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Quartet 2/4


By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty/Chad/Jason
Rate: G.
Disclaimer: B&S is not mine.
Summary: Chad has a proposition. (Yes, Scotty, he IS persistent.)


The first to show up is Jason and before Jason can even give a proper 'hi' to Scotty, Kevin informs him that the other guest will be one of Jason’s his favorite actors, Chad Berry. Jason barely has time to process the information, because there’s another knock and when he turns around he’s eye to eye with Chad.

Scotty is amused by the almost shy handshake between the two men. Chad is slightly intimidated by the fact that Jason is a minister and Jason is impressed with the fact that Chad is … well… Chad. Scotty grins. And here he thought he’d be the one feeling awkward. This could be fun.

Jason has lost weight, but gained in muscles, making him somehow look better than before without looking too thin. Chad is still the same handsome, charming man he always was. Because it’s so hot outside, both men are casually dressed and Scotty, has to admit, they look pretty good.

Of course the men start by being intrigued by the latest gossip that Chad might do a play in the theatre, but Chad laughs it away, saying that he auditioned, but he cannot imagine actually getting the part. He feels he is just not good enough for the theater, which, naturally, Jason, Kevin and Scotty deny.

If the appetizers pass while discussing Chad’s latest movie-plans, dinner is the reason for Scotty to talk about his work at the restaurant. Chad and Jason are both impressed enough, asking a lot of questions about how the kitchen is run, the meals served, the famous guests Scotty has seen and trying to squeeze some kitchen-secrets out of him.

Then Jason asks Scotty if he could perhaps help him to create some healthy menus for the orphanage that is attached to his church in Bolivia. The meals would have to be nutritious, easy to make, be prepared with local means and as inexpensive as possible to keep an eye on the limited budget of the church.

For one moment Kevin is about to protest that Jason asks the impossible of Scotty, but Scotty calmly asks Jason to give him a list of what is easily available and he’ll see what he can do. Kevin cannot help but look at his husband with pride and love in his eyes, he loves it when Scotty is so confident in his own abilities.

This topic leads to Jason’s work in Bolivia and the conditions he has to work under. The village is remote and the church is a central point of activities. Not just for prayer, but a place of gathering, a place of refuge and Chad is impressed with the practical side that Jason shows.

It isn’t until Jason starts to talk about the difficulties he encounters with the restoration of some parts of the church that, much to everyone’s surprise, Chad suddenly really chimes in by asking very detailed question about the construction, discussing details with Jason and using words that Kevin never heard before. His jaw drops.

Slowly Chad becomes aware of the puzzled looks on Kevin’s and Scotty’s face and the surprise on Jason’s.
“What? I used to work in construction. I still remember these things.” He defends himself.
“It’s just that I never heard you talk about it before.” Kevin replies.

“You never asked.” Comes Chad’s immediate response.
“Not that I ever had a chance to ask you anything, I mean, I barely opened the door of this loft or your would be all over me and speaking with your mouth full is…..” Kevin winks at Chad.

“And thank you, Kevin...” Jason interferes.
“Yes, spare us the details.” Scotty agrees with Jason. Chad and Kevin share an amused glance and Scotty wishes he had kept his mouth shut and so does Jason, realizing that Kevin and Chad had teased them. Probably, ...with these two you never know for sure.

This does however turns the topic to Kevin, who really hasn’t got much to say about his work for Robert. And both Jason and Chad know Kevin well enough to change the subject as quickly as possible and that presents itself in the dessert that Scotty brings in and Scotty is grateful that Kevin picked two exes who both LOVE chocolate.

Scotty is amused by how obviously Chad flirts with Jason and how, after his initial reticence, Jason starts to reply to the flirtations. His eyes meet Kevin’s and he’s not surprised at all to see him smile in reply.

When Scotty and Kevin bring the plates into their kitchen, Scotty moves closer to Kevin.
“Ten bucks, Jason doesn’t make it home tonight.” Scotty says with a grin.
“Nah. I hate losing money…. At least, he’ll get lucky.” Kevin sighs.
“Well, so might you be,….” Scotty teases.

“Really? ” Kevin asks eagerly.
“… provided you stop acting as if you’d rather be with Chad than with me.” Scotty warns.
“Oooh, I love it when you bossy with me. And I will forever prefer to be with you.”
“I know that. “ Scotty winks.

Within a second he’s in Kevin’s arms and Kevin’s lips are on his and Scotty cannot really be bothered to stop him.
“Told you. Leave those two unattended for two seconds and they’re off.” Chad’s voice disturbs their kiss and reluctantly Kevin lets go of Scotty.

“Hey, if you want Chad and me to get lost, so you have the place to yourselves…? Just tell us.”
“Thanks, Jason, very nice of you. But that won’t be necessary.” Scotty laughs. “But everybody, please, get out of the kitchen, I want to make coffee and tea. So get back to the living-room.”

But as Chad walks away he cannot help but say, loud enough for Kevin and Scotty to ‘accidentally’ overhear.
“You know, Jason, I wouldn’t leave, I’d stay and watch them..” Kevin and Scotty cannot hear what Jason replies, but it sure makes Chad laugh and Kevin and Scotty share a glance.

“Did Chad just upgrade his proposition from a threesome to a foursome?” Scotty now wants to know. Kevin shrugs unimpressed.
“Can’t blame Chad for trying. You’re smoking hot.” Then he chuckles as he sees a little blush appear on Scotty’s face, Scotty is still not used to getting compliments about how great he looks.

“Yes, and sweaty and smelly by now. Why did we invite guests over on the hottest day of the month?” Scotty replies.
“Why else do you think I’m here with the refrigerator door still open? I’m trying to cool off. But every time I look at you it gets too hot in here.” Kevin grins.

“Kevin! Get out of the kitchen, before I give Chad something to look at… Go! Take care of guests, please, I’ll join you soon enough….” Scotty is motioning Kevin to leave.
“Promise?” Kevin asks teasingly.
“Promise.” Scotty replies, watching Kevin escape the kitchen to join their guests

The first thing Kevin notices is that Chad is real close to Jason, both of them speaking softly. He sees the shy smile on Jason ‘s face, but also the knowing grin on Chad’s face. And Kevin gets worried, he knows Chad is not sincerely looking for a steady relationship and he also knows that Jason is rather ‘traditional’, to say the least.

The last thing he wants is for Jason’s heart to get broken, because Chad is looking for another conquest. On the other hand, Jason could use a night of good hot sex and if there is one who can provide that it is Chad. Kevin remains indecisive, but then Scotty inadvertently takes the decision from his hands.

He opens the windows even further trying to let in a little cool breeze on this hot evening, not that it really helps, because there’s almost no wind.
“Scotty, try and relax a bit, love.” Kevin says, holding out his drink to Scotty, so he can take a sip.

“It’s just so warm and my clothes stick to my body. I feel like I can’t breathe.” Kevin feels sorry for Scotty, who spent way too much time in the kitchen today. He’s about to say something sympathetic when the phone rings. It’s Robert and with an apologetic looks Kevin retreats to the bedroom.

Seeing the annoyed look on Scotty’s face, Jason asks:
“Is Robert taking a lot of Kevin’s time?”
“Yes, I sometimes suspect him of doing it on purpose. He always does this when Kev and I have an evening together.”

“Knowing Robert it IS about politics… I sometimes wish it wasn’t the most important thing in his life….” At that moment Kevin returns from the bedroom with a huge smile on his face. He goes straight to Scotty.
“He’s not coming to the office tomorrow…. I have a day off.” He grins.

“Seriously…? Great, I only start at four.”
“What are your plans for tomorrow, Jason?” Chad suddenly asks.
“Oh, nothing really. I leave for Bolivia on Saturday, so I want to take it easy tomorrow, rest a bit, sleep in. Nothing much.”

“Well…..” Chad starts carefully. “I have nothing planned either… And if all four of us have no obligations… Why don’t we go to my place? I have a pool. And we could all do with a little cooling off…”
“Chad…” Kevin starts, fearing another request for a threesome. Or foursome. Or whatever-some.

“Nothing else… I swear…” Chad laughs, holding up his hands, looking from Kevin to Scotty and leaving Jason wondering what is going on. Scotty seems to hesitate and Chad entices: “ Come on. Cool water. A bit of swimming. There’s enough to drink. You can stay there tonight…. Just bring some clothes for tomorrow…”

“Are you sure that would be a good idea?” Kevin wonders, but Chad laughs.
“I have four guest-rooms, so even if you and Scotty would end up having a huge fight, which I doubt, I could still let all of you sleep at my house…. Come on…” He playfully begs, putting all his charms into it. Scotty shrugs. Jason nods. Kevin accepts. Chad smiles.

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