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random word generator: burn

the random word generator: burn

By Marea67
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.
Extra: Aftermath of the ‘Holly/Nora’ scene at the end of 3.01 Glass houses, where Nora tells Holly about Ryan.

“ Burn, just burn.” Holly whispers as the flames become higher and higher. It has been a hot day, but now the air has turned chilly as the evening progresses. There is rain in the air, the clouds filled with raindrops darken the skies, but that doesn’t stop Holly from standing outside in her garden, staring at the fire in her fire-basket.

She watches the wood burn, the old, dry leaves shrivel in the heat and the fire provides Holly with some warmth but not enough. She realizes that the cold is inside of her. This afternoon Nora’s words had hurt her deeply. A part of her still cannot acknowledge the truth. The truth, that William had another mistress.

He had another mistress, who did have his child, unlike Holly. A son, like Holly would have loved to give William. It cannot be true. She always believed that William was honest to her. She could understand his lying to Nora, but not to her. His feelings for her were different from what he felt for Nora. He didn’t need to lie to her...

No, she cannot accept it, but she knows that Nora spoke the truth. She knew it the moment the words came from Nora’s lips... And what is worse, Nora relished in telling her the truth, that she was not the only one. That she was nothing special. She was just another mistress. But she, Nora, was his wife.... Yes, William did feel different about Holly compared to Nora...

With trembling hands she opens the box she’s holding. There isn’t much in there. Just some cards, little notes that William left her. Oh, never anything really romantic, she would always read more into them, imagine that they had a secret meaning, a hidden messages. Now, she sees them for what they are: notes from a man to his meaningless mistress.

She starts to feel sick. Meaningless. Not important. Her tears dry on her face because of the warmth of the fire basket. She turns the little wooden box upside down and the little notes like confetti drop into the fire and Holly cries silently for all the wasted time. The box disappears in the fire as well. It immediately catches fire and Holly watches it burn.

The first drops are falling, but she doesn’t notice. She’s too wrapped up in her grief. She feels like she lost William a second time. Unable to do anything, she just stands there, frozen to the ground, staring at the fire. As the rain starts to fall more steadily, so do her tears. The warmth of the fire-basket is not strong enough to stop either the raindrops or the tears.

She knows, she’ll get through this. Tomorrow the sun will shine and she will be able to fight again, but for tonight Nora’s words have taken her breath away. She shivers from the cold as her clothes become drenched. She slowly turns around to go back inside her house. And as she closes the door behind her, she wonders if Nora has a fire basket too.

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