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random word generator: ranting

The random word generator: ranting

By Marea67
About: Jason (after 3.16-317)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

He listens as Robert is ranting on about everything. The medication. Kitty’s cooking. Kevin’s reluctance to get him back to work. How little he is allowed to do. Don’t people understand..blah... blah... Jason’s thoughts wander. He asks himself if Robert realizes how ungrateful he sounds. How lucky he is to be here today and to be able to rant about how “difficult” his life is.

Only an hour ago Jason was at the bed of a man in his congregation who just passed away. Only 56 years old, but his lungs gave up on him. The man could barely breathe. He had been take care of by his wife, who had been petrified of that inevitable day that she would lose him. She had prayed to God. Every day she prayed for ONE more day with her husband. And now he’s gone.

They took every day with grace and gratitude. Their life was hard, she had to work to earn money, and she had to turn every penny twice, but neither of them complained and here Jason sits, opposite his brother, who had a heart-attack, but survived, who, with the right medical treatment, will soon be able to himself again.

All it takes is a little time and Robert can’t even stop long enough to give God THAT time. Jason looks at Robert’s stubborn face, his clenched fists, the blue eyes darker from the anger of having been told to calm down.... And Jason feels tired. He is beginning to understand Kitty’s wariness as well.

“Robert, I have a meeting in town and I have to go now, or I’ll be late.” He says apologetic. Robert seems stunned for a minute as if he has forgotten that Jason is even there.
“I’m sorry.” He says. “We didn’t even get to talk about you.”
“That’s alright. I’m fine anyway.” Jason smiles, then he hugs Robert.

But as he walks away from the ranch to his car he’s aware of the sunshine on his face. He doesn’t have a meeting in town. He planned to stay longer with Robert, but cannot bear to be with him now. In fact he wouldn’t mind being alone for a while. He’s tired of all the ranting around him. One of the things he has learned, from his time in Malaysia, is to be happy with what he has.

And right now, he has few hours to himself. A fast car, the sun is shining, songs on the radio... He is casually dressed, so no one will recognize him as a minister.... Maybe he should go to the beach and just get a hotdog. Enjoy watching the sun set. Who knows, maybe he’ll get lucky and meet some nice guy....

He smiles at the thought. Tomorrow he’ll be Reverend McCallister again, and he’ll listen to prayers and tears. And he’ll quietly nod at those ranting, deserved or undeserved, but for tonight, for just a few hours he wants to be Jason, and he wants to clear his head and re-energize and enjoy the beauty God has given the world.

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