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random word generator: treat

the random word generator: treat

By Marea67
About: Nora
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Nora lets out a sigh. Finally the last bush has been cleared and she’s tired of the heavy work. She takes off her gardening gloves and looks at her job of this morning. She had woken up with a headache, a dream of William in her memory and her anger at him once again burning. The perfect way to start a day where you have to clean up a messy part of your garden.

She clears away her gardening tools and before she goes back inside the house, she straightens her back once more. She locks up temporarily, turns on the coffee maker and climbs up the stairs. In her bedroom she undresses herself, unties her hair, turns on the shower and steps into the cubicle. Oh, that hot water feels good on her sore muscles.

Just washing the dust and spider-webs out of her hair is a treat. The soap is creamy and nice and soon she smells fresh again, all the sweat washed from her body. And it seems as if she’s washing away the memory of the dream of William down the drain too. And by the time she steps out of the shower she is less tired, revitalised.

She quickly gets dressed in a new pair of jeans and comfortable white t-shirts, ties up her hair in a pony-tail, looking in the mirror she jokingly compliments herself for ‘not looking a day over fifty-five’. Then it’s a quick look at the books on the shelves. She picks two books she read already, but she needs to refresh her memory about.

On her LONG way to the kitchen, she adjusts a picture of Paige, Cooper and Elizabeth above the stairs, clears Justin’s shoes out of the way. She goes out to get the mail. She quickly browses through it to see if there’s something important in there and puts it on the table. She considers calling Saul, but gets distracted by the box of baby clothes on the table.

She got them from Julia and Tommy and must give them to Kitty and Robert. She puts the box next to the door so she will not forget it on her way out. She quickly checks the content of her fridge to see if she has everything for tonight. Sarah promised her to come over for dinner, so she plans to make Sarah’s favourite meal.

The coffee is ready and smells strong and comforting and she smiles when she looks at the paper bag on the kitchen-table. She’s been saving those for this afternoon. She pours herself a big mug of coffee and with her books, mail and pen in one hand and the mug and paper bag in the other she goes into the garden.

It’s time to lean back in her favourite chair and enjoy the afternoon for an hour or two. She opens the bag and the sweet scent of coconut/chocolate cookies drifts out and she smiles at how appropriate it feels to be reading the paperwork Kevin sent her for her centre, while eating these delicious treats that Scotty made for her.


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