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welcome to my fantasies
random word generator: date 
19th-Mar-2009 01:17 am
the random word generator: date

By Marea67
About: Saul/Henry
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

Saul vowed he would not call this a date. He would just meet Henry for a cup of coffee. And they would hopefully become friends and who knows... No, he shouldn’t look too far ahead. He should be glad if Henry might want to go to dinner with him... Once. Maybe. In a few weeks. It is not a date, just some coffee.

Yet, he can feel the butterflies in his stomach start to flutter when he sees Henry sitting there at the small table. He wants to walk away.... No, he wants to stay.... He wants to talk to Henry, but more than that, he wants to listen to him. His brain however seems to have frozen, he cannot think of anything smart to say.

As if Henry feels Saul’s stare on him he looks up and smiles as he sees Saul standing there and Saul feels a bit week in the knees. Is this what it feels like when you fall in love?
“Hi!” Henry’s voice is cheerful, like the last time they talked.
“Hi.” Saul scolds himself for sounding so bland. “I wasn’t sure if I was on time....”

“Don’t worry, I would have waited for you.” Henry smiles mischievously and Saul looks away to the menu. A young waiter shows up and they both order their coffee. Saul is still nervous, but Henry talks about the weather, an article in the news-paper, the taste of the coffee that was just brought to them and slowly Saul relaxes.

But that all changes when Henry asks, out of the blue.
“Saul, you have not been out long, have you?” Saul is surprised by the question.
“No. To my sister yes, to the rest of my family since a few months, to the rest of world not at all.” Saul answers honestly. “Is that bad? For us?”

“So? You do want it to be “us”?” Henry asks with a smile and Saul suddenly worries that he misinterpreted Henry’s kindness, but that worry is immediately taken away when Henry’s hand covers his and he gently says: “Don’t worry. I want it too. I really like you and I want to get to know you better. We’ll take it slow. It’s alright with me.”

Saul smiles nervously. The gesture is innocent enough and after a few seconds of hesitation he puts his hand on Henry’s.
“I’d like that.” He replies and Henry nods. Then he starts to grin and asks:
“How about a date? Next Thursday-night......?”


19th-Mar-2009 12:18 pm (UTC)
I agree, it has potential. I mean Ryan/Rebecca or Justin/Rebecca, cute but done to death in every show, series, soap.

A gay couple (Kevin/Scotty) that is not used for comic relief or where one of the partner is not a psycho-killer or victim of one, was something I already found refreshing.

And I would have loved to see Saul deal with his homosexuality so late in his life. To see him finally be who he wants/needs to be. I cannot recall ever really seeing something like that on tv.

I sincerely hope they bring back Henry, because I am curious about Saul deals with having a boyfriend...

19th-Mar-2009 12:22 pm (UTC)
The thing is, if Henry does come back next season, they'll have already been going out for almost a year. So we won't get to see the "interesting" stuff of Saul coping with dating a guy, being seen holding hands / kissing in public, having sex...

But I'll take what I can get with these two!
20th-Mar-2009 05:08 pm (UTC)
Sorry to barge in, but I totally agree with you. I'm not sure the show would have shown us Saul going through what you mentioned, let's face it showing Kevin and Scotty together is rare, so showing Saul and Henry is pretty much impossible. But we never know!

I love how you pictured their first date Marea, very sweet. You should write them more often!
20th-Mar-2009 07:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I know *sigh*

But if they ever have them break up offscreen I'm going to be annoyed.
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