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My inspiration for this one is Sueli, who wondered, after reading 14 steps to happiness - step 14 - History repeating if Jason knew about the symbol, I didn't think that Jason is jealous/suspicious/curious enough that he would browse through Kevin's telephone-book to look for Scotty. And then Trina1 reminded me of he means nothing to me and an idea was born.

This is also for Ericwintersgal who wanted a Jason-story.


By Marea67
About: Jason
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Summary: Jason makes a discovery and it annoys him.

“Kev! Kevin, have you seen my tickets?” Jason frantically asks.
“Table!” Kevin yells back from the bedroom. And now Jason sees them too. How is it possible that he can never find anything in this loft, yet, Kevin always knows where Jason’s possessions are? He cannot get over that fact.

Kevin had laughed at him when he had once mentioned it to him. Kevin’s own theory was that he knew his loft so well that anything “out of sequence” sub-consciously registered with him. Although it’s a mystery to Jason how Kevin would ever notice anything. To him the loft always feels like a unruly bunch of knick-knacks in a million different shapes and sizes.

“You wouldn’t happen to have Robert’s mobile number, would you? I seem to have misplaced my phone again and I want to know how late he’ll pick me up... thus giving him a subtle reminder that he is supposed to pick me up.” Jason grins and Kevin laughs.
“Check my telephone. I believe Kitty put it in there somewhere.”

“Under what name? Robert? McCallister?”
“No, under ‘Republican, don’t call unless you have used all other options’.” Kevin jokes, he sees the little frown on Jason’s face and less sarcastically says: “Maybe under Robert or Senator or something.”

Kevin returns to the bedroom to finish getting dressed and Jason browses through Kevin’s phonebook. He pushes the ‘down’ button a bit too hard and the names run by... Robert, Rudy, Sam, Sarah, Scotty, Sherman... Scotty?... Jason pushes the ‘up’ button more carefully and the names scroll back. Scotty Wandell... and there’s a heart attached to the name...

Cute, but it makes Jason a bit squeamish, this is not at all the Kevin he’s accustomed to. Kevin is not exactly the most romantic boyfriend. Which is alright with Jason, because he sucks at the romance too, not that he is unromantic, he just never thinks about doing something romantic. But Kevin never raised the bar very high and Jason never felt inadequate in that respect.

To see something as frivolous as a heart attached to the name of his ex.. it just feels so uncharacteristic for Kevin, but now Jason gets curious. He scrolls up further through the names in Kevin’s address-book... finds Robert’s number and he quickly writes it down, only to scroll further up to the P, O, M, mom, how cute, L, K, there are 3 Jasons in there.

He’s just Jason M., followed by Jason D. and Jason, A. Nothing special. No particular symbol. Just “Jason, M.” It annoys him a bit, but then he keeps going back in the alphabet... Hank is still in there, no heart attached either. And even further up he finds Chad and he doesn’t have any icon either.... Only Scotty.

It makes Jason feel a bit uneasy. He remembers their discussion last night and how absent-minded Kevin had become after discussing Scotty.
“Did you find it?” Kevin asks coming back into the living room.
“Ah, yes.” Jason quickly dials on Kevin’s phone.

He calls Robert and he’s happy to hear that Robert is on his way. But while he is listening to Robert. There is this little voice nagging in his head. Why had Kevin not told him about Scotty before? Why hadn’t any of the other Walkers talked about him either? They gossip about just anything. That is how he found about Kevin having had a relationship with Chad Barry..
“Robert, can I ask you something? Has Kitty ever mentioned the name of someone called Scotty Wandell to you?” Robert is quiet for a second or two and then says then name is familiar, but he can’t really put his finger on where he heard it. Is it important? Jason tells him to forget it. It’s probably not important for him and he does not want to say that it could be to Kevin....
“Are you ready to go, love?” Kevin asks, coming back into the living-room.
“Yes. I have all I need. I will go downstairs and wait for Robert.”
“Coming with you.”
“No!... No, please, this is hard enough for me. I want to say my goodbye to you here.”

“Oh.” Kevin is not sure if he is hurt or glad. He wants to delay the moment of Jason’s leaving and at the same time he wants it over with.
“I want to be able to give you a proper goodbye and I cannot do that with my Republican Senator/brother looking over my shoulder at how I’m kissing my boyfriend.” Jason explains.

Kevin takes Jason into his arms and kisses him.
“Call me as soon as you arrive?” Kevin asks, concern written on his face. Jason is touched by it and he knows Kevin hates the fact that he is leaving.
“I don’t know. We’ll see if that option is available.”

One last passionate kiss and Jason picks up his bags. If everything goes according to plan, Robert already picked up Jason’s suitcases from his apartment, so Jason is ready. He smiles at Kevin one last time and then he leaves. Once he’s in the elevator he relaxes. It is time to focus on Malaysia and not on ex-boyfriends or symbols behind names... Right?

Tags: character - jason, character - kevin

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