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random word generator: pool

the random word generator: pool

By Marea67
About: Paige/Cooper
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

“Come on, Paige! Last one in the pool is a ...!” Cooper cannot finish his sentence because he’s already in the pool.
“Cheater.” Paige teases. Cooper sticks out his tongue and Paige laughs. Cooper disappears under water and Paige freezes a bit.

It still frightens her, because it reminds her of William and that night he died. She knows she should be over it now. It happened a long time ago. But still whenever Cooper stays under water too long, she panics. He shows up again and she lets go of the sigh she was holding.
“I’m getting us some cookies.” She says and she runs to the kitchen to raid Nora’s cookie-jar.

She would normally not that do that, but since she knows that uncle Scotty made those coconut-cookies for her, she wanted one. Sarah and Nora are talking about Ojai and not paying attention to her. A quick look at the clock tells her it’s almost 4 o’clock. Good, it means she’s on time. She’s not allowed to eat anything after 4 o’clock because of dinner.

But there’s still a little time, so she runs back to Cooper and together, sitting on the side of the pool, they enjoy the little treats. Cooper lets his feet dangle in the water. He’s remarkably quiet, which is why she startles when he suddenly asks:
“This is where grandfather died, no?”

“Yes.” She replies, wondering why Cooper suddenly wants to talk about William.
“I miss him... He used to throw me in the pool... We used to play together...” he says with a sad little voice and Paige looks at him quickly, before putting an arm around him.
“I miss him too, but grandfather is a star in sky and you can always talk to him.”

“It’s day-time. There are no stars.” Cooper’s logic makes Paige smile.
“He’s still there. The stars are still there, but the sun is too bright for us to see them.” She replies with the know-it-all wisdom of an older sister.
“Oh.” Cooper knows better than to argue on these things with Paige. “Do you miss him?”

“Every time I come here. He used to tell me so much and teach me little things about the sky and such. ” Paige says in thoughts, but then she shakes away the memories of her grandfather on that last night. No reason to burden Cooper with those.
“Why did grandfather have to die? Couldn’t it have been someone else?”

“God wanted him by his side.” Paige replies without further thought.
“Why?” comes Cooper inevitable question. Paige shrugs.
“Ask mom. I never got it either.” She answers honestly. Then she grins mischievously and gives Cooper a big shove so that he ends up in the pool. Cookie-break is over.

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