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fanfic: The gift

The gift.

By Marea67
Character(s) involved: Scotty, Kevin, Jason… the other Walkers
Rate: PG for suggestion
Disclaimer: Brothers & sisters is totally someone else’s idea, I admit. But this little thing comes from my own warped mind. Not written for money, just light entertainment.
Summary: Scotty has to go to New York for a month and gets a gift from Jason.
Spoilers: Set after 2.16 – Prior commitments.

Scotty loved the Walkers. He couldn’t help it. He just loved them. He had to leave for New York for a whole month and now they threw him a little party. He felt sad, he’d rather not leave Kevin alone for such a long time, but he was glad to see everyone here. It gave him a feeling of being appreciated.
The doorbell rang. Nora left to open the door and he could hear her cry of surprise. A few moments later she came in, followed by Jason McCallister. Scotty managed, just in time, to keep the corners of his mouth in place and show a fake smile as he was greeted by Jason.
“Do you want to join us for dinner?” Nora asked.
“Oh, I don’t wish to impose…”
“You’re not, honey.” She said and she motioned him to sit down.
“I came here for a reason….” He turned to Scotty. “I heard you’re going to New York for a month?”
“Yes, some exchange plan from the restaurant here and the one in New York.” Scotty replied curtly.
“I have a little gift for you.”
“For me?” Scotty was astounded. Jason handed Scotty the gift.
“Something to remind you of Kevin while you are in New York.”
“Whoah, dude, is it smart to open it up in front of the children?” Justin joked.
“Well, I do hope I guessed the size right. They come in different sizes, you know.” Jason replied with a concerned look on his face, that was so obviously fake.
“You had to guess the size?” Robert asked.
“You know how your memory can trick you. Sometimes things seemed bigger in the past, then they do now.” Jason was vaguely aware of Kevin’s shocked face and even Scotty seemed a bit hesitant to open the package. “But I’m fairly sure I got the right size.”
“I do hope you rounded up rather than down?” Tommy chimed in.
“Yes, I do remember that up is better than down.”
“Does it vibrate?” Sarah asked with interest.
“Yes, it does. It vibrates wonderfully, I usually prefer it like that anyway. It is actually such a pleasant feeling.” Jason smiled with a wink and Nora nearly choked on her wine. Scotty gave Kevin a questioning look, but Kevin shrugged, not knowing what to say or do.
Scotty carefully unwrapped the gift. He opened the box and now he could see what his present was. Across the table, there was a huge grin on Kitty’s face. She raised her eyebrows.
“Think it will fit ?” she asked mischievously and Scotty started to laugh.
“I think I can handle the size.” He replied. 

The gift was a cell-phone, there was a note stuck to it, that has the text “Call Kevin!!! Don’t make the same mistake Jason did.” It was written in Jason’s clear handwriting. 
And Scotty started to understand the big grins on everyone’s faces.

“You knew about this?!” he asked Kevin.
“You called me from your work to say that your cell phone had had an unfortunate accident with a bucket of water,…  and I happened to tell Sarah.” Kevin started.
“And I called Kitty to ask if she could buy you a new one, from all of us.” Sarah smiled.
“But I was too busy, but then Robert remembered that Jason had some errands to run this afternoon.” Kitty continued.
“So I called Jason and asked him to get a new phone for you.” Robert finished.
Scotty looked from one to the other, suddenly touched by their friendship and generosity.
“I am very happy with this…. And I will take your advice, Jason.” He said with a smile and this time it was a genuine one. He turned to Kevin and Kevin kissed him.
“You’d better…” Kevin murmured.
Tags: character - jason, character - kevin, character - scotty

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