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story-lottery: 1,3,5 or 2,4,6?

Written for story_lottery 

1,3,5 or 2,4,6?
Author: marea67
Fandom: Brothers & Sisters
Characters: Kevin/Scotty
Rating: NC-17
Word-count: 1087
Prompt: 24 - dice
Spoilers: Obviously taking place after 2.16.
Summary: 1,3,5 or 2,4,6?
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: The characters are not mine.
Beta: Unbeta-d

Kevin’s lips finally leave Scotty’s and Scotty tries to breathe again. They are both aroused and ready for more, but when Kevin’s hands go down to unbuckle Scotty’s jeans, Scotty stops him.
“How come you always want give me a blow-job?” he asks.
“You don’t want it?” Kevin is suddenly worried that he may have done something Scotty doesn’t like.

“I love them, it’s just.... whenever we make out, you always want to do that with me and yet, ... you hardly ever let me do it to you.” Scotty explains. Kevin frowns, he never thought about this before.
“Do you want to do it now?” he asks Scotty.
“No. Yes. That is not what I mean.”

“Wow. Nothing better than a clear answer.” Kevin jokes and even Scotty manages a smile.
“What I mean is: I have no issues with giving you a blow-job. Not now, not ever. I just noticed that you always give me one. That is not bad, it just IS.”
“And you want to change that?”

Scotty needs to think about this question. Maybe he shouldn’t have complained so loudly. It’s not as if he really minds what Kevin does it to him and he wishes he had just shut up about it. Kevin can see that and decides to step in.
“I have a good idea.... We will let fate decide.” He says victoriously.

“How?” Scotty wonders and Kevin turns to the drawers of his nightstand, rummaging through them he finds what he’s looking for.
“We’ll play for it.” He says with a grin, throwing a two dice on the bed. A smile spreads across Scotty’s face as well.

“What are the rules?”
“We throw them and if the results are even or uneven one of us gets to make a choice.”
“I think I’m the most even person of us two...” Scotty teases. “I’ll go for even.”
“This way, I will never find some balance.” Kevin mocks in return.

Scotty laughs, grabs the dice and throws them. Three. Five. That makes an even eight.
“I chose.... Come here.” Kevin crawls over the bed, closer to his husband. But Scotty stops him and gives him a little push to the chest, making Kevin fall backwards on the bed. Almost immediately he feels Scotty’s hand on his pants. Unbuttoning the fly seems to take an eternity, but then...

Without hesitation Scotty’s hand slide around Kevin’s erection and Kevin nearly bounces of the bed from the sudden impact this has on his body. He moans so loud that he cannot hear Scotty laugh softly with amusement. He knew Kevin was hard and ready for him, he hadn’t counted on the impatience of his husband though....

There is just a little suckling noise as Scotty’s lips bring Kevin pleasure, Kevin’s fingers spreading through Scotty’s hair, trying to encourage him. His eyes are closed as he rolls his hips up to get deeper inside Scotty’s mouth. And just when Kevin is close to coming, Scotty stops, to lick his way up, over Kevin’s belly, stopping at Kevin’s nipples to end up kissing Kevin’s throat.

He straddles Kevin and impatiently grabs the lube.
“Prepare me? I want you inside of me.” It is supposed to be an order, but it sounds more like a request and Kevin holds up the dice.
“Even: I prepare you. Uneven: you take me.” Kevin negotiates.

He laughs when Scotty makes an exasperated sound, but nonetheless throws the dice.
“Two. Two. Equals four. Even....” Scotty growls impatiently handing Kevin the tube again. Kevin merely laughs. Scotty is SO eager and Kevin just loves to tease Scotty. They change position so Kevin can prepare Scotty.

He does it with the usual care and tenderness and in no time Scotty is moving underneath him.
“Please..., please...” Scotty moans, pushing up against Kevin’s fingers, enjoying how Kevin playfully takes his swollen cock in his mouth to keep his aroused, releasing him shortly after to make sure he doesn’t lose himself.

Kevin retreats his fingers and his mouth and looking down on Scotty he murmurs:
“I think you are ready. So ready for me.”
“What are you waiting for, then? Come on, take me.” Scotty encourages, spreading his legs a bit further, but Kevin shakes his head. “Kevin!”

Still Kevin shakes his head and then he holds up the two dice.
“First you throw.” There is so much disbelief on Scotty’s face, that Kevin finds it hysterically funny. Scotty holds up his hand.
“I hate you.” He says, annoyed at the interruption.

But he throws anyway. To his grieve one of the dice falls off the bed.
“That one says four. Even. I decide. Now, please, take me.” Scotty begs, but Kevin shakes his head.
“No, I want to know what the other one does too.” Scotty rolls his eyes, but turns to his stomach.

Kevin stares down on the that strong naked back and further down those tight ass, that he just wants to put his hands on. Scotty looks over the side of the bed and sees the one die lying a bit further away. Over his shoulder, he looks at Kevin and he sees the lust on his face. He looks back at the die on the floor. Six. That makes ten. Even. Scotty can decide. He swallows hard.

“One.” Scotty replies. “Plus four, makes five. Uneven. You chose.”
“In that case... Don’t... Move.... A muscle...” Kevin’s voice comes behind him and Scotty can feel the first penetration. He breathes a little louder, until Kevin is completely inside of him. He braces himself on the side of the bed and starts to relax under the steady thrusts.

Kevin’s grip on his hips tighten and Scotty pushes back, wanting more. He can feel Kevin’s lips against his shoulder, his teeth scrapping the sensitive skin.
“Please...” He begs quietly, he lets his hand go between his body and the mattress, seeking his own release.

They will never know for sure who came first, Scotty’s moan gets lost in Kevin’s yell. Scotty could feel the warmth spread inside him at the same time his fingers get coated with his own release. Kevin’s hard breathing matches Scotty’s inability to catch his breath. But it doesn’t really matter. All Scotty want right now, is just be in Kevin’s arms.

Tags: character - kevin, character - scotty

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