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Quartet 3/4


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Chad/Jason
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: All cards on the table. Contains ***spoilers*** of episode 3.21


They decide to go with Chad’s car only. Chad will bring them back the next day. The roof of the car is down. Jason admires the view of not only the town, but also of Chad sitting next to him and looking over his shoulder he can see Kevin and Scotty obviously enjoying themselves as well in the back. They are in very good spirits by the time they reach Chad’s house.

Chad gives them a tour of his house and Kevin has to admit, it’s a whole lot better than the house he had before. From the large living-room with its huge, leather couch that Kevin wouldn’t mind lie down on, to the gorgeous kitchen that makes Scotty envious, to the four guest-rooms of which Kevin and Scotty pick one to make theirs for the coming night.

The house is stunning and in the shape of a circle, so they end up where they started and then Chad leads them into the garden with, in its centre, the beautiful deep swimming pool. Large enough for Chad to stay in shape, but at the side is a lower part where people can sit and just enjoy being in the water.

They change into their swimwear, though Chad had insisted that it wasn’t necessary, weren’t they all men? Kevin hadn’t seen the problem either, but Scotty and Jason had been slightly more prude on the matter. And for once they were both happy that they were not the only ones to object.

With the confidence of being the owner Chad is the first to dive in. Kevin slips in the water as well. Scotty watches as Chad swims from one side of the pool to the other and the sight is just as captivating to Jason. Even Kevin, not a bad swimmer himself, watches in awe.

At the other side of the pool, Chad climbs out. Muscles in his arms are straining as he pushes himself up, drops of water glistening on his skin, sliding down his broad back, disappearing in the fabric to reemerge in an attempt to finish their way down his legs, unaware that three pair of eyes have followed them all the way.

“I knew there was a good reason God created man.” Jason says quietly.
“Built to seduce, I tell you.” Kevin remarks.
“I got to hand to you, Kev. You have an excellent choice in men.” Scotty replies.
“I second that.” Jason nods, while a smirk comes to Kevin’s face.

“Yup, I sure do, but … I’m sorry for you and Chad, I kept the best one for myself.” He throws his arms around Scotty’s neck and kisses him as he pulls him into the water. Scotty lets himself slide into Kevin’s arms, shivering against Kevin’s body, when the cooler water hits his warm skin.

“Now I can’t get out of the water for a while.” He says softly in Scotty’s ear, but feeling the hardness against his leg, Scotty had already guessed that.
“Behave!” he warns in return, with a laughter on his face. At that moment Chad shows up beside them.

“He doesn’t have to behave.” He says, with a wink at Kevin. “This pool has an excellent filter…” And while he swims over to Jason, Scotty raises an eyebrow.
“Too much info.” He says, shaking his head.

“Better have too much info, then no info at all. At least now I know I can do all sorts of naughty things with you…..” Scotty manages to ‘escape’ Kevin’s eager body, by swimming away, but gets ‘captured’ again real fast, making Scotty ‘surrender’ to Kevin's kiss.

From the side of the pool Chad and Jason look at them.
“They are beautiful, aren’t they?”
“Yes, they are.” Jason admits.

“Come into the water. It’s great.” Chad reaches out to Jason. “Come here.” He says. And Jason sees he cannot get into the water and avoid Jason at the same time. But then he figures correctly that that is not what Chad had in mind anyway..

Jason takes the dare and slips into Chad’s arms. Chad holds him close and Jason can hardly believe the water isn’t boiling yet, because he feels like he’s on fire. His body is only separated from Chad’s by two very thin layers of clothing and he can feel himself get aroused.

Chad smiles teasingly, as he pulls Jason closer under water, making one hardness collide with the other. Jason steps back, a bit shy by the easy, open way Chad seduces him and he feels disappointed when Chad lets him move away. Obviously Chad does not want him as much as Jason wants Chad.

To make matters worse, at this point, Jason starts to wish that Chad would simply drag him to the bed and just fuck him senseless, because of what he just felt brushing against him. Chad however has other plans for Jason for tonight. He plans on completely seducing that gorgeous minister and not go for the quick attack.

Chad pours cold champagne, but on this hot night the drinks seem to evaporate and soon enough the lines get blurry. Kevin and Chad feel completely comfortable with each other and with Jason and Scotty. Kevin because all three of them were his lover and he’s married to one, Chad because he always feel confident with himself.

Chad easily forgets rejections like the one he got from Kevin and Scotty, because it was a risk he took. He knew, when he made the proposal, the answer could be no. But he still believes it’s better to have asked and be turned down, than not to have asked at all and always regret it. As far as he’s concerned there are no hard feelings.

“Chad, I have to say I’m glad you stick to your promise of not making any further indecent proposals.” Kevin says, raising his glass to honor Chad, who graciously bows his head.
“Indecent proposals?” Jason now asks.

“A while ago, Chad suggested a threesome with Scotty and me...” Kevin explains.
“… and I got a nice and friendly ‘no’….” Chad finishes.
“Well, ..sort of…” Scotty giggles and then both he and Kevin burst into laughter.
“Explanation?” Jason demands.

“We got home, all horny and all, and we were starting to … well, you know…. get somewhere, when someone knocked on our door….” Scotty begins, but then he has to stop because he’s laughing too hard.
“We thought it was Chad and at that point… we… we kinda…” Kevin looks at Scotty for help.

“Yes?” Chad bends forwards, curious for the rest of the story.
“We kinda… sorta.. decided to ourselves…” Kevin grins.
“…. To go along with your proposal….” Scotty blurts out. Chad’s jaw drops.
“You would have?! Oh, my God, what a missed opportunity!!”

“I wouldn’t have turned down the proposal to begin with…” Jason mumbles looking intensely at his glass. And when he suddenly realizes that he spoke louder than he meant to, because the three men are now looking at him, he quickly asks: “And who was at the door? I assume it wasn’t Chad? Considering his shocked reaction just now.”

“It was Sarah… coming to tell us that she just had sex in her office….” Kevin replies.
“… storage-room.” Scotty corrects and they share a loving smile as only an old married couple can share, making Chad and Jason feeling a bit left out.
“So? Would you two still consider a three-way?” Jason asks, intrigued by their story.

Chad nearly chokes on his champagne at this sudden question from the, in his eyes, rather prude minister, but Scotty gives Jason a bright smile.
“No. We both realized that we both wanted to stay meno… mona…. Just us…” Scotty corrects himself realizing that ‘monogamous’ just had too many syllables tonight.

“Oh, too bad.” Chad shrugs however, not really believing he had a chance to begin with. Scotty is beginning to feel a little light-headed and he nestles close to Kevin. Under water Kevin wraps his arm around Scotty waist. Kevin turns his head a bit and kisses Scotty on the lips, soft and careful.

“I don’t know about you, but … I’m getting a bit .. tired.” Scotty moans.
“Well, maybe I should put you in bed then.” Kevin teases a bit.
“Chad, I don’t want to be rude…” Scotty begins, but Chad waves it away.
“No, please, if you two are tired…”

They say their goodnights. A hug for Chad and Jason, a promise made to have breakfast together in the morning. There’s a little tête-a-tête between Kevin and Chad, but both ignore the questioning looks from Scotty and Jason. Then Chad and Jason watch Kevin and Scotty leave for the house.

With them gone, Chad now really turns his attention to Jason. Almost all the lights are off. Chad sits closer to Jason and Jason suddenly gets nervous.
“Guess it’s time we left as well, huh?... I mean.. each to his own bed….?”
“Not eager to go in, huh?” Chad guesses.

Jason shakes his head. He had felt relaxed until now. Now the feeling of loneliness comes back full force. He sighs.
“Not interested in another lonely night in a cold bed?” Chad now tries. Jason shakes his head again.

Chad’s hand reaches out to Jason, touching Jason’s cheek and for a moment Jason is tempted to lean in.
“Kevin and Scotty warned me not to fall for you.” He says with a raw voice. Chad smiles, because he can see that Jason is caught between fear, loneliness and desire.

“Kevin and Scotty warned me not to hurt you. They care about you very much….” They both remain undecided for a few moments. “Tell me, when was the last time you were really pampered?” Chad asks.
“Pampered?” Jason repeats stunned.

“Yes, you know, indulge yourself with champagne, hot-tub, massage-oil and …” Chad lowers his voice when, close to Jason’s ear, he softly says: “…something hard inside of you.” Jason swallows hard at the mere suggestion of …. something… hard…

“I.. It’s been a while…. I’m not sure….” Jason stammers.
“Come on, the night is young and so are we.” Chad persuades him.
“Wow. You’re nothing if not original.” Jason returns, slightly sarcastic. Chad chuckles softly at the fact that Jason has enough present of mind to bite back. It reminds him of Kevin.

The soft sound of Chad’s laughter goes straight to Jason’s groin. And as if Chad has guessed that, his hand, under water, rests ‘casually’ on Jason’s knee. Jason can feel Chad’s touch burn his skin even though they are in the water. It has been so long, since he’s been touched, since he had a lover.

“Come with me. Let me show you decadence ….” Chad’s hand moves from Jason’s knee to his inner thigh and then slides up. Chad can see Jason swallow hard, his breathing becoming shallow, eyes closing a little too long. When he opens them again, he sees Chad’s face close to his. His eyes close again, his lips part.

“Come with me.” Chad whispers, his lips barely touching Jason’s.
“I’m not … sure… that’s a good idea.” Jason shivers as he expects Chad’s mouth on his.
“Come on. Say yes.” Chad pleads, his fingers slowly moving along Jason’s swollen cock.
“Y..y..yes.” Jason stutters and Chad rewards him with a deep kiss. Finally!

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