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random word generator: dinosaur

the random word generator: dinosaur

By Marea67
About: Saul
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

“I sometimes feel like a dinosaur. A relic from a time long gone.” Saul says and Henry chuckles on the other side of the line.
“Don’t say that, Sauli. You’re not even old. You’re just not as young anymore as your nephews.” He corrects Saul.

“Like you wouldn’t sometimes prefer Kevin or Scotty.” Saul laments.
“I don’t know, I see them as your nephew and his husband, so hands off.” Henry shrugs, only to continue: “Anyway, I’m done here. You want me to come to you? Or will you go boldly where you haven’t been before and come to my place?”

Saul laughs and they agree that Henry will pick him up and then they will go to Henry’s house. But once the connection is broken, Saul stays on his couch and stares at the table. Yes, there are many days that he enjoys his life, especially now that he has Henry, but there is also the occasional day that he feels disconnected from the world around him.

He’s past his 60 years. To Paige and Cooper he’s a substitute for “grandpa”. He has given up on trying to understand the games they play on their Nintendo. He watches with horror how Paige is raving over some almost-naked female singer, who, in Saul’s ears, screeches like a banshee. And he’s dating a younger man....

When he was still at Ojai, it was only logical to stay up-to-date. There was the radio playing in the office, mostly for the “younger” generation. There was the need to have knowledge of computers and the latest software. To stay on top with new ideas. To be modern and living in the “now”, but lately Saul tends to look back on how life used to be.

Not that he thinks it used to be better, just different. He remembers the times that Nora would type, the 12 invoices a month they had, on her type-writer and how she would struggle with carbon paper. He grins as he remembers how she would use to curse at the type-writer... It seemed like more fun way back then and.... His thoughts get interrupted by a loud noise outside.

To his shock he sees Henry drive up his driveway on a motor-bike. He throws some clothes and a helmet at Saul.
“Come on, Tyrannosaurus Rex. Time to remember that you were “born to be wild”!” Henry jokes.
“You’re not serious..?!” Saul is shocked, the thought of HIM ... on THAT!.

“Leaving in 5 minutes. With or without you. But I’d prefer to be WITH you.” Henry winks. Saul feels energized by Henry’s laughter and when a few minutes later, after a little hesitation, he sits down behind Henry, he feels excited. He wraps his arms around Henry’s waist and feels the motorbike move underneath him. Maybe he’s not too old to try something new after all...

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