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random word generator: witness

the random word generator: witness

By Marea67
About: Kevin (prior to 3.05)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

“Mr Walker? Can you please indicate which of these files can go to the archives?” Lisa asks, rolling in a cart filled with boxes and files.
“Oh, joy.” Kevin replies sarcastically. “To what do I owe this honour?”
“Computer-system is down.... probably for about two hours...again...”

“.. Noticed..” Kevin sighs, looking at his black screen.
“... So I thought we’d take the time to create some space in our storage here. These are about 15 remaining cases from 2006. If we could send all of them downstairs to the basement, that would be great. And I’m relying on your phenomenal memory to help me.”

“Phenomenal, huh?” Kevin grins. “Lady, flattery will get you... anywhere.”
“I know.” Lisa grins in return. She leaves Kevin’s office and with a sigh Kevin picks up the first file. Nope, this company will not come back on the verdict. He’s sure. Downstairs! The second file he needs read to refresh his memory. This company is still fighting in another case. Maybe...

He’s about to put the file aside as “Keep upstairs” when he sees the next box. “Mangopean”. His stomach flutters and he starts to smile. As he re-reads the testimony that Scotty gave, he remembers him sitting there in opposite of him.
“I won’t be prepped anymore, unless you admit you’re a gay...” Such a know-it-all little witness.

Kevin remembers not knowing if should slap the young man’s face or just kiss him. Now he knows he would never have gone for the first option, but he sure wished he had the nerve for that second one. Scotty had thrown him completely out of his act and he had secretly enjoyed every second of it. That was the first night that Scotty was on his mind and it wouldn’t be the last.

His smile fades a bit, when he sees a copy of the cheque. At the time it had seemed like that had been the end of it all, but, no, in a way that cheque had led Scotty back to Kevin. If it hadn’t been for the chef-school where Scotty had gone to with the money of the cheque, Scotty wouldn’t have been in need for a lawyer to help him with a DUI.

He looks at the picture of Scotty on his desk. He can no longer imagine his life without Scotty. He gets up and makes copies of some documents in the Mangopean-file, just for old time sake. He will keep them in the DUI-file, that is still in his desk. The rest can go to the storage in the basement.

And he feels the same about the memories attached. The bad ones go to the storage, waiting to be destroyed in a few years time. There is no use to hang on to them. The good memories he will keep close. In his office and in his heart. And maybe, one of these days, he’ll take it home and Scotty and he can reminisce together.


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