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Turn a different corner 01/102

Take me back in time
maybe I can forget
Turn a different corner
and we never would have met
Would you care?
(George Michael - A different corner

Turn a different corner 01/102

By: Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything
Extra: This an AU (Alternative Universe) story, so remember : The more things change, the more they stay the same.



It is just one of those ordinary Tuesday mornings and Kevin Walker has had it. What is with these ‘assistants’ nowadays that they can’t archive files as they should? Don’t they teach the alphabet anymore in school? He had spent half the morning looking for a file and now that he has found it, he is too angry and too easily distracted to really read it.

On top of it all, he had to look for new assistant/receptionist for himself, meaning he’ll have to wade through endless letters and applications lists, which he really doesn’t have the time for. So he thought he'd leave it to the temp-agency to send him someone suitable and he got the message that they would send someone today.

He’ll probably end up with another brainless kid who dropped out of high-school. He had his fair share of idiots, who’s low salary match their low IQ’s. Or, even worse, as the case of his last ‘assistant’ had been, hired on the size of her bra, rather than her IQ. He was not impressed. Not by the bra-size, or the lack of an IQ or her lack of work-ethics. And he was definitely not impressed by the mess she left behind.

Being gay, Kevin had never really been able to understand the fascination men have with big boobs. Or why he ended up with those girls all the time. Did management believe that that would make him change him mind about his sexual orientation? He sighs at the thought, wanting to give up the fight, but not yet ready to throw in the towel alltogether.

Kevin is about to make some notes when there is a quick buzz.
“Missster Walker? Missster Wandell issss here.” A voice says, the ‘s’ overly pronounced on the speaker, so that she sounds like a snake, which Kevin finds befitting, because he believes she turns into a boa constrictor after a work and that she snacks on sweet innocent little mice…

“Sent him through.” Oh, God, the temp is here already. He quickly checks where he left the sheets with all of the temp’s personal data,.. which, of course, he can’t find. There is a little knock on the door. And on his ‘enter’ he sees the young man come in. In a soft voice the man asks:
“Mr. Walker?”

“That’s what it says on the door. Can’t you read?” Kevin bitches. The young man looks startled. Kevin carries on in the same tone. “Sit down…. Your name?”
“Scotty Wandell.” His voice is warm and pleasant and Kevin wishes he wasn’t such a sucker for men with pleasant, warm voices….

“Mr Wandell, can you recite me the alphabet, preferably in alphabetical order….”
“Excuse me?” Scotty looks at him as if Kevin has gone mad, but then he gives Kevin the letters of the alphabet, ... in alphabetical order. Kevin nods, throws his pen on his desk and bends forward a bit, letting his fingers rest against the bridge of his nose. He is tired.

“I apologize.” He says to a confused Scotty. “Your predecessor left my administration in total chaos and I cannot find a single thing I need. I have an important court-case I have to prepare for and I’m starting to panic that I may not be ready. The temp-agency told me they would someone reliable, so I therefore assume you understand the basic requirements for the job.

To emphasize how important it is… I’m this close to making partner, winning this deal, will certainly help in my favor…” Scotty looks at him with the same startled expression as Kevin continues: “I have no time or patience to educate you. I expect you to archive, handle the phone, take care of the mail, you sit in on important meetings as an extra set of eyes and ears.

If you can’t handle that, then don’t waste my time and get out. If you think you can handle it, you’ll find in me a cranky lawyer, with a short temper, who has high expectations of those who work for him and I believe, I’m fair too. It goes both ways. Do your work properly and I’m lenient. Create chaos and I'll kick you out.”

Scotty nods again. He understands that Mister Walker is under a lot of stress.
“I… I think there’s a mistake.” He carefully starts. Kevin doesn’t like the sound of this… He does not want to hear about other people’s hang ups. He just wants to do his job.
“What... Mistake?” he tries his hardest to control his temper.

“I get that you obviously need an assistant... And that you expected one to be send to you, but I’m not that person. M..My name is Scotty Wandell? I came here to testify in the “Mangopean” case? I am one that should have been interviewed by Mr Benedict, but got cancelled?,… To be referred to you?”

The difference in behavior of the man before him is phenomenal. Talk about seeing someone deflate before you. Scotty is not entirely sure if he should be amused or if he should feel sorry for this arrogant, cocky lawyer, who does seem terribly overworked… and who looks pretty adorable with a red blush on his face.

Kevin covers his face with both hands and wishes he could just disappear… fade away … just vanish…. He feels the heat in his cheeks and he knows he’s blushing. He’s so terribly embarrassed. No wonder that young man had seemed stunned by Kevin’s words, replies and explanations. The man is a client! And he treated him like an idiot!

He lowers his hands, knowing he has to face Mr Wandell, and he takes a deep breath.
“I’m sorry. I’m terribly sorry about the misunderstanding. You must think I’m a complete nut-case, but …” He waves at the many files and paperwork around him, but knows this is not Mr Wandell’s problem. “… forget it. There’s no excuse. I’m sorry.” He repeats.

Scotty laughs softly and Kevin is glad is already blushing, because he really likes that laughter.
“It’s alright. I was shocked at first, but when you got to that speech about ‘my work’, it suddenly became clear to me that you believed I was someone else…

I was a receptionist at Magopean and I agree that alphabetizing is an art lost on a lot of people lately.” Scotty explains and Kevin dares to smile as well. Well, at least he understands Kevin’s problems.
“Again, I’m sorry.” But he sees Scotty’s forgiving smile and goes on:

“On to business then.: He takes a small tape-recorder from his desk-drawer.  "With this I have to record our conversations. I will then make a transcript of it and you must sign it. As you mentioned, you were assigned to me, but I’m not officially working on this file and ...”

“Was there a reason why I got assigned to you? Everyone else spoke to mr Benedict.”
“Ahm, yes… there was as matter of ‘personal conflict’.” Kevin replies vaguely, then he points at the table and the comfortable chairs. “Shall we sit over there? It’s more convenient and maybe more relaxing.”

“Is it because I’m gay?” Scotty’s question is very direct and Kevin thinks twice on how to answer.
“Off the record? Mr Benedict is 62 years old and deeply religious. A man who believes homosexuality is a sin…. He’s also a man who believes that every individual should receive equal right to justice. You bring conflict in these two principals.

He wants to treat you like any other person, but fears he cannot do so, so to make sure that you get a fair treatment, that is not based on any prejudice, he asked me to conduct this interview.” Scotty nods, appreciating the carefully formulated answer and the honesty with which Kevin brings the message.

He watches as Kevin opens the “Mongopean” file with a certain grace, there is quick look at him, then Kevin’s hand folds around the little tape-recorder and suddenly Scotty knows.
“Oh, my God, you’re gay.” He replies astounded. For a moment Scotty’s remark throws Kevin out of his routine.

“I won’t be prepped unless you admit you’re a gay.” Scotty seems serious and little overtaken by the ultimatum Kevin replies.
“Yes, I am a gay…. How did you know?” He wonders, but Scotty shakes his head.
“You’re in the closet? In this day and age?”

“No, I’m out…” Kevin slowly gets annoyed, but he cannot help that his next words do not sound as convincing as he wishes. “…and proud.”
“You’re trying to pass.” Scotty concludes in a neutral tone.
“No, everyone knows, nobody is emphasizing though. Not me, not my co-workers…”

Kevin puts the tape-recorder between them.
“Can we start?” He asks and Scotty nods. “Alright, I will record this. You will answer my questions, to the best of your ability, you may have been asked the same questions before, by the police, other lawyers, whatever, but I wasn’t there, so I'll pretend I didn’t read any transcripts of those conversations.

So, treat me like I’m some complete idiot - shouldn’t be too difficult seeing how we started – and give me the answers to whatever I ask.”
“I got it.” Scotty smiles and nods again. He straightens his back, ready for any question Kevin will ask him.


Here is part 02

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