marea67 (marea67) wrote,

fanfic: First time, second chance.

First time, second chance
by Marea67
Characters: Mostly Jason/Chad
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: They are not mine. If they were I wouldn’t writing about them, I’d be watching them.
Warnings: I think this is somewhere between 2.12 and 2.13
Summary: Kevin’s ex’s meet each other.
Extra note:I got the idea from a small conversation between Kevin and Chad at the end of
Episode 1.13 - “Something Ida…”
Sequel to: first time, first impression
And I knew, how hot they could be when I made this:

Thursday night: Kevin and Scotty’s apartment
“Kevin, I can prepare myself physically and emotionally for war, terrorist attacks and natural disasters like floods and hurricanes. I cannot prepare myself for a Walker-clan-meeting.” Scotty said.
“Is that an insult?”
“No, merely an observation.” Scotty gave Kevin his sweetest smile. And Kevin could not help but return the smile. “I just don’t know if this is a good idea, Kevin.” Scotty nodded his head, thumbing through his cooking book. His glasses on the tip of his nose.
“Scotty, I can understand that you feel weird about this, but, please, I just want to go to that dinner, even though Jason might be there. We are all mature, grown up men….” Scotty looked over his glasses to Kevin and Kevin conceded.
” …alright, almost grown up,… …” Scotty was still looking.
“… sometimes…” Still looking.
“…Occasionally?” Kevin ventured and Scotty smiled. Kevin grinned and continued: “I am happy with you. Only you. I don’t want anyone else. But Jason is a nice person. And he’s in LA for a week because Robert and Kitty are in LA and I want to show him that as far as I…. we…. are concerned there are no hard feelings.”
“Alright, it just feels strange. ‘s All.” Scotty replied. Kevin nodded and gently kissed Scotty. When Kevin slowly made the kiss deeper, Scotty put the cooking book on the table. He figured that wouldn’t be much reading in the coming 30 minutes anyway.
Thursday night, late, Nora’s house.
Nora locked up, as usual. She had noticed that Jason hadn’t returned yet, but he was old enough, and she didn’t really worry about him. He said he would go out and had no idea how late he’d be home. She had given him the spare-key… She hoped he was alright though. He did seem a bit sad and lonely…. She sighed. She knew it was none of her business, he was his own man, he didn’t owe her any explanation….. Let it go, Nora, she told herself and went to bed.
Thursday night, well actually more Friday morning very, very, very early, Chad’s place
Jason followed Chad to the door. There Chad turned to him.
“Are you sure?” he asked and Jason nodded, his stomach in a nervous nod. He wasn’t sure about anything, but right now, he just wanted to have sex. And tomorrow would be another day.
Barely inside, he felt Chad’s strong hands on his waist. He was pushed against the door and without another word, Chad started to kiss him. He felt taken over, Chad’s kisses were making him dizzy. He could barely breath, but sucking in Chad’s tongue hungrily he assumed that breathing was useless anyway. Not if you could feel this heat.
Chad let him know how hard he was, by softly pressing him hardness into Jason’s groin. Jason’s own release earlier, made he was not quite ready yet, but something was stirring. Chad’s lips found their path along the side of his neck. Chad’s stubble was bruising his skin. It would show tomorrow, but he didn’t care.
Chad’s able fingers had undone all the buttons and he exposed Jason’s shoulder, kissing it, rough hairs caressing more tender skin and Jason felt his sleeve slide along his arm, followed by the soft touch of Chad’s fingertips. He slowly turned around, as Chad continued to kiss his shoulder and the back of his neck, the other sleeve came down and his shirt fell to the ground, his chest pressed against the door.
Standing behind him Chad’s hands possessively brushed along his sides, before sliding to the front and softly pinching his nipples, causing Jason to give a small moan. His head tilted backwards against Chad’s shoulder. He pressed his ass backwards to feel Chad’s hardness again and he could imagine Chad inside of him.
Sensations flooded his mind and body as Chad nibbled at his earlobe, before softly crooning in his ear.
“I want you. Want to be inside of you. Want to fuck you.” Jason shivered as the rumbling voice seemed to hit his own groin like lightning. The thought. The suggestion. The fantasy. He had been interested in Chad for so long, thought he was one of the hottest actors around and had sometimes fantasized about him and now, at least, one of his fantasies was about to come true.
“Please.” He heard himself beg. Chad started to move Jason in the direction of the bedroom, but at the same time he couldn’t keep his hands off Jason, couldn’t stop kissing him, didn’t seem to want to lose touch with Jason’s body. Chad slowly undressed him, while Jason helped Chad out of his clothes. It was like a dance to some unheard music.
Kissing, touching, caressing, needing, loving, desiring. His back hit the mattress, but Jason couldn’t think anymore. Chad put in even more effort to get Jason aroused again and it was working like crazy. The stubbles scratching the skin on his belly as Chad’s mouth searched for ways to turn on Jason even more. Jason shook his head. He wanted more. Far more. He begged Chad, his fingers pleadingly running through Chad’s hair.
Chad released him, smiling at Jason’s complaining moan.
“Just a little bit more patience.” He soothed Jason, while reaching for the nightstand. “Just a little bit longer….” Chad’s smile became even bigger as he saw how Jason moved to his fingers. Once he felt that Jason and he are both ready, he stopped to put on a condom. Biting his lip with anticipation Jason watched the process. Than Chad lifted up Jason’s hips a bit.
Jason was amazed by Chad’s stamina and control. His body was on fire. The first uncomfortable pain quickly replaced by the pleasure of feeling Chad move inside of him. He just stopped thinking. He wanted more, faster, harder. He moaned and begged. Demanding satisfaction, unaware of how Chad watched him with fascination. When had the calm and collected priest turned into this hot and wanting creature?
Chad no longer could control himself, with a few strong snaps of his hips he lost himself in Jason’s body, taking Jason over the edge as well. Heavily breathing he collapsed on top of Jason and Jason caressed the strong back under his fingers, making Chad shiver when he reached some sensitive pieces of skin. They enjoyed each other's company for a little while.
Eventually Chad withdrew from Jason’s body, getting up to dispose of the condom, but returning quickly to Jason. He pulled up the cover of the bed and nestled himself close to Jason. They kissed some more, but Jason was very tired, still slightly drunk and Chad watched with a grin how Jason lost his struggle and fell asleep.

It was five in the morning when Jason woke up. Shocked, tired, sticky and above all, extremely sober! God, what had he done? Had he gone completely mad? How could he be so stupid as to jump into bed with Chad Barry? Sure, a dream come true, and he hated to say it but Kev had been right about him being good between the sheets. But it was also completely wrong!
He had not had the time yet to discuss it with anyone, but he had been offered another congregation. In New York. He would leave in one week. He couldn’t stay in LA, … this of course, assuming that Chad would be interested in him… but what if he wasn’t? He looked at the sleeping Chad. Beautiful, gorgeous, but also vulnerable, breakable.
And suddenly he knew he couldn’t be there when Chad woke up. He didn’t want to hear he had been just a one-night-stand, just casual sex and get hurt by those words. But he couldn’t offer Chad anything more either…. And if that was what Chad wanted, he would hurt Chad, he couldn’t stand that either. There was only one thing left to do.
He slipped out of the bed and he closed the door to the bedroom, fairly sure that he was naked before he entered there. Once the door was closed, he found the light-switch and turned on the light. He tried to retrace his clothes and quickly got dressed. He found the phone and called for a taxi, finding Chad’s address on the letters on Chad’s table. Only giving another house-number, so hopefully no one would connect him and Chad.
He left the house as quietly as possible and walked down the street, where the taxi found him. Sitting in the back he realized how much his body ached. The sex-romp had been good, but he wanted more. He would have loved to wake up in Chad’s arms…. He sighed. If he closed his eyes and concentrated, he could feel Chad move inside him again. He shivered. He shouldn’t be thinking about this.
Just seven more days to survive here in LA and then he would be gone to New York. No Kevin, no Walkers, no Robert, no Kitty, … no Chad…He would start his life anew and that was it. He found the key to Nora’s door in his pocket. The taxi stopped, he paid, he entered the house quietly, slipped to Kevin’s room and slid between the cold sheets. Alone again.


“Kevin, there is a Mr Barry here to see you.” Kevin looked up. He didn’t expect anyone. He had cleared his agenda for this afternoon to catch up on two files. And then go home early so Scotty and he could… ‘ prepare’… themselves for the Walker dinner. Scotty would be home around four and as they didn’t have to be at Nora’s until seven, that gave them some time to be together.
The name Mr Barry didn’t ring a bell, no case he was dealing with had that name… He blinked a few times as a thought popped up in his mind, he dismissed it, but it was persistent, popped right back, got dismissed again. And yet….
“Chad!!!” Kevin couldn’t believe his eyes. Chad looked good and hot as ever. His smile. His blue eyes. And his voice when he said “Kevin.” …
“Come with me to my office…. Hold all my calls.” He said to the assistants. Once in the office he said: “You look great. How are you?”
“Perfect. Couldn’t be better.”
“Interesting, yet not so subtle change for your character on “Tempest Bay”. Discovering he has feelings for another man… tsk, tsk, what will your manager say….” Kevin teased. Chad smiled.
“Well, the soap is about to throw me out….”
“Oh what! And I just began to warm up to Luke, your handsome partner in the series.”
“Oh, he’s staying, my character will go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit and Luke will do everything he can to save me, including sucking up to a crime boss.”
“We’re getting a gay crime-boss? Jeez, for years no gays to be found, now you see them everywhere. They are overdoing it!” Kevin laughs.
“Oh, no, Luke is aiming for the crime-boss’s girlfriend.”
“Alright, let’s see if I get this? Your character, who is a doctor, gets interested in the gay scene, due to some wrong drugs moving around, hooks up with this gorgeous boy. Although the doctor is supposedly straight, he gets feeling for the guy who is, without a doubt, gay and now the gay guy will try to seduce a woman to get info to save his boyfriend who is actually straight, ….sort of… most of the time.”
“That about covers it.” Chad admitted.
“Sounds like a soap to me.” Kevin laughed. “So are you kicked off, or leaving on your own decision?”
“Temporarily seeking other options….., as they call it.”
“Oh, right, you got fired, but they don’t want to insult the fans….”

“Yeah, like they care about the fans…. No, there were some viewers having trouble with the gay storyline, so they are defusing now….”
“What will you do in the meantime?”
“I’ve been offered a role in a play in New York. And I have taken it.”
“How long will you still be in LA?”
“For now, two days. Then it’s off to New York to start rehearsals for a new play, return here for the last shoots of the series and return to New York.”
“Wow, you’re busy.”
“I thought my career would be over once I came out of the closet, but I’ve never been busier.”
“Good for you…. Why are you here? I mean, no offence, but the fact that you are thrown in prison in a soap-series…. Not much I can do about that. ” Kevin joked.
“I wanted to know how you were doing. We split up so radically and I had not dared to call you ever since… I tried to shield you as much as possible.”
“Yes, I know, thanks for that. I really couldn’t deal with more at the time.”
“So, how are you doing?” Chad asked.
“Oh, terrific, actually. I’m deeply involved with someone at the moment. You may remember him as the young man Michelle introduced me to? Scotty Wandell.”
“The one you went home with on the Valentine’s Day party?.. Wow. So Michelle was right about the two of you?”
“Well, to be honest… Scotty and I knew eachother. We had been in a relationship for about two months prior to our relationship. Meeting him again rekindled an old flame, that didn’t die, not even when he left again and I went through our relationship and the one with Jason… MacCallister… You know, the senator’s brother.”
“Yes, I remember him. He seemed really nice.”
“He is.” Kevin replied.
“Actually, Kevin, he’s the reason I’m here…”


End of the second chapter, third chapter "First time, third and final try" will follow.
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