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random word generator: drama

the random word generator: drama

By Marea67
About: Henry
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

The early sunlight wakes him. Not that he minds, he loves the twitter of the birds early in the morning anyway. He looks to his left where Saul is still asleep and he smiles. It feels strange to wake up in another bed than his own, next to his ... lover. He still finds it hard to believe that he can actually call Saul his partner.

Looking at Saul he wishes he could do more to protect Saul from all the drama in his family. When he came to Saul’s home last night, he was rather shocked by how tired and old Saul looked. This trouble with Ojai and now Tommy are having a major impact on him and Henry can understand Saul’s feelings, knowing that Saul put many of his years in that company.

Saul does not talk easily about his feelings and dragging every word out of him can be a pain sometimes, but last night... Last night Saul just fell to pieces. Snuggled up close to Henry he began to talk and it was like a dam burst through. The words followed each other so quickly that Henry sometimes couldn’t keep up.

Saul talked about William, about the pension-funds, the fear of losing Ojai, the way Holly manoeuvred herself into the company, how she got Tommy to leave Ojai to start Walker Landing, ... and while he listened to Saul, Henry started to understand the significance of certain actions, he’s starting to see the connections.

Eventually Saul admited to what he did with the China-deal and how they almost lost Ojai, if it hadn’t been for Tommy and Holly. And how eventually Saul left Ojai, because he could no longer work with Tommy and Holly, but how he still feel responsible for Ojai.... And though it was late at night when Saul had finished, Henry was glad that Saul had confided in him.

He finds it hard sometimes to care for Saul’s family. They seem so unaware of Saul and it bothers Henry, because he loves Saul and, to him, Saul is very important. But with the long talk last night he starts to see Saul’s position in the family. Saul’s entire life is entwined with this family.

It is not just a sister and her kids, it’s his work, his history, his life’s-experience. They are who formed him and he has helped form them. And in that lies the drama. He cannot walk away, as much as Henry would like him to sometimes take some distance from the Walkers. They are the most important facets of this life. Each in their own way.

Henry is not close to the little family he has, his work is his work, but not something he cannot live without. He has many friends, a fulfilled life, yes, but they are not entangled with his being as it is with Saul . He looks at Saul again, with tenderness, because now that he knows where Saul is coming from, he can be there for Saul to support him in any drama that may still come.

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