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random word generator: patient

the random word generator: patient

By Marea67
About: Ryan (during 3.20)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

He can hear the front-door slam shut. He looks up. From his place in the garden he can look inside, when the lights of the kitchen are turned on and he’s grateful, he’s in the dark and outside in the garden, because Justin’s face is a thundercloud and he can safely assume that Justin talked to Rebecca and that it wasn’t a pleasant conversation.

He knows he’s to blame for this. He told Rebecca about Tommy and he can imagine that Justin is not happy about it. Besides, the last thing that Ryan wants, is to pick a physical fight with Justin. He already learned that Tommy used to be a boxer in high-school and that he taught his brothers a trick or two.

And Ryan is not in the mood to find out which tricks those were exactly. Ryan feels slightly guilty for telling Rebecca, just because he got angry at Justin, which he shouldn’t have done. He must be patient. He is here for a purpose and the best way to get what he wants is to be calm and collected about everything and not have himself getting upset over nothing at all.

But he’s jealous of Justin. Ryan tries to be a good friend for Rebecca, but she has not let him get closer to her. Unfortunately, the only thing Rebecca wants to talk about is Justin. He believes that Rebecca would be better off without Justin. Justin doesn’t deserve a nice beautiful girl-friend like Rebecca, if he cannot value her, if he cannot see how much Rebecca loves him.

Ryan reminds himself that he must not lose his heart, he is a here for a reason. To find out what could have sent his mother to her grave. At this thought his hatred towards William flares up again, as does his anger at Nora. If she would not have let this happen, this affair, his mother would still be alive today.

But his anger at Nora dissipates quickly, because he also likes her. Just like he likes Sarah and Kitty. However, his anger against William stays, it eats at him and it only grows stronger. He is convinced that William had something to do with his mother’s death and here is where he will find the answers he’s seeking. If only he would find where to start looking.

His eyes follow Justin as he moves through the kitchen with confidence and anger. It’s best to stay here in the dark just a little longer, just relax and think about his next step. He will get his answers. Somehow, someway, he’ll find the right angle. He just has to wait and be patient. And, for now, he should stay away from Justin.

Tags: character - ryan, series - random word generator

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