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Turn a different corner 03/102

Turn a different corner 03/102
By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same. Here is part 1



It seems to take forever, but then, slowly, Scotty calms down. The shaking and trembling gradually stops and his breathing calms down also. Sitting next to him on the stairs, Kevin keeps an arm around him, feeling there’s not more he can do.
“I’m sorry.” Scotty sniffles.

“Feeling better?” Kevin asks carefully.
“Yes. Thanks.” Scotty smiles courageously. At that moment Kevin can hear a growling sound coming from Scotty. Slightly embarrassed Scotty covers his stomach.
“Hungry?” Kevin wonders if the boy ate at all this morning.

“A bit.”
“Why don’t we go to the cafeteria? Get you something to eat?” Kevin suggests, but Scotty shakes his head.
“No, thanks. It will pass.” He says.

“When was the last time you ate?”
“Last night I had a sandwich.” Scotty replies.
“It’s nearly noon… You need something to eat.” Kevin frowns now. Scotty looks miserable.

“I… I haven’t had my payment yet,…”
“You’re broke?”
“No. I worked this weekend. As a waiter. I will get my payment tonight.””
“Until then you have nothing to eat?”

“It’s alright. There’s free hot chocolate and if I add enough sugar, it kills the hunger.” Scotty is very matter-of-factly and Kevin doesn’t know how to respond.
“That is not acceptable. I’ll get you something to eat…”

Scotty follows Kevin, overwhelmed by the rough friendliness of the lawyer and soon enough he sinks his teeth in a chicken-sandwich while Kevin gets him some coffee. It’s only then that Scotty realizes how hungry he actually is and how long it’s been since he’s had a decent meal.

Kevin looks at the young man at the table. For some reason the boy looks younger than his 25 years and Kevin, only 33 years, feels like an old man. He sighs, sometimes he hates his job and this one of these days.
“I hope you’re feeling a bit better. I really would like to finish our interview.”

Scotty looks up at Kevin. He knows Kevin must return to the topic. Feeling a bit stronger, thanks to the food, but oddly enough also to the good cry, he nods that it is alright. Kevin puts the tape-recorder between them.
“Mr Wandell, can you please tell me what happened between you and Mr Styles ... Mark?”

Scotty takes a deep breath, before replying.
“He knocked on the door of my motel-room, he said he was sorry, he said that he wanted to talk to me.. I opened up the door,… I believed him...” Scotty’s embarrassment shows and Kevin can understand it’s hard for him to talk about what happened.

Kevin looks away, finding strength in the nearly empty cafeteria. The less professional place seems to make it easier for Scotty to talk, but Kevin also knows that 15 minutes from now, this place will be packed with people. He needs to hurry up.
“Did you argue to a point where your argument escalated?”

“No, we never even talked. The moment I took off the chain of the door, he pushed open the door with a lot of strength. He wasn’t alone. He was with two of his friends… He slammed me against the wall. I was stunned and shocked and then he told me that he would show me who was in charge in our relationship and … he threw me on the bed…and he…”

Scotty bows his head. There’s a little sobbing sound and his fingers curl around the napkin. Kevin closes his eyes, trying to remain impartial, but then an awful thought comes up.
“Mr Wandell?” Scotty looks up at him. “Was Mark the only one who… raped you?” Scotty doesn’t answer, he only shakes his head.

Kevin swallows away the feeling of nausea that hits him and he doesn’t know what to do or say. At first Scotty tries to keep eye-contact with Kevin, but then he looks away, to his hands on the table. He is too humiliated to look at Kevin. A movement catches his attention and he sees Kevin reaching out to him.

But just before Kevin’s hand touches Scotty’s wrist, he pulls back, hand clenched into a fist. Kevin’s face obviously displays the warring feelings of trying to keep a professional distance and not get involved, but also deep concern and outrage over what happened to Scotty. There is a heavy silence between them.

“I’m sorry.” Kevin eventually says, embarrassingly aware of how inadequate his words are. Scotty only nods, glad he doesn’t have to elaborate on what happened that night.
“I think we should leave it at this…” Kevin says hesitantly, no knowing how to finish this without seeming insensitive. “I will have this put on paper, so you can sign it.”


There’s a knock on the door of his motel-room and Scotty immediately checks his watch. Six o'clock. His heart beats faster. In fact, he’s terrified since that night Mark raped him. The fact that Mark is in prison has not taken away the fear. He can’t see who’s at the door.
“Who is it?” he asks, loud enough.

“Kevin Walker.” He hears and Scotty quickly opens the door.
“Mr Walker?” Scotty seems surprised to see Kevin.
“Can I come in?” Scotty quickly looks around at the mess in his room, but decides to open door further to let Kevin in.

“Please, don’t look at the mess, I’m trying to figure out what I have taken with me. I’ve been living from my suitcase and overnight bag for too long, now.” He smiles apologetically at Kevin, who smiles in return, before he hands over an envelope with paperwork.

“Your testimony. I’d like you to sign it. We’ll see if perhaps this can be added without your having to be heard separately. After all, we think we have enough proof that he committed fraud, we just want to erase the notion that it was ‘an accident’, prove that he would go as far as to use violence and intimidation to make sure his secret was safe.

Please, understand, this is not about what he did to you personally. As awful as it was, what happened to you is irrelevant to the judge. He will only decide if Mark is, yes or no, responsible for fraud. If you want to take him to court for raping you, you will need other lawyers in our company.” Kevin says, trying to be neutral.

Scotty shakes his head. He's not interested.
“I just want to….” At that moment Kevin startles when a woman in room next door screams. Scotty looks at Kevin and embarrassed he explains: “Foreplay.”

His words are validated by a rhythmic thumbing sound that starts slowly, but becomes increasingly louder and faster. The woman screams encouragement and they can hear the man’s low voice as well. Scotty catches the look of sheer horror on Kevin’s face as he looks at the wall where all the noise comes from.

Kevin turns back to Scotty, seeing the deep blush on the young man’s face.
“How long will they keep that going?”
“Until he goes ‘oh mama!’” Scotty answers quietly. As if to validate Scotty’s words, the man in the room next door hollers “Oh Mammma!!!” and the silence is almost immediate.

Kevin and Scotty share an embarrassed look at having been a witness to the noisy love-making. Kevin tries to swallow his laughter away, but is rather unsuccessful, but his valiant attempts to not laugh, triggers something in Scotty, who starts to laugh uncontrollably and then Kevin joins him.

Kevin enjoys to hear Scotty so carefree, but when the telephone rings, Scotty’s laughter freezes and is replaced by fear. The difference is so instantaneous, that it is frightening to watch. Scotty checks the screen to see who’s calling, then clicks it off. Within a minute the phone rings again. Scotty presses the off-button again.

“Friends of Mark. They keep calling me, threatening me, swearing. They sometimes call me 50 times per night, clogging up my voice-mail, my text messages. …”
It rings again and Kevin takes it from Scotty’s hands and turns it on.
“Hello?” He speaks soft and hesitantly.

Immediately there is a barrage of insults flung at his head. Assuming he is talking to Scotty, the voice on the other side starts yelling obscenities and Kevin listens to the threats made. The name-calling is not very original, but very degrading and Scotty is as white as sheet.

Kevin switches off the phone. Within two seconds it rings again. Kevin picks up again, he hears the same voice, the same insults, the same cursing.
“This can go on all night.” Scotty say, suddenly looking tired and so fragile. Kevin takes a deep breath.

“I make no promises, but I’ll see if there’s something that can be done. Restraining order or something. This is not my field.” Scotty nods that he understands and he tries to read the papers that Kevin gave him, but the letters dance before as his eyes fill with tears of humiliation.

While Scotty tries to make sense of the words, Kevin looks discretely around him. There’s the overly sweet smell of something rotting, that Kevin noticed the moment he walked in and he’s glad that he hasn’t eaten yet, because he’s sure that his stomach would have rebelled.

The place is really small. Just a stuffy bed, an wobbly table, and two chairs that Kevin wouldn’t dare to sit on. The trashcan is half open. There’s a small sink with a water-cooker, so Scotty can make coffee or tea. As Kevin stares at the dirty water-cooker, he sees something move…

“Are those… cockroaches?” He asks horrified. Scotty looks up.
“Oh, no, not again!” He jumps up and squashes the insects with his shoe.
“That is not very hygienic.” Kevin cannot help but say.
“Beggars can’t be choosers.” Scotty replies tired. He cleans up the mess.

“Is it alright if I read this later?” Scotty then asks. “I will send it back to you on Monday. I cannot concentrate on it anyway. I´m too tired. And you don’t have wait…. not here.” Kevin nods, happy to get out of this place. He says his goodbye to Scotty, but as he walks to his car, he’s starting to feel bad about Scotty and his situation.

He sits down and puts on his safety-belt. He tells himself to not get involved. It’s none of his business. Scotty must take care of himself. His fingers curl around the steering wheel. Scotty is not Kevin’s responsibility. He is not even Kevin’s case, not officially. Forget it. He puts the key in the ignition. Just get out of here….. 


 Here is part 04

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