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rock around the clock - rendez-vous at two.

Rendez-vous at two.

By Marea67
About: Kevin/Scotty
Rate: Definitely NC-17 !!!
Disclaimer: They are not mine (sad sigh)
Summary: PWP (Plot? What Plot?)


“Scotty?” Kevin enters the loft at exactly two o’clock. Scotty exits the kitchen.
“You’re here. At last.” He says and Kevin gets pressed against the door, lips hungrily covering his, while Scotty’s hands yank free Kevin’s shirt so he can caress Kevin’s back. The only sound Kevin can make is an appreciative moan.

He is trapped between the door and Scotty’s warm body and there is not a better place to be, as far as Kevin is concerned. Well maybe just one.
“Naked… bed?” he suggests between two kisses. He feels Scotty tug at his clothes. Obviously Scotty likes the suggestion.

They stumble to the bedroom, unable to let go of each other. They kiss, flirt and giggle as Scotty’s t-shirt ends up on one of the floor lamps and Kevin’s tie on a small side-table. By the time they reach the bed they are both undressed, the trail of clothes marking the path they took.

Next to the bed, Scotty takes Kevin into his arms and kisses him so thoroughly that Kevin melts in his arms. Breathless and hungry for more tenderness Kevin’s fingers trail down between their bodies and then his hand curls around Scotty cock, making him gasp under the touch. Scotty is already aroused, but Kevin enjoys making him even harder.

He knows how to touch and caress Scotty and it doesn’t take long or Kevin sinks down on the bed and he starts to take care of Scotty with his mouth. Scotty makes some inarticulate noises, but Kevin is too busy to ask for a translation, besides he rightfully assumes that Scotty means to encourage him, which he takes to heart.

Scotty knows that he must push Kevin away or he will come too soon and disappointed he takes a step backward to escape from Kevin’s delicious lips. Then he grabs Kevin’s shoulders and Kevin falls back on the bed, with Scotty on top of him. Scotty immediately takes the lube and Kevin’s eyes light up.

“You like that idea, don’t you?” Scotty says with a tempting grin. Kevin is too excited to really answer, he just nods. So Scotty starts preparing him, watching Kevin writhe under his hands. He knows Kevin is ready and he takes his swollen cock in his hand. He wants to take Kevin, but then looks up at Kevin’s face.

“I don’t think I can last that long.” He warns.
“Who cares?.... Neither will I… Just … please, take me…” Kevin’s breathing is uneven and Scotty smiles when he hears Kevin moan under the pressure of being entered. He trembles as he stops to give Kevin time to adjust, not sure how long he can still hold on.

His hands have a firm grip on Kevin’s hips and when Kevin moves up against him to show he’s ready, Scotty can only thrust himself deep into Kevin. Somewhere in the back of his mind he knows he’s moving too fast, too soon, too hard but he cannot hold it back anymore and in spite of Kevin’s previous noise of pain, Kevin now also throws himself into the love-making.

It’s more brutal, more passionate, more relentless then Scotty planned, but the desire is raw and honest and with no intend to really hurt Kevin or be hurt by him.  He sees the concentrated look on Kevin’s face, his eyes closed, his gasps coming in the same rhythm as Scotty’s thrusts and the sight of Kevin so lost in his desire is more than Scotty can handle.

And just when he’s about to surrender he can feel Kevin tighten around him with so much strength that it takes Scotty’s breath away and he can feel the sticky witness between them. He cries out softly and then he lets go while he pushes himself deep into Kevin. A few seconds later he collapses down on Kevin, too exhausted to say another word.


Robert’s secretary is annoyed. This is the third time this week that he calls for Kevin and that Kevin is not in the office.  No one knows where he went or how late he will be back. And she is the one who has to listen to Robert’s ranting on the phone. She just put the phone back in place or there’s the sound of the elevator.

 Automatically she looks at the doors opening and Kevin leaves the elevator.
“Mr Walker? Mr McCallister is looking for you.”
“I’ll call him….” Kevin cheerfully says. “… and tell him that he missed how beautiful you look in that dress.”

She blushes at the unexpected compliment and smiles as he disappears into his own office. She is just about to finish her report when she suddenly realizes that there was something different about Kevin. He is not wearing the same tie as he did this morning. And then she connects the dots between Kevin’s missing hours and her knowledge of Scotty’s working hours and she grins.


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