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random word generator: complication

the random word generator: complication

By Marea67
About: Rebecca
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

It’s always one complication after another, she thinks as she angrily brushes her tears away. But this time it’s really over. She cannot take it anymore. She loves Justin, she knows it, but she has to draw her line in the sand. Someone has to stand up for her mother and it must be her, because Justin doesn’t want to get involved.

Oh, a part of her understands why Justin sides with Tommy, but that doesn’t mean she has to agree with it. She knows that Holly is a constant reminder of William’s infidelity which is why it might have been smarter not to go into business with another Walker, but Holly trusted Tommy and Tommy just... betrayed her mother.

And she just cannot get over these last few words. Her mother never had a reason to not trust Tommy. Rebecca knew that Holly would question Sarah, and eventually also Saul, but not Tommy. This is why it is so hard for Rebecca to swallow Tommy’s deceit, because she saw her usually so unshakeable mother hurt by Tommy.

Rebecca knows the feelings are double. She has had her own trouble with her mothers. Their life together has not been without complications. She had in turn loved and hated her mother, she felt indifferent to her for a while, but these last few months it had seemed as if they finally had somehow understood each other.

Holly seemed less interested in the Walkers in general, her jealousy towards Nora was restricted to an occasional remark, Holly accepted Justin as Rebecca’s boyfriend and tried to be nice Justin. And Rebecca, from her point of view, felt she was accepted by the Walkers and seen as one of them, and not as “the daughter of the other woman”.

She believed that point was long past, but the fight at the table at made it clear. Kevin and Sarah tried to shut Tommy up, fearing Rebecca would bring those words back to Holly, which she would not planned to do, Nora disregarded Holly in this and concentrated on Tommy, but Justin’s silence had hurt her the most.

It’s also the reason why she knows it has to end. She can understand the Walkers, but she’s IS a Harper and for now there is no way to bridge that gap between them. Not with this court-case pending between Tommy and Holly. And maybe it’s for the best for now. Maybe absence will make the heart grow fonder.

And if they are destined to get back together, it will happen eventually and who knows maybe then, they can have less complications, because they have been grown. Until then all she can do is cry Justin out of her system and give Holly the support she needs and hope that the damage the court-case will do, will not be too much for her and Justin to overcome.

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