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welcome to my fantasies
19th-Jun-2008 10:39 am
My sincerest apologies to anyone trying to read my fics. I am trying to revise my page. But cannot find anything to my pleasing. :-) 
And what seemed like a nice idea turned out to be messier than I thought... :=(

So maybe I will return to what it used to be.... In the meantime, sorry, if things make you somewhat colorblind.

ETA: I'm done!  I give up! 

ETA.1: Yeah!!!!!!!! Yi-ha!!!!!! I finally found out how the LJ-cut works. Gosh, it was stupid. I'm such a blonde sometimes. (No offence, I am a blonde, so, I'm allowed to say it. ) :-) Thank you, semisweetsoul, your reminding me of it and my subsequent re-reading of the link, made me see the light. :-D
So hopefully this will make it easier to find stories again.

20th-Jun-2008 07:48 pm (UTC)
Glad I could help!

And thanks for using it. I wasn't sure you'd notice the links I added, though. Glad you did! Now, if I can be of any more assistance, don't hesitate!
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