marea67 (marea67) wrote,

the long wait

the long wait.

By Marea67
About: Saul/Henry
Rate: PG-13?
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters isn’t mine.
Summary: How much more time do you need?


The car stops and Saul looks at Henry. Their first date, official date, went surprisingly well. It helps of course that Henry knows how Saul feels and isn’t pushing Saul to go faster than Saul wants. But now, Saul suddenly feels nervous. He isn’t sure what to do, how to end this lovely night. Even worse, he doesn’t know how to convey that he does NOT want the evening the end here.

“We’re here.” Henry states and Saul nods, unable to form a sensible reply. Henry smiles gently, lets his hand cover Saul’s hand almost by accident and continues, as if nothing happened: “I do hope you enjoyed it. I wasn’t sure if the restaurant would be a good choice…?”

“It was excellent, Henry.” Saul utters the words as he is distracted by how Henry caresses his hand. Henry takes Saul’s hand into his own and brings it to his mouth, “Did you also like the concert?” he asks, pressing his lips to the inside of Saul’s wrist.
“Y..yes.” Saul swallows hard, because Henry pulls him closer.

Henry’s lips are just inches away from Saul’s and Henry goes on:
“The drinks after the concert were new to you too, weren’t they?” Saul makes some affirmative noise, then bridges the gap between their lips and for the first time he can feel Henry’s mouth on his.

At first, he keeps his lips pressed together, acting like it is the first kiss of a 13-year old, but when he feels the tip of Henry’s tongue seek permission to further explore, his lips part and as he melts against Henry, Saul loses himself in that wonderful first kiss.

He cannot believe the sensations running through him. The warmth, the excitement, it all feels so wonderful. As it should be. Right. And incredibly hot. And Saul cannot believe that he actually feels butterflies in his stomach.

He doesn't want it to end. He wants so much more. He waited so long to FEEL this and now, it's in his reach, but he ... he is too scared to act on his feelings...

Henry doesn’t touch Saul in any other way. Just this kiss that seems to last forever, but eventually needs to be broken... Henry doesn't plan to take it any further than this. Not just yet.

Henry almost laughs, when he sees how befuddled Saul looks at him, but he swallows his laughter away, knowing it must all very frightening for Saul.

“I’ll call you tomorrow?” Henry asks, Saul nods and Henry exits the car, after another quick kiss and Saul watches Henry walk to his front-door. Henry waves at him, Saul waves back and drives off.

Henry knows he’s being ridiculous, but he is sad to see Saul leave. He had hoped… Patience, Henry, he reminds himself. Patience. Give it time. Saul was in the closet for a very long time, unlike Henry.

He throws his coat on the couch and grabs a beer, when he hears a knock on his front-door. He carefully opens the door a bit to see Saul standing there. Surprised he opens the door further.

“I don’t want it to end. I want more. I don't want to wait anymore. I've waited long enough. I want… you.” Saul says, out of breath. Henry smiles and lets Saul in.

Tags: character - henry, character - saul, rate - pg-13

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