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story lottery: hide and seek

Written for story_lottery 

Title: Hide and Seek
Author: marea67
Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Characters: Kevin/Jason
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Word-count: 1258
Prompt: 10 – hide and seek
Spoilers: It takes place somewhere between season 1 & 2, no spoilers
Summary: A place like this could be used for more than just contemplation.
Warnings: male/male slash
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine. Written with love, not for money.
Beta: Unbeta-d


“Oh, my God! This place is big enough to play ’hide and seek’!” Kevin says astounded and Jason is not entirely sure he appreciates the suggestion. Jason knows Kevin is not very religious, so maybe taking him here, to his church, was not a good idea, because Kevin can joke about it all he likes, to Jason this is the most important place in his life.

“What is that?.... Confessional booth? ... At last, a little private place....” Kevin says, frivolously taking Jason in his arms and trying to kiss him, but Jason pushes him away.
“We can’t do this. Not here.”
“Why not?”

“It’s inappropriate, that’s why.” Jason’s answer doesn’t sit well with Kevin. He knows Jason is a minister, but he promised Kevin ONE night off. So far Jason really tried to comply. Dressed in jeans and a black sweater he looks stunning and, sincerely, Kevin cannot wait until he can put his hands underneath that sweater so he can caress that chest... that belly.... that... mhmm...

“So....?” Kevin’s voice teases and Jason knows he should not let Kevin get to him. Kevin has to know that, to Jason, there are certain lines that cannot be crossed.
“Kevin Walker! You are incorrigible!” Jason tries to laugh it away.
“And you love it.” Kevin grins.

“No, I hate it.” Jason corrects him. “This is a place of worship. Not for silly activities.”
“Are you sure?” Kevin kisses Jason’s neck and Jason starts to object a little less vigorously.
“Kev.” He moans as Kevin’s hands slide down his stomach. “This is a church, we should... we should not be.... making out.”

“We’re not. We are just smooching a bit.”
“It is still God’s house.” Jason replies, slightly more arrogant then he planned. He feels Kevin release him.
“Yeah, you’re right. You know what? I should leave.”

Kevin puts words to action, turns around and exits the room, leaving behind an astounded Jason, who just stands there for about 10 seconds before he decides to go after Kevin.
“Kev... I’m sorry... I just...” but when he enters the large space that is used as a chapel, it is empty. It surprises him.

He was almost right behind Kevin, there’s no way that Kevin could have left this quick. It’s too dark here and Kevin doesn’t know his way around this place as good as Jason does.
“Kev?...” Jason calls out, suddenly worried that maybe Kevin might have tripped over something in the dark and be hurt.

He takes a few steps, then he feels a hand on his shoulder, he lets out a startled cry that is greeted by a laughter from Kevin.
“Bad conscience, Reverend McCallister?” he asks with a low, sexy voice that sends shivers down Jason’s spine. That voice turns him on like a light-switch.

“No. Not really.” He answers, not as casual as he had hoped. Kevin smiles. Funny how this happens to be Jason’s “home”, yet, Kevin’s the one feeling more at ease here.
“Are you sure?”
“Y... Yes...” Jason stammers as Kevin moves closer to him.

Jason can feel Kevin’s hands rest on his hips, slowly pulling him closer to his own body.
“We can’t do this.” Jason whispers, but not putting up much of a fight. Kevin doesn’t answer, just lets his lips brush against Jason’s cheek, making Jason shiver as the warm breath caress his skin. His knees go week. He just wants to lean into the kiss and melt in Kevin’s arms. And so he does.

Kevin squeezes his hand between their bodies and, breaking the kiss, he whispers:
“Speaking of hide and seek... This is what I’ve been seeking. ” His thumb traces the hardness under his fingers and Jason moans with desire, he knows he wants more. “And I know a place where you can hide it. Is there a more ... private... place?” Kevin asks.

“There’s a small room over there, but there’s no lock....”
“Show me.” Kevin orders and Jason leads him to a small storage room. Once inside Kevin pushes him against the door. There’s no more need for control and Kevin undoes Jason’s jeans without further delay. Jason’s cock almost jumps out.

Jason moans loudly when Kevin’s strong hand wraps around his shaft, Jason’s head hits the door behind him and he begs for more. Kevin’s smile promises, that there is more love-making to come and slowly but surely Jason looses grip on his desire. He clings to Kevin, his lips against Kevin’s, his body rubbing against Kevin’s.

There’s a disappointed noise when Kevin abruptly stops his kisses, but Jason is not be sad for long, when Kevin goes on his knees and Jason’s swollen cock gets all the tender attention Kevin’s lips can provide. His fingers spread through Kevin’s hair and he pushes himself deeper into Kevin’s mouth.

He gets closer to oblivion, but Kevin yanks him back to the real world by suddenly stopping and getting up.
“Kevin!” Jason calls out exasperated.
“Shhh, patience, my love.” Kevin shushes as he pulls a small tube and a condom from his pocket.

Jason’s eyes are big with surprise and Kevin mumbles something about never going anywhere unprepared. Jason doesn’t know if he should be angry at how pretentious it sounds. Kevin looks up at him and hands him the condom.
“Take me.” He says. “You are taller than me. We don’t have much place to lie down here.”

Jason doesn’t fully comprehend what Kevin means and Kevin explains, pointing at the door.
“We’ll have to do it standing up, against the door... You’re taller than me.... Makes sense.” Jason slowly nods, unable to say a word. And he doesn’t need more instructions than this, he pushes Kevin against the door and starts preparing Kevin.

He is so aroused that he can only hope that he will not move too fast, too hard for Kevin, but the way Kevin pushes back against him, is a sign that Kevin is more than ready. There’s a soft moan with every thrust and Jason loses track of who is making what sound. All he can feel and concentrate on is that tight heat around him.

His hand grabs Kevin’s erection and it doesn’t take much to get Kevin to go over the edge, causing a chain-reaction in Jason. He pushes himself hard and deep into Kevin, his teeth making a small bite on Kevin’s shoulder. They both breathe hard and uneven as Kevin feels Jason slip from him. He sinks against the door.

When Jason re-emerges from the dark, he is straightening his clothes and slowly, still a bit sore by their love-making, Kevin rearranges his own clothes as well. Jason leans against one of the storage racks.
“You’re completely insane.” He laughs. “I’ve never done it like that, in here.”
“Then you are insane, for missing out on the opportunity.” Kevin grins.

Jason pushes himself away from the rack and kisses Kevin thoroughly.
“Why don’t we go to your loft and play hide and seek under the blankets?”
“Oh, so now you’re in the mood to play games, huh?” But Kevin smiles, knowing that he can’t wait to hide himself in Jason either....

Tags: character - jason, character - kevin

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