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random word generator: recovery

the random word generator: recovery

By Marea67
About: Robert
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

“I don’t understand what the fuss is about.” Robert says angrily. Adam, his personal trainer, looks at him.
“You just had a heart-attack.”
“I know! I am aware of that!” Robert is still livid.

“And you still don’t get it?” Adam asks.
“I know I must not overdo it. I just wish that everybody would stop acting like I am going to keel over dead any minute....”
“Robert, that is exactly what might happen, it you keep pushing too hard.”

Robert sighs, stubbornness written on his face. He has a hard time hiding his frustrations. He wishes that everyone would stop acting as if he’s some invalid.
“I know my limitations.” Robert says more calmly, but Adam recognizes the attempt to open up negotiations and he shakes his head.

“Sorry, you don’t. That is why I’m here. I will tell you what your limitations are.” Adam is not easily impressed and it’s not the first time he’s dealt with difficult patients. “You have a long way to go to recovery, Robert. And you’re not making it easy on yourself here.” But Robert disagrees, it’s the others who making it difficult for him.

“And something else, you are going to take that road to recovery on MY instructions. You want to run for governor and pretend that nothing serious is going on? Fine. But I know better. Keep your lies for your constituency and let me do my job!” Robert wants to argue back, but Adam switches on the treadmill and Robert has to start walking.

Annoyed at not having won this, Robert sulks as he puts one foot before the other. The frustration is building up and he can’t go anywhere with it. He used to go jogging to get rid of the tension, but now he can’t even do that anymore and he feels like he’s about to explode. He just knows that he’s capable of a better recovery if they would simply let him be.

“Illness is a state of mind.” His dad used to say and Robert agrees. If you FEEL sick, you ARE sick. But if you just pick up and go on with your life, go back to acting normal, you won’t have the time to be sick and wallow in self-pity and he cannot understand why the others around him cannot see that also. He needs to be himself again, as soon as possible.

But Adam keeps a good look on his charts and Kitty watches his every move and Kevin will not let him give more interviews and Jason keeps telling him to let God his work. What about what he wants? He looks at the counter on his tread-mill. He still has a little under a quarter-mile to figure that out.

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