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random word generator: conscience

the random word generator: conscience

By Marea67
About: Tommy
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

He couldn’t sleep, especially not after that thought had suddenly popped up in his head... and he thought it over .. and then reconsidered .. and then changed his mind ... to come to a decision... that he rejected... but he still felt that this is what he should do... And once he had made up his mind, he knew he had made the right decision for himself.

He didn’t waste any more time, he got out of bed, took a long shower, got dressed and  he packed a few of his clothes and some belongings that he had taken with him on this weekend to Baja. He left a lot behind as well, figuring that Kevin and Justin would take it with them when they return to LA. And then he quickly wrote a note for his brothers to please not hate him....

Tonight was an eye-opening evening. Tonight for the first time he had seen the results of his actions. Tonight it had all hit home. Tommy quietly put his bag on the floor. Yes. He finally got it.
“Wanna know why I can’t write my essay? It’s because of you.. You’re the reason Rebecca and I broke up. She’s the only one who believes I can actually do this....”

Justin’s words had shocked him. He had not realized the effects that his actions would have on Justin and Rebecca, Holly’s daughter, the woman he was dating... Justin finally had a girl-friend again and Tommy’s stupid actions had ruined it all. He meant what he said to Justin about fighting for Rebecca.

And there was the reminder for Kevin to have appointment sex with Scotty. Kevin had complained about not having enough time to be with his husband. Yet he was here, tonight, with Tommy, when he was supposed to have been with the man he loves. Tommy shook his head as he thought of all the arguing he had done with Kevin. Kevin hadn’t deserve that.

Both Justin and Kevin had struggled so hard to find a partner in their lives. And now he, Tommy Walker, had ruined it for Justin and Rebecca and created trouble for Kevin and Scotty. And then he started to see how others had been affected as well. Nora, her trust in him shattered. Sarah who would now feel guilty for having left Ojai and start on her own.

The damage to his father company would be extensive. The fragile truce between Holly and the Walkers would be broken as well. And then there were two he didn’t ever DARE to think about. Julia, who was still not talking to him and Elizabeth, who sensed the tension between her parents, but was unable to understand what was going on. He missed them most of all.

They would be better off without him. All of them. There was only one last thing to do, so he could leave with a clear conscience and that was the hardest thing to do. The letter he wrote to Julia broke his heart, but he knew it had to be done. And then he was ready. Ready to start ‘with a clean slate’. He steps into the dark night and he closes the door behind him....


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