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random word generator: ticket

the random word generator: ticket

By Marea67
About: Julia (after 3.20)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Maybe she should get a ticket and fly to Costa Rica. See if she can find Tommy there. Kill him and then go back home. Julia doesn’t know how she feels. She thinks she should be angry that he abandoned her and their daughter like this, with some stupid letter, but that would have required her to surprised, which she isn’t.

She feels sorry for Kevin and Justin who stood on her doorstep this morning and had to hand her the letter Tommy left. Justin was mortified, Kevin embarrassed and angry. She felt herself get cold and then hot. She wanted a big hole to appear under her feet and just swallow her whole, but that didn’t happen.

Instead she read the letter with Tommy’s affirmation of love and devotion with total disinterest. What nonsense! I love you, Julia, you mean everything to me, that is why I leave you and our kid alone to start with a clean slate and pretend you never existed? Sheez, if that is love, she doesn’t need hate.

From Kevin and Justin she got some information she didn’t have yet. About the fight at Nora’s house, and how Nora slapped Tommy right in the face. Julia is glad that Nora is as livid as she is, even if it was for a different reason. She listened to Kevin explaining why he hoped Tommy should take the plea. Kevin seemed to feel so guilty.

Once Kevin and Justin left, she started to cry, she cried so hard that she was exhausted by the time she was done. It has been one let-down after the other this week. She is not angry, not shocked, not surprised. She feels completely detached from everything around her. Once she was done crying, she had sat on her couch shivering from the tensions that built in her....

But that feeling subsided as well. And now she’s calm. Very calm. She folds the last of her daughter’s clothes. A look on the Winnie-the-Pooh clock tells her it’s almost 10 o’clock at night. She cannot do anything right now. She closes the door of Elizabeth’s room, undresses herself and lies down next to Elizabeth. Elizabeth moans in her sleep and crawls closer to Julia.

Feeling that little body against her own, she realizes what her first priority must be: Elizabeth. Tommy can go to hell, but Elizabeth needs to be protected. And so, starting tomorrow, Elizabeth will be her main focus in life. She has no idea if Tommy will contact her again and she really doesn’t care if he does or not.

From tomorrow on there will only be Julia and Elizabeth. No one else. Tommy has forfeited his place in this little family. There is no place for him anymore. She’s been alone too often, she knows now that she cannot rely on him, but only on herself and that is what she will do. Starting tomorrow. But for now, she needs to get some sleep....


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