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random word generator: inspiration

the random word generator: inspiration

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Driving back from the photo-shoot for the “L.A. Contemporary” article about "chefs on the rise" Scotty cannot not help but smile. It had been a fun afternoon. He met the four other chefs and contrary to his worry that they might be snobs, he actually had a good time, because they turned out to be so nice. He supposes it has to do with the fact that the infamous “chef-ego” hasn’t kicked in yet with any of them.

And for the fifth time this afternoon he wants to call his mother. He wishes he could tell her how far he has come and how happy he is with this recognition of his hard work and studying. And that he owes it all to her cooking, that the delicious dishes she used to make became his inspiration to pursue a career as a cook.

His most fondest memories of his youth are those that involved him and his mother in the kitchen together. She would let him help her with cutting vegetables, making meat-balls to eventually preparing small dishes all by himself. She would always try out some new recipe and they would have great fun watching Wally taste it.

Cooking to him became synonymous with ‘fun’, ‘warmth’, ‘tenderness’, ‘family’.... and their cooking together was what he missed most about his mother. From the day he ‘confessed’ to being gay, he had been banned from her kitchen. Bertha never said why, but Scotty sometimes thinks she believes that their time together in the kitchen is what made him gay.

He knows it is ridiculous, but he does believe that Bertha needed to blame ‘something’ for his homosexuality, and food and cooking became the culprits. What he wouldn’t give, if she would just once again run her fingers through his hair, because she was proud of how “nice and neat he cut the carrots”. Scotty's smile fades. He misses his mother.

So, after a few seconds hesitation he pulls over, parks his car and he calls his mother. The phone rings on the other side, but no one picks up. The answering machine kicks in and he hears his parents say that he has reached the house of Wally and Bertha Wandell and he can leave a message, but he doesn’t know what to say and so he breaks the connection.

The fact that he couldn’t reach his mother, still hurts when he enters the loft. But there he with greeted by a table set with candlelight and wine. There is some sweet smell coming from the kitchen and Kevin walks into the living room wearing an apron and Scotty can’t help but smile with tenderness. So typical of Kevin to be there, just when he needs a hug.

“How did it go?” Kevin asks, after a deliciously long kiss.
“I think I gave a good interview.” Scotty replies sitting down at the table and Kevin runs his fingers through Scotty’s hair and murmurs:
“I’m so proud of you.” And Scotty smiles, suddenly not missing his mother anymore.

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