marea67 (marea67) wrote,

Quartet 4/4


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Chad/Jason
Rate: NC-17 (well, duh, isn’t that why you read the story to begin with?)
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: The night goes on....
Extra: This story keeps up with the idea I had in the "Christmas 2008"-series, that Jason goes to Bolivia, but does NOT take into account what happened in the "Time to say goodbye"-series. (that is the Kevin/Scotty/Jason three-some)


Chad and Jason don’t make it to the door of the house. Close to the entrance is a tree and it is against that tree that Jason’s back gets slammed, pinning him between the strong tree-trunk and Chad’s muscular body. And Jason wonders which is harder. The tree or Chad… or is it him?

The thin layers of clothing, that separate them, easily gets pushed away by Chad’s strong hands, as he replies to Jason’s growing need for satisfaction. Chad had planned to take it slow, but halfway the pool and the house he had realized that he just wanted his hands on Jason’s strong cock… 10 minutes ago.

Jason jerks up under the touch. God, it had been so long since he had been touched by anyone other but himself. He pushes himself closer to Chad, eagerly wanting more, his lips get kissed, passionately and he leans back and he lets Chad kiss him, touch him, spreading his legs a bit to give Chad full access to do whatever he wants.

Chad breaks the kiss and as Jason softly whimpers with disappointment, Chad goes on his knees taking Jason’s cock into his mouth and Jason nearly screams out because of the sensations that ricochet through his body. All his senses go into overload. He moans, his breathing shallow and audible, he begs Chad not to stop as he pushes forward.

His hands move down, holding Chad’s head in place as he starts to lose control, move faster. Chad lets him, hoping that, once the immediate need is gone, the young minister will go slower the next time. Inside Jason some vulcano erupts, pushing him relentlessly to move faster. He gasps when it happens, too soon, too fast, too quick, but ultimately breathtaking.

But once the excitement of the orgasm starts to fade, Jason feels stupid. He could have had sex with Chad Barry and he had responded like some 16-year old getting his first kiss. Chad must think he is so inexperienced.

He feels how Chad lets go of him now that he’s all soft and he expects Chad to get up and tell him to pick a guest-room, but rather than getting up, Chad’s mouth works on his belly. Tiny kisses, sometime a tongue, sometimes superficial bites as he slowly climbs up higher, adding his hands when he softly caresses Jason chest.

Then his lips are on Jason’s and all Jason can do is just melt into Chad’s arms. The kiss is far more intimate than Jason would have expected. It leaves him breathless and wanting more. Chad’s hands cup Jason’s face.
“Do you want to sleep alone tonight or… come with me to my bedroom?”

“Y… Your bedroom.” Replies Jason, as if there truly is a choice to be made.
That is the correct answer, Reverend McCallister, and that earns you a hot night with me.”
“It must be my lucky day. I’m usually not good with games.” Jason laughs.
“Come.” Chad invites. “I’ll teach you how to cheat on the rules ….”


Kevin cannot believe that there is a more heavenly creature than Scotty, when he’s really in the mood for some making out. To Kevin, Scotty always looks delicious, but if Scotty is hungry for sex,… like he is now… he takes Kevin’s breath away. Add the fact that Scotty is on top of him, straddling his body, kissing him and Kevin has a good reason to be aroused.

What is even better is that Scotty knows exactly how to take care of his aroused state, as he demonstrates by slowly sinking down, letting Kevin’s cock slide into him, until Scotty gasps and a painful look crosses his face.
“Easy, baby, we’re in no hurry.” Kevin says concerned, but Scotty shakes his head.

“I want you so badly.” He moans and roughly kisses Kevin’s mouth. Inadvertently Kevin jerks up, pushing himself deeper into Scotty. Scotty whimpers in the kiss, and Kevin anxiously wraps his arms around Scotty’s waist, caressing Scotty’s back as if to seek forgiveness for his foolish, but inevitable action.

Not breaking the kiss, Scotty runs his hands through Kevin’s hair, kissing him even more thoroughly and deeper and then he slowly starts to move. It’s Kevin’s turn to make an inarticulate sound. Because of the tight embrace they are in, there isn’t much room for Kevin to move, so it’s Scotty who sets the pace of their love-making.

Scotty kisses the side of his neck and Kevin lets his head fall back giving Scotty space to kiss his throat. His breath hitches every time Scotty moves.
“Oh,… don’t stop, Scotty, … this feels so good.” He begs, but he already knows that Scotty will not go on with this.

And soon enough Scotty slows down to softly admit he’s tired and Kevin feels himself slip from Scotty’s hot body. Scotty lies down on his back at first, but Kevin shakes his head, not good enough, and slowly, peeking over his shoulder to see if Kevin is looking at him, Scotty turns around and with a moan, Kevin positions himself between Scotty’s legs.

Scotty gasps when Kevin fills him, at first Kevin is deliberately slow to drive Scotty crazy, but then he starts to thrust, setting his own pace and holding Scotty’s hips in place, making sure that Scotty must simply undergo Kevin’s actions and Scotty relaxes, breaking easily through Kevin’s hold when he starts pushing back.

They become one in their motions, neither of them knowing who moans the first, lost in the intimacy of their love-making. Kevin’s hand slip underneath Scotty to take hold of his swollen cock and Scotty immediately reacts to his touch.
“Kevin!... Don’t stop! … Please, don’t stop….” Scotty begs.

Suddenly a shiver runs through him, Kevin can feel it.
“Don’t…! Kevin!” Scotty cries out, but Kevin has already taken him over the threshold and Kevin is right behind him, pushing himself as deep inside Scotty as he possibly can, surrendering himself to rush that Scotty so easily brings him.


Jason sighs as Chad’s strong hands caress his back.
“You’re good at this.” He compliments and Chad laughs softly.
“Believe it or not, I know exactly what I’m doing. My mother was a masseuse and I wanted to do the same job.”

“Yes. Couldn’t think of a better way to touch other men when I was 14. I was scared people would think I was gay, because I felt I wasn’t. I was also attracted to women. But there was something about men….”

“Must have been confusing.” Jason moans as Chad seems to hit the exact right muscle in his back.
“You have no idea….” Chad’s voice is more serious. “I started to learn the job from my mom, but when she died in a car-crash, I couldn’t afford to continue.

I got a small job in my uncle’s construction company, but when I found out that I could earn more somewhere else, I left my uncle and started working for his competitor and that was where I was working when my manager discovered me.”

“Wow. That is quite a story.” Jason replies, looking over his shoulder. He can see Chad shrug. Jason closes his eyes as Chad’s hands move over his ass, not noticing that the massage oil gets replaced by the lube, but Jason can feel Chad’s fingers working on him and he bows his head into the pillow to enjoy the intimate touch.

So far, everything has been exquisite. At first Jason had reservations about getting undressed in front of Chad, but he had dropped them very quickly when Chad had stripped himself of the last piece of clothing he had been wearing. And Jason had gasped at the sight of seeing Chad naked.

It had been beyond his wildest expectations. Kevin had let it slip that Chad was like a Greek God and Kevin hadn’t exaggerated. And he wasn’t even aroused yet. There was something really decadent about the way that Chad had smiled at him, when he invited Jason to join him in the bathroom and relax a bit.

The hot bath had been a treat. He had been in Chad’s arms and Chad had fed him deliciously sweet grapes. Chad had playfully placed a grape between his teeth, proceeded to kiss Jason, cracking the grape, to let the juice spill into Jason’s mouth, where Jason could taste it. A delicious little game.

The shower afterwards surpassed his weirdest ideas. Stepping out of the stream of hot water Chad had taken the bar of soap and soon enough Jason’s body had been slick with soap, as was Chad’s, when Jason returned the favor. There was something so hot about being in each other’s arms and feel that slippery body move against his own.

Chad had pushed him back under the hot water-stream and Jason had bucked up against Chad because of the temperature difference and the shock to his body it created. He had felt the water on his face when he tilted his head back to let Chad kiss his throat. He had been pretty sure that Chad would soon turn him around and just nail him to the wall…

But Chad didn’t make a move to have sex with him at all. Instead he turned off the water and after they dried off with the softest towels Jason had EVER felt on his skin he had guided Jason to the bed and had told him to lie down. The massage-oil, but also lube and condoms were close at hand.

And now, he is relaxed under Chad’s hands. Those caressing fingers had explored him. First his neck and shoulders, then his back, his legs and now he can feel them move inside him. At first only one finger, then a second and Jason starts to move with Chad, by the third finger he’s lost in his desire to feel more.

“Please, Chad.” He whispers pushing back. He can hear that Chad’s breathing has become superficial as well.
“Are you sure?” Chad asks and Jason nods, happy to hear the vaguely familiar sounds of the condom being unwrapped and rolled down.

Then he can fill the tip of Chad’s cock against him and he trembles in anticipation.
“Shh, baby, it will be alright.” Chad soothes, caressing Jason’s back. Once he’s deep inside Jason and Jason has accepted the intrusion on his body, Chad starts to move and Jason arches into the thrusts, bracing himself on the sheets of the bed.

Chad starts with calm, deep thrusts that leave Jason begging for ‘more’ and soon also for ‘faster’. Chad smiles as he complies, feeling Jason’s immediate response and he closes his eyes, to allow himself to get just as lost in their love-making as Jason is. His hands are firmly on Jason’s hips, pulling him in closer.

Underneath him he can feel that Jason is close to his climax and he carefully puts his hand between Jason’s legs, fingertips brushing along the hardness he finds there. For Jason it’s all it takes. The soft touch sends him over the edge and Chad’s fingers get coated.

Jason tightens around him and the strength of it takes Chad’s breath away. He keeps moving. Faster, harder, deeper. Lips parted with a soundless moan as he squeezes his eyes close. Somewhere within him something snaps and he comes without holding back, deep inside Jason.

Both are panting, trying to catch their breath as Jason stretches down on the cold sheets and Chad, after disposing of the condom, turns to him, spoons up against him, an arm around Jason’s waist. He lets his arm slide under Jason’s pillow and pressed up close to Jason’s warm body, Chad closes his eyes, ready for sleep and ... for a dream.


Chad’s eyes open, he’s slightly disorientated at first. The dream had felt so real. He hardly needs to touch himself to know he’s aroused to the max. He shifts a bit and Jason moans softly in his sleep. Chad lets his hand slide down Jason’s chest, where he can feel Jason breath slowly in his deep sleep. He smiles.

His hand slips between Jason’s legs, finding the soft appendix he’s searching for. Feeling slightly wicked Chad slips under the sheets as Jason rolls on his back. Chad’s tongue and lips easily manage to put the fire back into Jason and Jason wakes up, blinking against the dark, unaware at first of where he is, but very aware that someone has his mouth on his cock.

“Chad!” He calls out softly as his memory comes back to him. Chad lets go of him and quickly pops up from underneath the sheets. He doesn’t say anything, just takes Jason’s hand to make him feel how aroused Chad is…
“What do you want me to do?” Jason asks softly.

“I want to feel you mouth on me.” Chad begs, sitting up a bit. Jason nods, turning to his side and hiding his head in Chad’s lap almost immediately. “Please, Jason, don’t stop. Please, don’t stop….” Chad pants and the way that Jason takes him in even deeper, proves to Chad that Jason has no intention to stop any time soon.

The sheets slip away and now that Chad’s eyes have grown accustomed to the dark, he can see that Jason is rather excited as well. He places his hand on the back of Jason’s head to make sure that Jason stays there, but he changes position a bit. It’s been a while since he has done this.

But slowly, without making Jason stop his part in this, he has positioned himself in such a way that he can take Jason’s cock into his mouth. And he can feel Jason’s moan surge through him, delicious and hot. It only makes him more aroused and he returns the favor by using his tongue and the pressure of his lips.

Jason starts to move more frantically as Chad caresses him everywhere he can touch and reach, a movement that gets quickly copied by Jason. And it’s Jason’s tenderness that undoes Chad eventually, because he comes faster than Jason, … but only by three seconds…

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