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random word generator: blood

the random word generator: blood

By Marea67
About: Holly (during for 3.20)
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

David puts an arm around her in his sleep. They were watching a movie, but David nodded off halfway and now Holly stares at the screen of her tv, but she hasn’t ‘seen’ the movie at all. All sorts of thoughts tumble through her mind. Harvey’s phone call tonight really shocked her, although she’s not sure why.

It is only logical that Sarah would return to Ojai. Like Tommy she feels an obligation towards William to keep Ojai in the family. She should have realized that Sarah would step up and take charge. Blood is thicker than water. And Holly cannot help but wonder if she’s not better off with Sarah than with Tommy. The thought surprises her, but she knows she’s right about this.

Sarah’s hostility is an open one. And Holly can understand where her resentment comes from and Holly cannot blame her. Holly doesn’t care much about the hatred either. But also, Sarah never made a secret of the fact that she resents Holly, which makes her a better business-partner than Tommy.

Holly cringes at the thought of Tommy. She trusted him. She thought she had earned his trust in return. She thought they were partners. It hurt so badly, that he had betrayed her the way he did. He just stabbed her in the back! And she cannot get over that, but at the same time she realizes she has to move forward.

This company was built by William and eventually there would ALWAYS be a Walker in that company. And if push would come to shove Nora would step in and Holly is not sure she is in the mood for more bickering with Nora. So maybe Sarah’s return is not the worst thing that can happen to her.

Plus David told her to keep an eye on the bigger picture. On herself, on David and on Rebecca, who is incredibly hurt by her break up with Justin. And Holly thinks it is sweet of Rebecca to fight for her, proving to Holly that their blood-tie is stronger than a boyfriend too. But she is also aware that the biggest problem between Justin and Rebecca are the issues between Tommy and herself.

But with Sarah taking over from Tommy, there will be a change. She will restore faith in the company and amongst employees. Which is good for business, something Ojai needs, because they are not out of trouble just yet. And if it will help patch things up between Rebecca and Justin, that might be a plus as well.

So she will try to be lenient tomorrow and show her good side. She’s glad she is finally able to make up her mind. It’s nice to know what she must do tomorrow. And with more confidence than ever, she switches off her light. She believes she will not be able to sleep with all the excitement but 5 minutes later she’s asleep.

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