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random word generator: tomb

the random word generator: tomb

By Marea67
About: Sarah
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

“I’m sorry, dad. I guess I just need to talk you.” Sarah sighs, sitting at her father’s grave. She’s wraps her arms around her knees. “Tommy screwed up so badly and I know what must be done. I’ve been thinking about this during the opening of Mom’s centre and ... But I’m scared. Scared to make a wrong decision.

When I left Ojai it was because I felt stabbed in the back by Tommy. I felt like I couldn’t breathe anymore. All my creative energy was just zapped away from me and no longer having Kevin and Saul to fall back on... I felt lonely. Ojai no longer felt like it was your company. It was no longer about what you built, but about what Holly turned it into..

But I was in the office yesterday, for old time sake, and I could smell that the offices were still the same. You know, the smell of wood, with a hint of the fruits stashed in the warehouse, ready to shipped off, too sweet and I felt like I felt when I walked into that building nearly 30 years ago, when I would go to see you work.

Do you remember how I would come to you on my bike and you would let me taste the pears? You loved pears. And we would sit together on the top of the stairs, side by side and watch the men carrying crates on the trucks. Well, I sat on the top of those stairs again and it was amazing. It was as if you were right beside me. I ate a pear. The first one this year.

I thought that Holly had killed our Ojai, but you know what, Dad? She couldn’t if she tried. Because she can’t take those memories away from me. But I think there’s something else too... For too long I’ve seen this company as your company and ... it’s not yours. It is ours. Ojai belongs to our family.

Ojai wasn’t just your inspiration, Dad, but also mom’s providing a stable home for you to come home to. It is Saul’s bookkeeping-skills, Tommy’s hard work, Kevin’s knowledge of the law. And what about my own energy and marriage and motherhood that went into that company? I can finally see what Tommy tried to get back.

He went about it the wrong way, but that doesn’t make Ojai any less our company. I want it back. And if it means that I have to face your mistress every day, then I will deal with that. It’s time to put a Walker back into that organisation.... Bye dad. I have to go. I have work to do.” Sarah gently caresses the tomb-stone and then returns to her car.

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