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rock around the clock: meet me at three

Meet me at three

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters are not mine
Summary: Three o’clock in the morning.
Extra: The Rock around the clock - series have nothing in common other than that their titles refer to a particular hour of the day. Other story in the series, so far: rendez-vous at two


Kevin wakes up when Scotty curses, because his toe hit the bed. He turns on the light and Scotty looks down at his husband who got so brutally torn from his sleep.
“Hi, I’m Scotty Wandell. Your husband.” Scotty says cynically. It’s true he hasn’t spoken face-to-face with Kevin in three days, their schedules are just too busy.

“Yeah, thought there was something familiar about you.” Kevin replies with a sigh. “Late night, huh?”
“Don’t ask!” Scotty warns and Kevin wisely shuts up as he watches Scotty take off his clothes.

He can feel his body respond to the sight of Scotty’s naked back, but he knows he should control himself. Scotty will probably be tired and .... this is the moment that Scotty changes his underwear and for a moment he’s completely naked and Kevin can’t help it. He feels himself get rock-hard just watching Scotty.

He breathes in and out and tries to focus on Scotty’s story.
“...I mean, how silly is that? They invited more people than agreed to. Some of them were drunk when they entered. The wedding reception was way too crowded. We could barely manoeuvre around. We tried the best we could.

And then those idiots, who were clueless as to who exactly they invited get mad at me, because the bill shows the result. I mean, if they would have invited one or two more.... but no, we counted nearly 60 people! Which is not the number they agreed to. I’m glad our boss was there to take matters into his own hands.

I’m also glad that he saw it was the couple themselves who simply let everyone stay... He couldn’t blame it on the manager or me or my staff....” Scotty’s anger subsides a bit and more gently he continues. “He actually complimented me on a job well done, said my staff and I really outdone ourselves.” He slips under the cover.

“I’m sure you did.” Kevin turns off the light.
“I’m so tired.” Scotty sighs. He wants to snuggle up close to Kevin, but freezes a bit when he accidentally comes in touch with Kevin’s arousal, causing a moment of hitched breath on Kevin’s part. Kevin can feel Scotty’s reaction.

“Sshh, it will pass. I know you’re tired. I’m not asking. It’s just seeing you get undressed... you turn me on... that’s all.” Kevin almost apologizes and Scotty doesn’t reply. Lying on his back, he stares at the ceiling. He knows that Kevin is trying to get back to sleep. And his anger flares up again.

Isn’t it ridiculous that his husband is nearly apologizing for wanting to have sex with his own husband? Scotty cannot even remember the last time they really took time to make out. Lately it was always a quick frantic moment to just find some relief of tension. They hardly took time to tease, seduce or enjoy.

He turns to Kevin, his thumb caressing Kevin’s face, making Kevin smile. He moves closer and kisses Kevin’s lips. At first hesitantly, with shallow kisses that make little popping sounds. The tip of his tongue presses against Kevin’s lips, making them part for a more intimate kiss.

He gradually makes the kiss more intense, gently forcing Kevin on his back so Scotty can cover him. Kevin wraps himself around Scotty, moving up, losing himself in the kiss. Scotty’s hand moves between and there’s a little tortured noise when it closes around Kevin’s hard cock.

Scotty doesn’t break the kiss, but moves up on hands and knees, straddling Kevin’s body as he tries to find the lube in the dark... He can’t and slightly irritated he leaves Kevin’s mouth. Kevin breaths shallowly as he watches Scotty move away in the dark. He spreads his legs further, knowing what it is Scotty wants.

He guessed right. It doesn’t take long or he can feel Scotty press himself inside of him.
“Scotty.” His voice, filled with longing, is all that Scotty needs to hear. He starts to move and underneath him comes Kevin’s reply. At first, they both quietly enjoy the lovemaking, but soon enough Scotty is starting to lose control.

“Kevin...” He moans.
“Please...” begs Kevin in return. Beyond that point there’s nothing else, only strong thrusts that fill Kevin over and over again. Kevin’s encouragements grow louder, to end in a yell as he comes under Scotty’s touch, knowing he’s taking Scotty with him.

Scotty collapses next to Kevin on the bed. The air is filled with panting from the two men. Kevin is the first to find enough of his senses back to say:
“Wow!” He can hear Scotty’s soft laughter in the dark beside him.
“That about covers it.” Scotty admits. “God, I’m so tired. I feel like I can sleep for days.”

“Robert has to go to the hospital for some medical check-ups. I can be late....?” Kevin suggests carefully.
“I’d love that.” Scotty replies, as he snuggles close to Kevin. He can feel Kevin’s arms around him and he knows he’s safe there. He closes his eyes, for a moment worried that he’s still too excited to sleep, but he’s wrong. Within seconds he’s asleep.

The end.
Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty, series - rock around the clock

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