clothes from his other belongings and make an overnight bag, so Scotty and Kevin won’t have to carry everything upstairs straight away. Kevin helps Scotty where he can.

The phone rings over and over again, every time Scotty pushes the caller away. The ringing is incessant and starting to work on Kevin’s nerves.
“Scotty? Do you mind if call you Scotty? It’s just … you know… Mr Wandell? ...” Kevin makes a face and Scotty shakes his head.

“Scotty, do you have to work tonight?”
“No… There might be a job this weekend, if one of the other waiters cancels. This happens frequently and then he calls me to fill in the empty place.”
“Good.” Kevin checks his phone and quickly writes down a number.

“Call you boss and give him this number. Tell him that as of this minute, the other number will no longer be available. Make him understand that from later on tonight  he’ll have to reach you at the other number…It’s my old telephone. No one uses that number anymore,… no one that I know of.” Kevin watches as Scotty makes the call to the temp agency.

With that done, Kevin looks around one more time.
“You haven’t forgotten anything?” He asks, but Scotty shakes his head. “We’re not coming back here.” Kevin warns and Scotty is tempted to ask ‘We’re not?’, but doesn’t give in. He helps Kevin put everything in Kevin’s car, then he follows Kevin to check out of the motel. Amazed he watches how Kevin manages to get a partial refund so that Scotty has some money in his hands.

It isn’t until they are in Kevin’s car that Scotty finally feels he can react.
“Do you do this more often? Coming to the help of losers like me?”
“You’re not a loser. I pride myself on being a good judge of character and you are not a loser. You have some big problems right now, but you’re not a loser.”

Scotty remains quiet and stares into the darkness outside. Kevin puts a hand on his arm.
“Scotty, I mean it. You just need a break. Some room to breathe and get organized. Am I very far off when I think that these last few weeks all you have done is hide from your ex and his friends? You keep running into unexpected troubles.

Sleepless nights. Mind too crowded. Relationship on the rocks. You got raped. You don’t have time to process anything because it’s one disaster after another.” Scotty can feel the tears sting his eyes at Kevin’s soft spoken words. “You’re exhausted. You need ‘time-out’ and Mark’s friends are going to make sure that you’re not given that time...”

Scotty brushes away a tear and Kevin pretends not to have seen it. It’s quiet between them, but not uncomfortably quiet. Scotty starts to relax, feel more at ease. He’s worried about what will happen, but at the same time he’s too tired to be scared. He closes his eyes, drifting off to the sound of the of the humming car.


“Hey! Wake up, sleepyhead.” Kevin says cheerfully. Scotty blinks as he sits up. They are in a parking-lot under a building and Scotty curses, in his mind, that he fell asleep, because now he doesn’t know what he is exactly. He takes his overnight bag, while Kevin gathers his own briefcase and coat.

Scotty follows Kevin docilely. The elevator takes them to the 5th floor. The corridor they follow is decorated with paintings and it all looks so clean and cheerful. Kevin stops in front of number 507, opens the door and after turning on the lights, he signals Scotty to come in as well.

Scotty didn’t know what to expect, but the place is big and cozy and the soft lights in several places give the place a nice atmosphere. He just stands there looking around him, his weekend bag with immediate necessities in his hand.
“Spare-room is over here.” Kevin says as he leads the way through some sliding doors.

The door he opens leads to a nice little bedroom with a single bed and a chair and lots of closet-space. Kevin closes the curtains and says cheeky:
“Keep those closed when you undress. The neighbors have a direct view into your room at night. You may forget, when it’s dark.” Scotty smiles for the first time, since Kevin woke him up.

“Drop your things over here and I’ll show the rest of the place.” Scotty puts his bag on the bed and follows Kevin. “This is the bathroom.” Kevin shows him a small, beautiful, but basic bathroom. Bath and shower in one place. The available space used to its full potential. Not many frivolities like scented baskets and all sorts of bottles, but very tidy.

“Everything you need and don’t need is in here.” Kevin opens the closet in the bathroom and Scotty sees the variety in towels, shampoos, aftershaves, face products and other knick-knacks. “I admit it, I’m a sucker for any new product that comes out…” Kevin grins. ”I mean, you may not need it yet, but at my ripe, old age….” and Scotty starts to laugh…

And Kevin likes the sound of it, it’s more casual, less restraint now. It’s funny how Scotty’s laughter almost BELONGS in this bathroom. He coughs and then continues:
“I’ll lock the door on the other side, my bedroom, to make sure I won’t accidently walk in on you, while you’re in here.”

Scotty follows him to Kevin’s bedroom, but he remains at the threshold where he watches Kevin lock the door. He sees a comfortable bedroom with a large bed, covered with pillows and it has silk sheets, shining blue in the light above the bed. Scotty feels a bit shy and cannot help but ask quietly:

“Do you live here alone? I mean, no boyfriend who might be annoyed with my staying here for a few days? I don’t want to cause trouble.” Kevin shakes his head and, with Scotty following him, returns to the living room, where he pours himself and Scotty a drink. As he hands Scotty his glass he says, slightly bitter:

“No. I moved in here a year ago, after I broke up with my boyfriend. My… uh… my ex got to keep the house, the garden, the dog, the cat, our friends and acquaintances, our social life … and the 18-year old boy he was boinking the night I caught him at it.”
“I’m sorry.” Scotty says automatically.

“Don’t be. I’m better off without him.” Kevin suddenly smiles. With a loud thud, he puts his glass on the table. “I’m sorry, I’m tired and hungry. How about I get us something to eat? And you go take a long hot shower? You’ll feel so much better after freshening up.” Kevin suggests.


Part 5 is here

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