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By Marea67
About: Mrs Berryman
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Disclaimer: Brothers & Sisters is not mine, I know. Stop rubbing it in.


She closes her door and puts the groceries in her kitchen. There she clears everything away and finally she pours the tea she made, throws in more sugar than the doctor allows and sits down at the kitchen-table to browse through her magazine. But she cannot find anything interesting to read until she discovers a small article on Chad Berry.

And she smiles. Ah, she remembers him. Knocking on the door of 507. And she chuckles softly. She remembers how the girls from her knitting-club were discussing “Tempest Bay” and that drop-dead gorgeous actor that played one of the leading roles. He was constantly in the papers with this or that girl/actress/wannabe celebrity.

But Mrs Berryman knew better. She saw that same man in front of 507. She had seen him kissing Kevin at the door and that was not air-kissing, honeys, that was a complete mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation. Of course, when she had carefully suggested to the girls that maybe the man liked men better than women, like so many Hollywood-stars, they had all laughed at her...

They told her she was a fool for thinking like that. Oh, no, if ever there was a straight man, it was Chad Berry. No doubt about it. Especially Janie had been most adamant about this. She would recognize the gays from the straights at the blink of an eye. And Chad was as straight as could be. Great fun Mrs Berryman had had on that moment.

Above all when Janie decided to change the topic of the conversation by asking if that nice young neighbour of hers was still single. And was it not about time that that boy got married to some nice girl and have babies. And Mrs Berryman replied that she was sure Kevin was not ready to get married to a girl - anytime soon.

Ah, but in the end she had the last laughter. Chad Berry came out and the girls had been baffled by her knowledge of people. She never told them how she knew though. Not that she cared much about Chad Berry, but she respected Kevin too much to make him the centre of idle gossip and it seemed that the relationship between Chad and Kevin had stopped.

She thought him to be heart-broken, but not long after Chad came out, Kevin started to date that minister. Now, that one had surprised her. She knew Kevin wasn’t religious. And she tried to like Jason. She really did. He was polite to her, never a wrong word, but, well, let’s face it, she doesn’t trust men of the clergy.

And, in all honesty, of all the boys she had seen walking in and out of Kevin Walker’s loft, there was one she liked in particular. And that was Scotty Wandell. She had been baffled when two years ago she had seen Kevin kissing him openly in front of her. She had not really mind, she was just surprised. Kevin was always so terribly quiet.

The next day she had met that young man at the elevator and it was apparent that he hadn’t been home since the kiss. And something about the hickey in his neck told her that Kevin and he had not been playing chess... well, maybe, but not only.... But she had to know if this was real or not and so she asked, probably too nosy:

“So, are you Kevin’s new boyfriend?”
“I’m not sure... think so.” He had replied nervously and she had smiled.
“Good, about time he got himself an nice good-looking boyfriend again.” After those words she would forever wonder from where she had taken the nerve to say this.

She was not used to interfere in other people’s business, but watching Scotty turn red with a huge blush was worth it. In the two months that he dated Kevin, they would sometimes meet in the hall or in the elevator and talk. She really liked him, but then, one day, he was gone and it had saddened her.

And then, a few months ago, he was back again. Just like that, she ran into him by the mail-boxes in the hall. He recognised her immediately and in the elevator up he began nervously:
“Kevin is just letting me stay at his loft for a while. I lost my apartment and have nowhere to go.”
“I see.” Was all Mrs Berryman could say. It was really none of her business.

“Kevin is very much in love with his preacher-boy-friend and I wouldn’t want anyone to get the idea that he’s cheating on Jason.” Scotty looked concerned.
“Oh, I know he wouldn’t, honey.” She had replied and they went their separate ways at the doors of their lofts.

And she really forgot about it. Scotty and Kevin went in and out, sometimes she’d run into Kevin, sometimes into Scotty, but she kept to herself and so did they. But she was pleased every time she would see Scotty, it meant he was still there. And then, after a few weeks, she saw him in the hall, holding a bag of groceries and waiting for the elevator.

“Hi, Mrs Berryman,... Just got everything I need for tonight. I’m making pasta for Kevin.”
“Nice... Call me when dinner is ready.” She laughs.
“Sorry, it’s just the two of us.” Scotty smiles back, eyes filled with joy. Over the bag he looks at her with an almost shy look.

“Kevin broke up with Jason. He wants to be back with me.” Scotty tells her, nervously biting his lip. She cannot help but smile with joy. That seems to relax him.
“Oh, my, you two are back together?” Oh, she doesn’t want to be nosy, but.. she is.
“I’m not sure. I’m taking it slow this time. I was hurt when it didn’t work out last time.”

Sensible boy. She really admires that in him. She gets up and as she passes the refrigerator she sees the lovely invitation to the commitment ceremony between “Kevin Walker & Scotty Wandell”... Although the ceremony was several months ago, ithe card is still there. To be seen by all of her friends who come to see her. Especially Janie.

She had been to the house of Kevin’s mother. She had gladly paid the taxi-fare. She would not have wanted to miss this for the world. She stood in the back and watched Kevin and Scotty promise each other love and devotion and she had cried harder than when her own daughter got married. Kevin and Scotty both were so handsome and in love. It was great to watch.

And now, she still sees them occasionally, like last weekend, when they came home from a party and were a little noisy in the corridor and through the peeping-hole she saw them kiss and be all giggly with each other. Which reminded her of how Mr Berryman, God rest his soul, and she used to be, when they were just married.

She sighs, she shouldn’t think about those days, when she was happy and everything had still been great... Now, they are nothing but memories... Mr Berryman died 15 years ago, suddenly... heart-attack. She shouldn’t dwell on the past... She looks in her cupboards, wondering what to eat tonight. And then she smiles. Maybe she should make pasta....


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