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random word generator: crowd

the random word generator: crowd

By Marea67
About: Saul/Henry, Kevin/Scotty
Rate: G
Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.

The music rises to a crescendo and sweeps him away. Oh, Henry likes this part of the concert the best, he knows every note and enjoys silently as the music takes him in all directions. Deepest valley, highest mountain.... He peeks to the side. Saul has his eyes closed, equally taken away. He looks to the other side, where Kevin and Scotty are.

Scotty looks, with a serious face, at the orchestra playing on the stage. Kevin’s face is blank, he doesn’t seem particularly interested or fascinated, but at least he in not openly bored to tears either. Then Henry smiles as he sees that Kevin’s hand covers Scotty’s tenderly. These two boys are so sweet together.

Sometimes Henry wishes he could go back in time and see what Saul looked like then. Would he be like Kevin? Or would he have resembled one of the other boys more? Henry finds the tenderness between Kevin and Scotty so sweet to watch. Scotty can be so openly gay that it seems written on him in neon letters. It reminds Henry of himself.

Kevin, on the other hand, is so completely aware of himself and obviously not comfortable with public displays of affection, but he is trying real hard to meet Scotty halfway in this. Which makes Kevin a lot like Saul. Saul is really trying too, but sometimes he still freezes and it takes Henry some time and energy to relax Saul again.

The music stops, the concert is over and the crowd gets up and applauds the musicians. He stands up too and from the corner of his eyes he can see Scotty applaud enthusiastically. He catches the proud look on Kevin’s face as he watches his husband, but when Kevin sees Henry looking at him, he looks away, with a little blush on his face, ashamed at being caught.

Henry smiles as he follows the others out of the hall. Kevin and Saul look for their coats, while Scotty and Henry wait for their return.
“Did you enjoy it? Was it not too boring?” Henry asks.
“I was worried it might not be my style, but the musicians were so good.”

Scotty sees how Henry’s eyes follow Saul and he cannot help it.
“You really like Saul, don’t you?”
“Yes, he’s amazing.”
“Want some advice from someone who has survived so far?” Scotty asks.

“I’d love to.” Henry smiles.
“Love Saul, but keep your distance from the rest of the family, don’t get sucked in by them. Don’t go to every party they throw, their parties have a tendency to either implode or explode. When you are a party and things get nasty, don’t interfere, just finish your plate.

Just pretend you’re somewhere else, where it’s quiet and peaceful. And whatever you do, don’t ever, never ever, under any circumstance, give them your phone-number. If you do that, you’re doomed.” Scotty warns with a smile. Henry laughs out loud.
“I received that last warning from Sauli as well.” He grins.

Scotty can’t help but melt when he hears Henry call Saul Sauli, it sounds so sweet and intimate and somehow it belongs with Henry and Saul. At that moment Kevin and Saul join them again, holding up the coats. The evening is over and they all have to go home. Henry hugs both Kevin and Scotty.

“It was nice seeing both of you again.” Henry says gently. “I hope we didn’t bore you too much?”
“No, it was interesting and new to me.” Scotty replies. Kevin, wisely, stays out of it. He doesn’t like classical concerts, but this one was not bad. Besides he knows it’s important to Uncle Saul, so he’ll be the last to complain.

“I hope we can do this again soon?” Henry suggests and both Kevin and Scotty nod. They say their goodbyes and then Henry and Saul watch them disappear into the night.
“There goes a beautiful couple.” Henry says in admiration.
“Yes, they sure are. I can’t believe how Kevin has grown these last months as Scotty’s husband.”

“You mean in waist-size? Can’t be easy being married to a chef-cook?” Henry jokes.
“That too.” Saul laughs. “No, Scotty pays attention to Kevin’s food, no worries. No, I’ve seen him grow as a man. His confidence is amazing. His love for Scotty is undeniable.” Saul wants to say more, but reconsiders and turns to Henry to suggest shyly: “Nightcap at my place?”

“Just a nightcap? Or can I stay for the night too?” Henry asks with a twinkle in his eyes.
“Whatever you wish.” Saul replies. They have reached his car and Henry gets in and waits for Saul to sit down as well. Saul turns the key in the ignition and Henry places his hand over Saul’s.
“I want to stay tonight. Hold you. Be with you.” And Henry’s words put a smile on Saul’s face.


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